Under $100!!4X4 Lace Closure Body Wave Human Hair Hd Lace Wig| Beginner Friendly|Ishowbeauty

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Hey yall welcome back to my channel! In todays video im doing yet, another wig review lol this wig is from ishowbeauty and this is their 4x4 closure wig 20 inches long. Let me know your thoughts below!


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Hey y'all welcome welcome back to my channel, I'm Asia. If it's your first time stopping by so y'all, can see already. Okay, I have a new wig. Yes, she has a new wig. I'M gon na be doing a wig review on this wig that I'm wearing. So if you're interested - and you want to know all about this wig continue watching foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Here'S, the final look of the wig and I really do like this wig. I think it's super cute. Um, as I mentioned before, I did get this wig from. I show Beauty or eyeshadow hair. It was my first time actually um purchasing a wig from them and I actually like them better than my medulla wig, that I've tried. But I didn't do a review on that one, but I am really liking it. As y'all can tell a little bit about this wig. This is one of their body wave wigs. I got her 20 inches um, it's a 4x4 lace closure and I did decide to cut you know some baby hairs right here, just a little bit, not too much. I actually washed his hair because it did come with like a smell to it. I really like the smell, so I washed it and I did bleach like the little Notch just a little bit. I did 10 volume, so you couldn't really tell that much. I think it helped like the hairline a lot, so I am really liking the hairline y'all. It'S definitely giving a little scalp, although I could have went and plucked it a little more in the front. I think it's okay, the way it is biggest fitting on me. It'S really kind comfortable. I did take the straps apart, um, I'm not getting any shedding or nothing with this wig y'all. The curl pattern don't mind the curl, because I curled it with a flat iron. So if you want like a better curl, I would definitely use like a wine or like a normal curling iron. Also. This is a 150 density, more like that natural texture go with 150 density, but I think next time I'm gon na go ahead and Branch out and do the 180 density, because I do like body - and I like volume, okay um. This was just something simple: something cute y'all I'll be probably wearing this style for the next couple or the next few days, so yes really easy to install so that she's considered beginner friendly, but anyways y'all. That is it for this video. If you're interested in purchasing this wig I'll leave everything down below in my description box, okay, I hope you all enjoyed this rig review. Give me a big thumbs up comment down below and let me know what y'all think and if you haven't already go ahead and subscribe on your way out for more videos like this one. Thank you all so much for watching and I'll see y'all my next video

Chontell Robinson: Looks short for 20 inches, they lied. More like 18

Chontell Robinson: It’s cute, however it looks like it big head friendly, and I have a tiny head.

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