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Hair Info: 24 inch body wave HD lace 5x5 closure wig 180% density

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel and I am reviewing this lovely hair from Austria hair and they sent me a lovely, oh guys. The lace of this week is absolutely stunning, so they sent me a closure wig um. All the description of the wig will be below, but his body wave it comes with a band. The Lace is already plucked and bleached, as you can see. So all I literally had to do is style it on my head. So when it comes to closure wigs, I love to do a middle pop. That'S the reason why I get closure wigs. If it's a frontal, then you know you can do any other style. You can do side Parts with closure, wigs, but ciao yeah, I'm not a professional, so um. I just got some mousse and, as you can see, on the top left side, um on this wig video, as you can see like my hair, was just sticking up and it was just doing the most, because I came with my hair underneath by myself, and I Did some chunky ass braids and it was nothing to do with the wig. The wig laid super flat, but my braids, as you can see, was just it was just doing Madness. It was actually doing Madness. I had to go off camera and basically came with my hair just a bit flatter. I can't camera to save my life guys, so they were literally just a big afro underneath but anyways. So I'm going with my um hair dryer um just to set that mousse right into place. Um, because I wanted the middle part. I wanted to define the middle part as well, but also I wanted just to try and flatten it even more with the hairdryer. So that's what I do first and then I go on with the hot comb. As you can see as well, and I've got my hot comb from Amazon. You can get it from anywhere. The beauty supply stores do do it as well. I'Ve had this one for over and I'd say 10 and 11 years, and it works perfectly so um yeah I'll still having trouble with that chunky. Ass braid, but we get there in the end. The wig is absolutely stunning, so the lace is, I believe, it's HD lace. If I am wrong, then I'll set down the description below, but the the the lace itself is absolutely amazing. Um, I'm gon na go actually and purchase another one of these myself because I absolutely love it, and I use this now as my everyday wig. Also thank you, foreign okay, so here I'm just going in with some colored mousse from dejeune, hair and beauty. So what this does is helps tint the the lace for me. So, as you can see, it's literally tinted. It'S brown mousse and I only put it on the lace you can put it anywhere, but I usually just have it for the lace and then I'm going to try and make this a glue, this wig, so I'm just cutting off the lace and letting that mousse Sink right into the lace as well, so I use zigzag scissors. This helps me cut the lace. I can't do normal scissors and do a zigzag. I'M also doing some baby hairs because I love a cheeky baby hers when it comes to a middle part. Foreign has sent me a band which can help melt the lace for you as well, so make sure you use that guys. Absolutely love that I'm going in with my curlers, I'm just going to do some really light loose waves. I didn't want it too curly, but I just wanted to define the the body wave just a bit more and yeah this. This hell curled up beautifully. It'S very soft as well, absolutely love it and, as you can see, it looks very dark. I did not dye the hair as well. I love that kind of dark color. Sometimes it comes like a light brown color, which I'm not a fan of um. I kind of messed up that pattern in the middle, but um yeah guys. I didn't see that off camera because my camera is so far and my mirror is so far from me, but um yeah. I absolutely love this. I'Ve got no Faults about it. Thank you. Make sure you check them out below definitely worth the money I did cut? Did I did custom layers at the front just to fame my phrase my face, but that was about it. I hope you guys like this and make sure you check them out. Thank you.

Therese Lewis: GM Gigi, I love the wig, it looks beautiful on you, and you can really style a wig, big up yourself, thanks for sharing .

Mo n: It's soo nice!

Trisii Butterfly: ❤❤❤❤love the video ☺️

Leticia C: Looks good GiGi baby ❤

KT Flex: Pretty, Gigi ❤❤❤

Gloria Sumba: Darling no discount if we say you recommended it

Rejoice Tsegah: ❤❤

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