This Invisible Hd Lace Wig Is Bomb!Natural Layered Deep Wave Wig Ft.Wiggins Hair

Hair details: 24inch deep wave 13*4 HD lace frontal wig 200 density

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Foreign and as you can see from the title we'll be working with the lovely Wiggins hair. They went ahead and sent me this gorgeous 24 inch deep wave unit. It is a 13x4 HD lace, frontal wig, and it is in 200 density, so she's really nice and full, and I am living for it. If you'd like to purchase this wig, the links will be in the description box for you to do so, and I do speak more about the wig in the ending of the video. But today I'm just going to show you guys my quick and easy glueless melt. This is the lace, was a pleasure to work with like such good lace. You guys don't want to miss out so go ahead and check the links to purchase this wig and, let's jump into today's tutorial. Thank you. Thank you. All the things it's nice to know. You don't know all right all right, foreign go away. What'S up already got this, put it in the South all right! Thank you, foreign! Thank you, foreign mountains, every time laughs. So I'm finally finished - and this is the unit from Wiggins here - they went ahead and sent me this gorgeous 24 inch deep wave unit in a 13 by 4, HD lace, frontal and it's actually a wig and it's 200 density. So she's really full. This side is more dry down than this side, so you are seeing pretty much what you're gon na get over here. I am in love with this new concoction. I mixed up the meal, avocado, hair, moisturizer and water. It just keeps the curls really nice and quenched, and I am living for it. The waves are to die for this deep wave. Wig is everything and you need to get your hands on it. The lace, oh, my God. I did not glue this down. I only use the lace spray and it just melted it like butter, so this lace is really nice and soft super easy to work with this wig also came pre-plucked, so it's super beginner friendly and it is a full unit. So you know it's going to last. A long time so, if you would like to purchase this gorgeous unit from Wiggins hair, the links will be in the description box. For you to do so, and as always I'll see you all in my next one bye, babes

Nina Negedu: Curls will forever be your look

Wiggins Hair: so gorgeous~

Nurse_Nina: Beautiful. Can you share which hot comb that is, the 2 I purchased do not get very hot.

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment Beautiful Water Wave Wig Doll Face

Hennessy Complexion: What are u using in the mist bottle , is it conditioner and water ?? What kind of conditioner?

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