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Hair details:200% density HD body wave 13x6 lace wig 24 inches

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Foreign, but it's definitely transparent, lace, um show you guys, it's still a good one. I can work with this, but HD lace is much thinner and it has the frails at the end. This is the excess lace that I cut off from right here and you can see it has like a little brown tint um, so not bad at all. Nothing, no problems at all, but just to let y'all know, let's put this on here, is what's looking like. Really nice, I didn't pluck it and I Beach the knots the knots bleached very quick, so that was great and something like I love how I feel like it's pretty dark compared to other wigs and I'm wearing black, and it still looks dark. So that's a good thing, but here it is um. I am definitely going to make it a little lower than my actual hairline just because I don't want any chicken hair. But let me just Mark the dots, then we'll get to install it and I don't think I'm going to put any any color on the lace, because right now it's matching pretty well but I'll tint it after it's on my head yeah, because I like this look Right here, so I marked out where I'm gluing the lace, so you guys can see that and yeah don't judge me I'm making this a bit lower. I just don't want any glue touching my edges and I feel like as I get older. My edges are being sensitive, so let's be careful just getting alcohol wiping that I know I didn't show my um like Wildcat method, but I'm using like the new HD lace caps and I really like them really thin. So now, I'm gon na use a bolt hole. This is the Alonzo Arnold Edition, the it's the same thing it just has like a little lemon scent and that's what I've been using, so I'm gon na do about three layers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so now that everything is all stuck, I'm just gon na put the melting band on in the Box es and another brand and a weekend or two, and I'm just going to keep this on for about five to ten minutes. Oh okay. Okay, all right! We should be good now so now time to cut the lace. I don't think I'm gon na be cutting. I mean plucking anything I feel like it's pretty plucked well, but let's cut the lace first, just using an eyebrow razor foreign off camera, but I'm just doing the same exact thing that you just saw me do. Okay, so I ended up cutting the excess lace off and I re-glued some areas that needed a bit more glue. So in the meantime, I am going to do a side part for this book. So let's just get the side part started. The part will be over here. I low-key want to do a middle part, but I just the sad part um, but everything to this side. So I'm going to start from here using some wax and a hot comb. My wax um this might be by Delina wax, and it's literally all I'm gon na. Do I just work in small sections, foreign. This is what it's looking like. Thank you, foreign. Thank you wow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you wow. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you.

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