The Prettiest Loose Wave Wig !! Ft Lavy Hair

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2. Hair detail: 180% Density Brazil Lace Front Wig loose wave Human Hair 1 b color average size 22 inches

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200% lace front wig :

150% lace front wig ;

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Whats'app : +86 13538942466

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Foreign just look at how bomb this wig look on me. It'S definitely top three and it ain't three okay period, so shout out to Lobby here for sending me this bomb behind weird yeah. It is they're loose, wave lace, frontal, wig y'all is the 1B color and it is 22 inches y'all. You know what time it is. So, let's go ahead and let's jump straight into this bomb behind install foreign all right now I found a man. I don't know. Thank you all right, foreign come and take your place yeah all day, long time so fly. I can't deny. I got a crush on you and that's true. Give me a long day. I will give you anything you want from me. You need anything all right, foreign y'all, so this is my first time ever doing flexi rods, and I really want the curls to be like popping popping. So I'm going to leave them in overnight. Well, a couple hours because it's currently 3 23 in the morning and we have somewhere to be we're actually getting on the road at 6 00 a.m. So we have somewhere to be - and I really want my hair to be really really curly. So we gon na take it out in the morning so we'll see the results tomorrow, all right y'all. So this is the next day and I let them sit overnight. So we are about to take them off right, we're about to take them out right now. Y'All yeah: let's do this this first, oh, oh, la la okay! It'S given a loose wave loose curl, not loose, wave right, loose! Curl s, guys talk to me! Nice talk to me! Nice! We going down. Let me be honest: actually they are going to drop off. So don't do too much boyfriend so I'll actually be back to show y'all how they look a little later when they actually drop so I'll be back. So this is the end of this video. I really hope y'all enjoyed this detailed, install again shout out to Lobby here for sending me this bomb behind wig, I'm so in love. I know I said all the time, but this is definitely my one of my favorite favorite wigs again, this is their Brazil. Lace, frontal wig, loose wave human hair, the 1B color, and it is 22 inches. Everything regardless hair company will be in the description down below so make sure y'all go check them out. Thank y'all for tuning in mwah

Tone'a smith: this wig is beautiful i love it

Davina Parris: You did a great job and you look so pretty

Kaychianna Perryman: Post notifications stay on loveee you tati boo you always killing a look so beautiful✨

Jackie Colbert: I really like it it's very beautiful. Good choice on that one.

Kelly Lynn Williams: Beautiful

Tameka Davis: Love your hair

Lynn Caraway: Beautiful

Kayla: cute as always :D

God Body: Your gorgeous af mama

Don Donna: Love it tat

lavy hair: So pretty❤❤❤


Denise Beldo: Tati you are beautiful hey boys and Tyjae

kenneka gumbs 💜💜: Still beautiful person ❤❤❤❤❤

Sally & Gilz: Ouuu

PrettyB Dior:

Kimberly Hines: Yes❤

Tricia Johnson:

Alexgirl: How do you stay so small after two babies. My ass big as a house. I ended up with a linebacker body. what did you eat while pregnant?

Exclusive Barbie: Heyy

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