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Trophy foreign, hey, y'all, welcome back to the channel. Today I'm going to be reviewing a wig from recool hair. They sent over a lot of goodies for your girl shout out to them. So this is the wig. This is a 5x5 closure wig one of the pre-cut wigs, I'm showing you guys what the pre-cut lace looks like and how they did the little design. This is very key so that your lace isn't detectable, and you guys will see once I put it on. You won't be able to see the lace, so I'm showing you guys the construction of the wig um two clips on the side clip in the back and an adjustable strap. Now this one, you can actually make tighter, which I like as well. So I'm just trying on a wig just showing you guys what it looks like this is a body wave wig and it's 16 inches and this wig came pre-curled, which is kind of. Like not usual, I mean they wigs usually come pre-curl, but the curls actually stayed in this wig. Usually they come pre-curled it in once. You brush them out they're gone, but the curls actually stayed, and you guys will see later. I didn't have to do much styling to it. So anyway, I am tinting. The lace like I always do with my even lace spray, I'm showing you guys how I put it on. I put the elastic band on and I did tighten it and then I um put the clip the back clip in. I usually just put the back clip, so I am brushing the wig out and I'm going to add my little layers in the front of um frame. My face. You guys will be able to see the difference that just a couple layers of make and if you do that in the front, because if not, then it kind of just it just doesn't, you know shape it as it should be shaped. So I always recommend like doing just some light layers. Just to you know help your hair have like that shape, and it gives it more body and more movement. It just really makes a difference. Okay, so I was debating. If I was gon na do some baby hairs, look I'm really trying I'm like hmm. Should I do baby hairs and then, ultimately I was like nah, because I really just want to show you guys what this wig looks like without having to do anything like much of anything. So I'm not going to glue it down, I'm not going to put no spray on it. I'M not going because I know baby hairs, I'm just showing you guys what it would look like if you got the wig and you put it on your head. Basically, so you guys can see exactly what it looks like you know, if you're a beginner just showing you what it would look like, so you don't have to worry about doing all of that work. So one thing I did like about this wig is the long parting space I feel like The Parting space was very long, even though it's four by four, it seemed longer, and I like um a long part in space because it just makes the wig look more Realistic, so I added a little bit of wax to The Parting area and I'm just for using my hot comb so that I can get rid of the Wiggy look and get it as flat as possible. So, like I said this wig already came pre-curled. This is the body wave and those curls they was in there. So all I did was added a couple more curls in the front. This is where I cut the layers, so I'm just like re-curling that area, so it can be nice and fresh foreign foreign with the hair and placing it where I want to be, but y'all can you believe that this? That'S it? That'S all the styling that I had to do for this wig. I like I said I love the pre-cut wigs because, like they're pretty much, you know put them on and go. You may have to cut a couple layers or do like a little bit of something, but it's super easy like you, can literally take it out the box and be out of the door in 30 minutes, which is super convenient, so shout out to recool here. If you guys, like this wig or any of their other wigs, I definitely recommend checking them out. I have all the links in the description I'm going to show you guys what the hair looks like from the back. It has so much movement, so much body, and I love this length. It'S like very manageable. I just all around like this little wig. So so, if you guys, like this hair or any of their hair on their website, definitely check them out. Thank you, re-cool hair, for sponsoring this video, and I will see you guys in next one. As always, I love you guys and I'll see you guys next time, bye, don't stop on a trip.

Ava A: I really love this wig. I usually buy slightly longer but I’m really considering this one!

All Things St.Marilyn: Beautiful, love the hair ❤

Mellonee Edgeston: Hair looks amazing on you

mz_thickness: love this one too it's extra nice tht you dnt have to do much to it and you already knw it's the

tammie crenshaw: Pretty as always!!!

Antai: Love this wigggggg

Love.Chynna: Trophie you’re so beautiful! Yes ma’am!!! ❤

Retha Williams: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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