Pre Bleached, Hd Lace, Glueless Highlighted Beginner Friendly Wig Ft Yasgrl Hair

Welcome back Kulture K Family! I'm bringing you this bomb, pre bleached highlighted wig!


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Guys the knots are bleached. You see this lace, hey guys! Welcome back to my channel welcome back to another Hair video guys. Today'S video is sponsored by a yes girl, hair hi guys it is this lovely unit that I am wearing on my head. I mean guys, you see this lace as a matter of fact, you can't see this lace because, yes, okay, I'm not even gon na talk too much guys. You already know if you want the details on this wig and you know my quickly could install guys. You know you're gon na have to keep on watching and definitely check the description bar down below all right guys. So, as mentioned, this hair is from yes girl. Wigs like yes, girl, yeah yeah like yes, girl, that's the name of their brand. So this is what the box came in. It did come with this bowl um wrapped around it. Obviously it couldn't make it pretty again for you guys, but it's gon na, go through the contents of this nice box. Here, of course, you are going to get your hair in a little dust bag and there is this gold color. So this is what you get your wigging you're gon na get your standard wig cap, and then you are gon na get this little pouch. It does have their name on their printed oats. You get also a wig band. If you can see that guys, you get a weak back. So that's what you use to tie it on your edges. Sorry guys! I don't know why it's going out of focus. You get that button to sew on the inside of the wig or on any wig. If you need to - and then you also get oh, I like this, so it's an edge brush, but it's the one with the brush and the comb on this side and a nice little like a rat tail comb on the end. So we love these. So this is the wig straight out of the packaging, so it does have these very, very tight curls that I will take out. I'M not a fan of those type curls, but this is how it is coming straight out of the package. I believe this is their five by five closure wig and it does come with a dedicated side part on the side, which I am also going to switch, because I don't do side Parts on the left side of my head. My right side is my good side. If you guys can't tell so I'm gon na switch that part as well, I'm also going to do a little bit of customization just a little bit of plucking on the front. Nothing too crazy, um. This wig does come with a band already sewn in on the inside, which is very, very good because technically it is a glueless wig and it can comes with their standard. Two Combs on the side and one hair in the back. I'M gon na tell you guys the exact details on this wig. This is their 12 inches from highlight undetectable real HD lace, wig loose wave glueless wait. So, as I mentioned, it is glueless. I'M gon na go ahead and spray it down with a little bit of spray, but we'll get there soon. I'M just gon na go ahead. I do like I mentioned a little bit of customizing on the front. The lace actually does look pretty good. So this is what the lace looks like on camera guys. It looks really good. It actually looks like those nuts are already bleached, which is kind of crazy. I'M looking at the knots guys the knots are bleached, I'm kind of shook the knots are actually bleached, so that is really good. So this customization - it's not going to take too long. I'M gon na do that and come right back. So this is what the hairline is looking like. No, hopefully you guys can actually see you know it's not that straight hairline anymore and I did go in with a little bit of makeup just on the back of my hand and just went ahead on the inside of the lace just to tint it to my Skin tone I'm gon na go ahead, and just do this install really quick, I'm gon na cut off the lace and I'm also going to just spray it down with this olive oil with grape spray. I know you guys have seen this like. I know you guys have seen this for a fact. This was everywhere on Instagram for a minute now and I saw it in the hair store. I'M like. Let me just try it see if it works, because I'm only gon na have this on for just a little bit. So watch me work. Oh my God! It'S not good enough! For me. It'S not gon na work for you. Nobody thank you. This is tonight see a move all right guys. I am all done. You can see that I added a little bit of baby hairs on the side very, very minimal, and you don't have to do this. I just chose to do it because you know baby hairs. Do kind of hide any imperfections and I'm not a perfectionist, so I'm gon na hide my imperfections, so I you know I didn't do any makeup. I went with a bare face with this. Look because I mean the skin still gives with the bare face. So I mean yeah anyways, so with this wig I'm not even gon na lie, I'm actually very shocked, very shocked because the lace, it did say, HD lace, but I was a little bit skeptical, but guys do you see it is HD lace, it's definitely HD. It'S! So nice, blended into my skin, really really nice again using the olive oil um wig grip spray. I am not 100 sure, but just by my eyes alone guys this thing came bleached already, so I would say yes, girl, hair and I hope I'm saying her name. I just want to be like yes girl, like shout out to them on this wig. It is super nice. I wish it was a little bit longer, but I'm not mad at the length. Remember it is their 12 inch and I went in and softened the curls with a straightener. I did that off camera. I didn't show you guys that, but I did go through with my straightener on those really really tight curls just to loosen them up, and then I went back in with my one. Just to you know, reuse it a little bit, but guys, that's really it. For this video - and I hope you guys enjoyed again shout out to yes girl for sponsoring today's video guys, you already know everything is going to be in the description box below the link to this wig, the link to where their website and so much more of Their other products so guys just definitely check the description box down below and I'm gon na see you guys in my next video bye, guys, foreign

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