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Hair Detail: 24" Body Wave Balayage Highlight Transparent Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair

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What'S up, what's up you guys, today's video is sponsored by a hair company. This unit is a bomb fire blonde highlight 24 inch body wave unit, and it is giving all that it needs to give okay. Let me get on into it. Look at this Cap Construction! Really quickly, it is a gluteless slate youth lace, unit, ear to ear lace which we love. So I'm going to go ahead and gently add in just a little bit of tint to my lace. So I don't have to bleach my knots. You guys know I don't have time to be doing all that. I'M a mother okay, so I'm gon na go ahead and add the tin to the lace with the concealer compact concealer that I use. I got this from Amazon, um and yeah. It comes in handy, so I'm gon na go ahead and spray this with my lace, Bond spray and just all around the perimeter of the unit. I finally want to do it on top it's easier um and then I'm gon na just take the back of a makeup brush, and you guys, you guys see it. I'M just gon na go in and roll it back. To kind of like apply some pressure. You can do this with a flat tail comb. You can do this with your fingertips, but I find something flat and or not not even flat, but something like round and just kind of like making rounding emotions rolling it back. Um towards the hairline really really helps just hold it down. I'M gon na wrap the hairline up with my scarf. You know what I have been using the little bands that come with the um the units - and I love those as well, especially when I'm sleeping at night, but there's nothing. That'S ever going to replace a good so scarf you guys, okay, so a good silk scarf wrap it around a couple times. I hate finishing with the little bands. Sometimes I can't get them to stick. Sometimes it's just hard. It'S just a lot of maneuvering. I, like the scarf, it holds it down. It'S thick, it's big Nothing's, Gon na replace it. At the end of the day, I went ahead with the same wig bonding spray after I let it kind of hold for five minutes and get dry and solidified put some on my fingertip and just dab dab dab at the hairline this unit. I love because you can add a little water to it, a little moose to it and you're good to go. I chose not to go with baby hairs for this unit because if you have watched any of my recent hair videos, you already know your girl is over baby hairs, I'm over them. Okay, I love a good baby hair on some people. I don't like a good baby hair on me. I feel like it makes me look young. It makes me like, so I don't know how to do it right. Like y'all, listen, look! I'M a grown woman and I'm giving grown woman vibes. Okay with all my units. I'M giving grown woman Vibes no baby cares for me if you like baby hairs, go ahead and do it. If you see me with baby hairs, they're going to be as natural as possible from now on, okay um. So this is the final product you guys um, like I said you could do so many things with this unit. You could flat iron, it um. I have worn this all week and I just love the fact that I can just pull it into a ponytail. I can wear it down, I can straighten it. I can curl it. I can do all kinds of different things. All you need is a good brush, a little mousse and you're good to go. You guys. I mean this. You can't get any better than that. Look at that hairline, okay, yeah! You don't need anything for this, and this is the unit dressed up. Your girl stepped out the other night. Okay, and I just had to put it on. I had to put it on with the with the outfit with the makeup with the jewelry, and this is what she's giving she's giving boss she's, giving batty she's giving goddess. I love the colors, it accentuates my melanated skin. So if you are melanated, just like myself definitely consider this blonde highlight unit you guys, you need to go down in the description box below, because you know I'm always going to get you a good discount. Okay, I don't want you paying full price you're, my girlies. I can't have you paying full price so go down and get my discount code down below click that link that's going to take you directly to this unit. If you want you can shop around for other units as well, but why would you need anything else? Look at what I'm telling you look at what I'm presenting you. Your girl would never lie to you, I'm telling you it. It is a Vibe. So go ahead and check it out, you guys and until next Vlog bye,

V: Cute love the color ❤❤

Ebony locks: I love it

Lifted🌱📿: 2:17 Thaaaaat color She's is giving Goddess.✴️

LovelyA: Queen ❤❤

Rita Robinson: Yes boss and Queen of the night and day

ShesPrettyRedd: ❤❤❤

DelawareBoyYT: Your beautiful

Yvonne Burton: Hi Chrissy ad family

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