Deep Side Part Quick-Weave Tutorial! Super Natural Results For Beginners Ft. Nadula Hair

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Foreign States, we are getting into a quick weave, shout out to the Doula for sending me these bomb bundles. I do have three bundles doing shorter lifts, so it requires less bundles if you're doing super long. 30. 28. All of those you might want to get one more bundle, I'm working with 24, 22 and 20 today, and this should just be super easy. I haven't done one of these in a minute, so I'm so excited to jump into it yeah. So let's go ahead and get started all right Mama. So this is the hair and, as you can see it's in its natural state, it's been sitting out for a minute. I'M not gon na lie to you, because I really have been doing other installs and I truly want to commit to this quick weave until I go out of town. Keep it in a side part, because I, like side Parts majority of the time, if I am wearing a install, is going to be in a side part. It just makes my like a little bit easier. I'M not gon na lie. I'M gon na start on. My leave out because I want to make sure I know how much I want to leave out. I usually like to do V part leave outs, because I don't really care to have that much hair out a little bit wider in the back, though than a V part, just not too too much so this should be good enough, and when I go to install The wig I'm going to kind of put the tracks falling frontwards, so it can give more of a swoop Effect one to leave like a little bit of hair out right here, a little bit out like Fort right here. Just so we can make sure everything Blends really nice. My favorite thing about quick weaves is that you don't have to have your hair braided perfectly under it. Now I'm gon na braid, my hair down like we got the braids going. It'S all mine in the back. If it looks crazy, but this is what we're getting into Bobby pinning the rest up, it's always giving birth try to make as many braids. So you can get a super flat install. So when you're working with 24 22 20, they all look the same, not gon. Na lie so I'm not really trying to figure out which one is 22, which one is yeah. You know the Vibes, so I'm going to be using these just some simple black at least try to make sure that it's good quality, because you don't want anything Rinky Dink, I'm just going to use one today. So this bad boy can stay and do what we needed to do so I like to work on all of this part of the wig cap. Not the band part so remember that so I'm making sure that the band is over my ears too, or we didn't made sure I got me a white eyeliner. This is necessary necessary, so I got mine from Wet and Wild and I'm just going to trace over my part. You know something like that part right here, a little part right there. I don't know what type of glue I like to use. I like to use the salon Pro black hair glue, she's always going to come through. For me, this is what this is. What it looks like fold, my ear, because if not then I'm gon na be trying to fix that after ear to ear a little a little pass here, so I'm just applying the glue on the wefts a generous amount, but nothing too crazy. I like to press the ends of the web down real hard, real hard y'all and, as you can see, it's right underneath the bulk of mine. We don't we're gon na get some blow drying in a minute I like to, like finish. Sometimes I like to blow dry every single piece but girl. We ain't gon na really do that today. If this is your first time, I will say blow dry every single piece, but I know how much to put on my website I feel like. I don't have to do that every single time. I want this to look super natural, so I'll probably end up putting two and a half bundles in my hair. The keto, quick weave is to make sure you have enough tracks on the wig cap, so it can actually stay once you remove the extra wig cap lace. You know I do have another quick weave planned and I think I'm gon na do that. One in the middle we'll see that's what longer lens. That'S why I'm saying that the hair feels really soft y'all just to let you know if you were interested measure this piece two times, so I don't have to keep shaping it. I just want this density to be long and then I'm gon na go grab my blow dryer. Finally yeah. This is almost like the same lint yeah, we're gon na put all of that in the same area and it's going to secure this back half. But I do like to brush the hair as I go just so we can get those pieces that may have gotten caught on glue out the way and you can use a comb, but I will only use a comb if you aren't super heavy-handed. What you want. Wan na country again my life, this is basically what is given off the First full 24 inch bundle. So you can see. This is not enough. Hair two bundles is not gon na cut it baby. You want to detangle this. I'M gon na do the same exact thing you guys. What I'm going to mostly focus on is just filling this up, I'm going to start kind of curving it I'm not going to go too straight across I'm just going to start curving it a little bit to shape my head, but I'm going to stop when I Get around this area like right here and then I'm going to start working on this half. So we can like do the opposite direction. You'Ll see you'll see so we can start working on the bang. Thank you. What'S up. Thank you is um. I don't know. Okay, so we're gon na cut into it in a minute, but I just want to show you the hair that is left over. It'S literally just this piece, but the bang has enough density that I'm happy with no name everybody. Do you think eaters? Thank you. So tell me something even days my nose. I don't know myself my third time trying to do this. Outro, okay, like hopefully it turns out good this time your girl is freaking, exhausted, guys it's late as hell. I took a little break because I was so hot with all these lights, but I had so much fun with this style, because I was trying something new, the curls kind of fell because, like I said I did take a little break, but nothing too crazy. So I'm not going to read curl anything right now, but look at the part it's giving it's lace laid. All of that. My hair is blending so nice because, like I told you, I got my natural hair jet black. So while I dyed the bundle was jet black, so it can match my natural hair. So I am feeling the look shout out to the Doula for giving the quality like I don't know if y'all could really see, but the quality is there? I'M trying to tell y'all so I will link everything you need to know in the description box, specific style or specific technique that you want me to show you or you want to see if I can do and quickly form. If that makes sense, I leave it in comment section below. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video once again, and I will see you all in my next one bye, guys

Melly Mel: You did that, per usual! Absolutely gorgeous!

Ryan: Yesss what I been waiting on sis another quickweave tutorial ❤❤

Jerica Leigh: This is so so pretty! It’s giving Aaliyah vibes

Dee Luther: Great Video As Always Love That thumbNail Tho You Looking Hella Gorgeous Makeup Always Look Good Nice Ass Cheeks Bones Pretty Smile Have a Fabulous weekend Stay Bless N Be Safe Always

Wyesha Watts-Wren: You definitely did that

Kiana Stevens: You talking about the back looks crazy, girl it looked perfectly fine! lol your quick weaves never miss

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