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Dunks, what's up y'all welcome back to my channel and today we're gon na be doing another wig review, so today's video will be sponsored by elephant hair. I have not opened the box yet so I'm gon na open it up right now and if y'all want any details to this hair, it will be in the description box below I'm gon na give y'all my real honest raw review, your girlfriend to go to Dallas In two days, so I'm gon na be wearing this hair in Dallas. You know and yeah. So let's see what she's given. So he go to bed all right. Let'S see what they sent me. So I got a rat tail comb y'all, I'm so glad they just sent me this and it's really good quality because I lost my red silicone. So let's pray on lose this one, even though it's black, because I always be losing stuff - that's black, but um. My last one was Pink So that really ain't even no excuse, they sent me a cute little Edge brush period. I don't know what's this for maybe like scooping alcohol, we got some lashes. Okay, elf - and I see you - I see you - I see you baby and we got ta wait. Go now, y'all run for this now y'all did this wrong is y'all trying to be funny or something all right. We should I'ma just donate that cause yeah. I ain't got time, so it's supposed to be 100 human Virgin Hair. Let'S get into the unit. I forgot what inch this is it's either 26 or something like that: okay, yeah, it's 26., so he go to hair. Oh, she looking cute can't lie. I can't lie. Y'All, so here we go, the lace is um real, good y'all. What, ladies? What lace? Okay, so the lace? Look pretty good the hair. The knots is um. Oh yeah, my stomach grows and it's a little like it looked like it's a little pre-plucked, so I'm gon na go up in here for my hair appointment and I'll get back with y'all. When I get inside foreign foreign foreign, all right child, we just finished, I'm gon na have all of her information in the description box, so make sure y'all go check that on Instagram located in Mobile, Alabama y'all see it yeah and when y'all see my pictures on Her page y'all go like them and share it because yeah skin glowing it's just kissing, y'all, so yeah, I'm Gon na Catch y'all. When I get in the car and give y'all a full review of the hair and yeah y'all. Let me know how y'all feel about it and yeah all right. Try I'm back, and I'm really feeling this color on me. Y'All, like it's really giving like more red than like a burgundy type of color, like it's just really going with it, really just matched me for real, and this was body wave, hey, y'all but hold on. Let me turn this AC up baby because yeah, but this was um body wave hair, but it straightens real good. Like I really like it, I like how I feel um yeah. The lace is not HD, but it's still giving like yeah. I love to install real cute. I can't wait to take some pictures y'all and yeah like it's just giving it's so cute. Um, like I said, everything will be down below make sure y'all, like the video, make sure y'all tell me how y'all feel about it and yeah, like I'm messing with it, so I'm gon na be having this hair in Dallas. Hopefully, you know we ain't gon na really be doing too much like they got a pool in a Jacuzzi but um we ain't going to like no water park or nothing so I'm gon na be straight. I'M gon na see how this hair holds up. For the rest of the day, I'm not gone um touching them all. I ain't gon na put no more heat on it and just see. Do it stay straight throughout the day, because that's gon na be the real test like do it get poofy or whatever the case, but as of right now it's just real soft and just just good, so yeah your girl didn't transformed on their ears and yeah. I'M feeling good I'm feeling cute and I'm Gon na Catch y'all in the next video

Kylie Madisen: Hurry Up!! Coupon code is ONLY valid for one month. Don't Miss it!! ✨Use code to save $$: "KYTT" Hair info: 26'' Color #99j 13*4 Transparent Lace Body Wave Wig 200% Density Direct link to get the same burgundy 99J wig: https://bit.ly/40BvxeQ

lamarylanea: Okkkk cause the wig looks good on you

Beauty of an Angel: Girl I love the hair❤

Latrice Edwards: Beautiful ❤️

Precious White:

Gabby Middleton: It’s so pretty

Sienna M.: sis you fine fine with that red ❤❤❤❤

kasheen whitney:

Gene’ashia: YESSSSS

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