Best Water Wave Wig On Amazon 34 Inch 13X6 180% Density Lace Frontal Wig Maxine Amazon Human Hair

Hey guys! In this video I will be reviewing this 34 inch 180% density 13x6 lace front wig from Maxine on Amazon. I hope you all enjoy this video and remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!



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Hey guys, I'm Brittany, rivers and welcome to my channel so today, I'm coming at you all with an updated review on my first Amazon wig. This is the first Amazon wig. I bought myself of my own money. This video is not sponsored, but this is a 34 inch, but this is a 34 inch, wider wave wig from Maxine on Amazon. I'M gon na link it in the description box and we're going to go ahead and get into this video. But before we do, I'm going to ask that you all remember to like comment subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, follow me on Instagram at Madame Brittany and let's get into this video okay. So, like I said this is from Maxine hair on AliExpress. Oh look. Look so like I said this is from Maxine on Amazon. You guys like, if you haven't seen my other videos, I'm an AliExpress gorilla, but I needed to wig very quickly because I was going to Disney in like four days and I have Amazon Prime. So I was like this is a great time to try Amazon, so this is a 34 inch. 180 density, Waterway, wig, 13x6 Lace, frontal wig, so I love 13 by sixes because, as you can see, I love like a really long middle part like I just think it eats you guys. It just hits different but of course, with Amazon. This wig took no time to come. You guys, I have prom, so it took. Maybe three days tops uh and on here like. Let me I don't know if I can see how much I actually paid for this wig, but it's listed on there. It'S 319 but y'all, see. Let me make sure my address isn't showing, but y'all see you can use the eight percent coupon and it'll probably take it down to like 300 exactly or something. So that's a really good price for a water wave and 34 inch wig. Like I was telling you all on the unboxing, this isn't like one of those super kinky curly, wigs like I, I don't really like deep wave hair too much when I want like curly hair. This is like the type of wave I'm talking about because I feel like it maintains more length, and it's just like this is the kind of curl that I enjoy. I'M not like a deep wave girl and, like lately, a lot of companies even on AliExpress and Amazon they'll list, something as deep wave loose, wave and wider wave all together. I actually think this company did the same thing, so you really never know what you're getting they just call it everything I just got lucky. I guess so. This company actually has that water wave more loose wave texture. If that's what you're looking for, but I have been at Disney World all last week, walking around with this wig having this wig in my hot sun sweating in this wig. I worked out in this wig today and reinstalled it today, so the wig is holding up pretty well right. Now that is a plus I'm five seven I was hoping this wig will be a little longer, so I'm gon na stand up for you all. I'M five! Seven - and this is where a 34 inch wig falls on me - you guys a 34 inch like loose wave. Wig falls on me, so yeah, that's still like in the middle of my butt, which is really long but like I wanted it like right here. So that is still very very long. The hair is super thick like this is not giving only 180 density like if you watch my other videos. You know I love a good 250 density, and this one is super duper thick uh. I do love that the lace is nice, it's not HD or anything, but it is very easy to work with and blend. Let me find my lace tip for you guys. All I did was spray a little bit of this on the lace then blow dry it. This is in the color medium brown Yeah, medium brown um. They just sell this like at the beauty supply spray. This blow dry. It and you'll have the width, the lace matching to your skin tone, a little more when I was at Disney. I got so many compliments on this hair uh. It'S just. It really is beautiful. You guys, like I am loving it. So that's for the products I have been using lately on this wig. I use some Cantu leave-in conditioner. I was going a little cheap with the products I just used. What I had so I had Cantu and I use Eco Styler gel, so I do have a spray bottle and I wet my hair. I wet the hair with the spray bottle. I put most of the time. I'M working two sections so put the hair over my shoulders like this. Do this happening? Do this this half like y'all see this is a lot of hair, and this is how the hair looks dry to you guys by the way but spray it. Then I might spray a little leave-in conditioner and then I will use the Eco Styler gel and just kind of just put it in my hair and that's how, like I kind of like the look of when it looks heart or wet when it's dry, like I Like that, so that's why I use actual gel and then, of course, I like to have like the front a little more slick, so I do use either this, which is a slick stick. This is from Luster's the hot, my hot comb, or I will just use gel in the hot comb. So I like to kind of slick it down a little bit tie it. I might tie it down and make it sure it's like really really flat, but I think that looks so cute um. The wig is really nice. I am it's not like many, so it's Aquarius you have to detangle like Curly or deep wave hair. Maybe every day there's a difference between like a regular detangle to kind of get the hair like to have the curls you want in like a detangle, because the wig is like napping up like it's different, so uh I do get just a little shedding, but nothing Crazy only when I'm detangling the wig uh - and it's only and it's probably because I'm actually detangling with a brush instead of a lot of times with curly hair, I use a wide tooth comb. It'S like a brushes way faster. But if you want to take your time make sure your wig lasts, then you might want to use a wide tooth comb when you detangle, which would also mean you need to wet the hair a little more I mean I am really loving this hair. So far like it's giving, of course you could put it up. It is like a 13 by six, so you have the lace from here to here. Basically, and then on the sides I mean you have maybe two inches of lace, so you can still do a side part, because this is a 13 by six. You can like shift it a little bit or something so that is great. Also. I did mention in the other video I have a really big head and I have like a lot of hair. I don't know how to braid very well, so all my wigs have to be big head friendly. So if you have a big head like me, this wig's for you, because it fits beautifully, there was no. I was walking around all day and there's like there was no like slipping and sliding of the wig. The slot, like you know when your wig starts sliding back and stuff, but for us with really big heads like our wigs slip back way more like it's just different and then there's nothing. You can really do to make it stay where you want it to stay. So this wig is definitely big head friendly for my big head girls. Like me, I definitely recommend this wig so far. This is so. I did have a favorite AliExpress curly wig, but lately, like people have been saying their quality has not been the same. So I can't really recommend them anymore, but right now this is like the best curly wig I've had in so long because they have not been the right. Well, this is wavy you guys they. It has not been the right curl pattern. So none of those wigs I've tried lately have been the right, curl pattern of curly. Now this is what I wanted. This is what I was going for like it looks so pretty like. I love this. It'S just everything to me. I might decide to add, like another bundle or something maybe like a 36 inch bundle at the back to make it like really long or maybe even a 40 inch, but like looking at this on camera. I'M being ridiculous, because this is really long for curly, hair and y'all know I don't keep curly hair for long like usually, I do not like my hair curly, but I think it's really because it's been the wrong type of curly. So if you love that beautiful waterway that looks so good on vacation on a boat on a yacht like this is like it's summer, you guys well it's just about summer spring. Whatever this is the wig. This is the wig. This is the kind of um just the kind of curls that just give cute. You guys I'm very, very happy with this wig uh I'm I will be ordering from Amazon again. I know you all want me to do more Amazon videos so I'll be doing them. Oh and another thing you guys, I did at least the knots on this wig the knots lifted very easily. If you all saw my video, I did a burn test on this wig because you know what it's Amazon I just wanna cross all my T's dot on my eyes. I did a burn test on this wig. It turned to Ash you guys, so it is human hair, I'm so so happy. I really do love this wig so far, I'm I'm really happy with you guys. That'S it for this video, If you all have any other questions put them in the comment section. I will be sure to answer them. I hope you all enjoyed this video remember to like comment subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, follow me on Instagram, Brittany and thank you all so much for watching have a great day. You guys bye.

Bernice Jones: Yes I purchased 2 wigs from Amazon and I love it a 26 inch deep wave and a 26 inch bodywave and the lace melt so well can’t wait to try this company

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Chocolateloverrr: Awww I have a really little head maybe I shouldn’t get it

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