I Went Short! Summer Ready Bouncy Short Hair Tutorial With Yolissa Hair

This is how I style my short hair with bouncy curls!

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Hi loves welcome back to my channel, so today I'm going to be telling you all about my new look, I'm doing short hair. What do you think? Let me know in the comments I'm in love with it, and my Instagram has been loving this wig on me. So let me tell you the details before I show you how I got these bouncy bouncy wavy curls, I'm wearing this. You part wig from your Lisa hair. I love the hair texture, but we'll get into that later. It'S 180 density and it is in their body wave. So I got a 14 inch and I actually chopped it. I chopped about that much of the hair off. If you know me, you know I like a blank card, but I also wanted to try something a little bit different and I do usually stay away from shorter hair. I actually am tempted to go even shorter, so we'll see we'll see, but for now I've been loving this wig for the past two weeks, and I really wanted to test it out for you guys before coming on and reviewing it. I'Ve been wearing it for two weeks and I have washed it twice. I wanted to see if it would bounce back and what the quality would be like afterwards and honestly, it hasn't changed as you'll see it takes to the heat really really well. Bounces back has a lovely Shimmer and it's movable honey. So let me show you how I got these bouncy curls that I have been obsessed with right. It'S time to do my hair, so I'm going to take my band off this band feels so comfortable because it's so soft I will link it down below for you guys now you can see the length and even like I haven't even done it and it still Looks kind of decent as it is, but we're gon na do some fresh bouncy curls, and I want to show you guys how I get the look, because everyone, the past week, has been asking about this hairstyle how to do it. My aunt was asking me how I do it, what curling wand I use and honestly it's nothing new. I just think I've managed to master a technique that suits my face, shape, I'm going to start off with my leave out. So all I'm going to use is the hot comb today pop comb is on and you literally just want to get right in there it's in there as you can and as flat as you can too many times, because, obviously you don't want to damage your hair, But you do want to get it late, and what I like to do is just do that, so that my leave up and kind of help it helps to blend my hair in a bit instead of having to use a straightener. You guys know I like to do my edges first and then lay it down before I curl and got to be gel an edge brush or toothbrush like we used to do and my elastic band to tie it down. I do wash my leave out every week because, if I didn't I'd have so much buildup in my hair and it wouldn't be its natural color, it would start going like have like a white cast on it, which is just not cute. Okay, perfect. So it's quite tight and I do that so that it can just really dry in place. I'M gon na use a bit of color well in my hands, and this just helps for the cows to take a bit more because it helps with the heat. Basically, all of the curled hairstyles that you guys see me with it is because of this wand, and only this one. So it's literally almost all the way I'm gon na have a sip of chai. I'Ve had this hair in for almost two weeks and I've washed. It twice so it shows you the quality of the hair very minimal shedding. I don't think it's really been shedding at all, like I've not been having to Hoover up hair. So that's a good sign, so we're all hot. Let'S get started so you see, I just wrapped it in like twice um, because obviously it's shorter hair. So you can't do a super long like um wrap around, but I just do that and try and hold it as long as I can and then release and you've got a nice bounce curling backwards. I'M curling outwards like this. You see so not towards my face away from my face. As you can see, I tried to go as high as I can with these colors just so that they're, not it's not like straight and then curled on the end, even though I do like that look. Sometimes, but today I don't want that. I want like a Full Bounce. You can either send these okay, so the hair is bouncy. You can see the like wrinkly sort of curls, this piece, I'm actually gon na recurl, because you see you find little pieces like that. That they're, not they're not getting with the program right, so you've got to just fix them. Um and you know you'll get the hang of it as you're curling it. So we're going to take this band off. I love these bands. Like Game Changer. Everyone needs elastic bands because, honestly it just gets the edges. Can you see you can see that right, so the edges are flat flat. Now I like to go in with my Spritz, you know me and my Spritz because, as you can see, I've got a lot of flyaways and stuff, so I'm just gon na spray with my hands today, rub it in and spread it out. This allows me to just neaten up my hair. Now, I'm going to use my Color Wow pop and lock it's just like a bit of a kind of like oil, but a thicker oil, and it gives a nice shine. You probably can't see that on camera, but it doesn't do too much like it's, not it's not crammy in the slightest, but it does give a nice shine and basically help lay down any flyaways things like that, so see how I'm not neat and nice. This is this piece of hair doesn't want to incorporate today. So yeah I don't know, I don't know why what's wrong with her, but she does not want to cooperate so you can leave it like this really uniformed, really cute really tidy and I've been having it like this some days but other days I like to run My fingers, through it and just loosen it up a bit and move it around a bit and get it feeling a bit more relaxed. So let's do it. You see how nice the hair texture is as well like it doesn't get crispy or anything. It doesn't get stiff, it really is such a good hair texture and you can see how bouncy oh this looks so good. Already um, you see the difference that running through your hands makes with this hair, like it honestly looks divine. I like, when this kind of goes into my face, a little bit more like that. Yes about now, what I would usually do, which I'm not going to do today, is I would actually curl this again just to keep it higher, but that's just me being extra. We don't have to do that today and then to hold the curl a bit. I will actually just Spritz the cows just so that they um just have a bit of staying power. Foreign all of my hair details will be in the description below. So if you want to go and buy yourself, this wig check the link out. Of course, they have many other styles of wigs from frontals to closures as well as long straight colored. You name it. I just really really love this and wanted to go for a shorter bouncy. Look, and I don't know what it is. But it's giving me like. Young housewife, I love it so head over to my Instagram as well, because I've been posting loads of content and you guys can see the hair up close and personal with different styles and how I've been doing it as well the past two weeks so yeah. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave a comment. Let me know what you think about this hairstyle. Do you think it suits me? I do, would you try it? Let me know I'll see you all in my next video bye, I'm just saying I can be yeah.

Lola Tylar: This hairstyle and the lenght is lovely

Mabel Simon: Oh my Godness you look so beautiful and classy❤

Carol Ratteray: Hi Jade, I love this short hair on you.

Yolissa Hair: Love the dute hairstyle~ Thank you so much for trying Yolissa Hair

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