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Foreign gang welcome back to my channel funeral to my channel. My name is Latoya princess. Today'S video is going to be a wig installed on this unit that I got from Ash and Mary here, I'm absolutely in love with her. I'M telling you that right now, I'm absolutely in love with her. So in this video we are going to do an unboxing, I'm going to show you the um here after I wash it and condition it. I'M gon na give you the install and then I'll, be back with my first thoughts, so definitely stay tuned. If you would like to see all there is to know about this hair, including styling, all right, okay, so we are going to be doing an ashramari hair unboxing. It comes in this teal blue satin Satchel, along with a tail blue box, and then inside. We have some goodies that are also Tail blue, so we have this satin Bonnet um. We also have the teal blue satin robe, which I absolutely love, and then it gave you a tail Bloom, eyebrow razor as well as some false eyelashes and, of course, the teal blue, ashramarial hair elastic band, a black Edge brush, and this invisible HD wig cap girl, Screenshot this all right, because this is the best wig cap on the planet. Thank me later, alright, so then we also have the hair, which is gray um. This is the 13x4 transparent, HD, lace, wig and body wave. It is 250 density, is 28 inches, as you can see, it has the four Combs on the inside as well as adjustable straps, and this wig is so full. Oh, my God, I did a little test. I was running my fingers through here. It went through it very well, the hair is so full and thick. I didn't get any shedding um when I did it this time. I wanted to start the tutorial of wearing their custom Roman Bonnet and I'm showing you to here and it's natural state after it was washed and conditioned. So now I'm gon na put the adjustable straps on I'm putting it on my head. I didn't have to cut the ear ties because it fit perfectly which I was so happy about. I spray the even wig adhesive spray on the perimeter of the lace that blow dried. It um and I basically just pushed it down uh with the tail combed to get the lace to stick to my head. So when I was finished with the entire front, I sprayed a little bit of more of that spray, and then I put on my customary hair elastic band um so that I could further melt the lace. And then I took my hot comb and I basically just hot combed it going back um because I wasn't sure what style I wanted still so after about 10 minutes, I let it air dry um. Once it was dry, I took the elastic band off my head. I decided to create a c part using the tail end of the comb. I honestly wanted to do a half up half down, but um. You know just I just want to show you the hair before I get into really like styling, so the next time I do this here, I'm a salad but um. I got the um a hot combed, the hand in place, and then I parted out my baby, hair um you're gon na see me do that, but right now I'm hot combing, the hair in place and it's taking the heat very well uh. You definitely need to use like some wax. So that's what I was using. I was using my wax stick. I don't think I showed it to you, but I was okay and I'm just making sure my part is as straight as possible. So after that, I parted out my baby hairs and I cut it with the eyebrow razor that they provided, and it was very, very easy and I used the edge control that I have a booster and that really like just set it in place. So I took the comb and I started to just um part out the other part of the baby hair that I wanted to have, which is in a weird spot, but that's where I wanted it. I just didn't want everything to be uniform. The way it usually looks. I just wanted something a little different, so I did one baby here right here on the side and I love the way it came out. I didn't do any like um sideburns, I just kept it right there and I further went in with the hot comb just to lay that hair down, but I should have definitely used the wax stick. But I didn't want to use the wax stick too much, because sometimes when you use the wax stick too much it um builds up and the hair will not hold any type of curl or anything. So I took my face power powder and I put it on the hairline and then I further just using that hair comb to mold the hair in the direction that I would like. Okay, so we are going to be curling our hair today. So I sectioned into two sections, and then I added one more section um just to make it quicker. For me I did curl the hair going away from my face now. As you can see, I am dressed underneath here. I got on like just some regular clothes that I just threw on real quick, but I really wanted to have on that robe and I had to have my clothes on under the row because I didn't I knew it would be like opening and I didn't want To try seeing all my goodies but um yeah, I love the goodies that they provided like it just made me feel like. I was just like ready to do my hair. Now I'm using a big curling iron and y'all know whenever I use the big curling iron um. It'S because I just want some loose ways very effortless. So that's the style we are going for today. I did not want any tight curls. I perfect. I just I don't know when I curl the hair myself using a curling iron. I don't really care for a tight curl like when I use the smaller curling iron I'd be like. I cannot wait until my hair drops. So I was like you know what just for the sake of the tutorial. Let me just use my big curling iron and I Am Curling away from my face on both sides, because I like the way that comes out, but of course you could choose to curl. However, you would like so once I got to the side. I basically did the same exact thing I just curled away from my face. If you would like a uh Stronger hold or if you would like some type of hole, either use a smaller curling iron or you can spray the um curls with some type of like holding spray, and you can pin curl it pin curl in. It will definitely lock those curls in for um a better like hold so yeah foreign okay, so we made it to the final curl all right, so what I did after that is. I took my robe off because I want to show y'all me combing through the hair um, so I'm just combing through the hair using a wide tooth comb uh, you can use a wig brush whatever you prefer um, because the curls were so big and I didn't Use any holding spray. I definitely just wanted to use a comb and kind of like finger comb. It okay, but once I had seen what my hair was looking like, I was like no, I got ta combat it in this, so I'm gon na change, my clothes. So that y'all can see me in something that just gives and I'll be right back okay. So I'm back - and this is my finished look as you can see, the the curls are dropped and that's because I've had my hair. In now, for about three hours and um, I've been combing through I've been taking pictures, I've been on the phone, I've been doing a lot, so I'm just coming back to y'all just to give y'all my you know just my first thoughts on the hair for me. Wearing it just for about three hours, so when I do my curls, I do not do them so that they last like a really long time, because I do not like a tight curl um. Whenever I use my big curling iron, we already know that I just want some very, very loose waves that look like I didn't put any type of effort into it. This is just the look that I love and I think it came out really nice with this hair, like the hair is so soft, oh my God, it's so beautiful! It'S thick as long. It'S just giving everything that I want. Okay, it's it's given everything that I would have wanted out of this unit. This unit is from ashram here. This is their Gray, 13x4, transparent lace, body, wave, wig and 250 percent density, and it is in 28 inches. I did this color years ago and when I seen it on the site, I was like you know what let me try it out. I did not think that the unit was going to be this perfect. The color was exactly when I say exactly like what it was on the site. I mean this is exactly like what it was on the site. This is literally probably my favorite unit that I have ever gotten Point Blank period. I am in love and I could be biased because I've been wanting this hair color for years, like I had it before, and I think I sold that unit yeah, I sold that unit. So I've been wanting this color for years. It'S like, even though it's gray it has that kind of like undertone of lavender, that I love or kind of like a blue. It picks up really well with blue and lavender. So when I tell you I was so excited when I got this hair, it is just so gorgeous. Don'T get me wrong, it is gray but um depending on the lightning. It picks up on like kind of like blues and purples like it just brings it out more. That'S why I threw this on. I think that it complements the hair unit is minimal um. It is, it definitely sheds I have been seeing some hair. I did not pluck the knots so the hair that has been coming out it is from shedding, so I would say, minimal um I do not receive any tangling. I have not received any matting or snagging thus far like the hair is really beautiful and just so full and plush, and just like no tangling. None of that the nape area is good baby. This hair is so soft, it's so beautiful. Oh, my God. The hair is already colored, so the most you could do is probably add some dye to it. To um get some more color on there like a darker color than the silver um. It could be flat iron straightened curled. Anything you want to do heat. The hair takes heat very well, as I saw I hot combed it um. I blow dried it as well as I curled it with a curling iron, so it definitely takes heat well, as far as my wash routine, I definitely just used what I always use, which is the Herbal Essences, hello, hydrations, shampoo and conditioner when it comes to the Products that I use in this hair, as you saw all I used, was the design essential soup Essentials. I think it is something that always makes your hair feel and look even more healthy than what it is so yeah that product did this hair like justice, because it was feeling a little course um from you know, just washing and the conditioning. So once I added that, because I knew I was going to be putting heat on it, it just did the hair wonders the hair just feels absolutely amazing and I'm not having any issues with it. I have to give this wig an overall rating. It will be a 10 out of 10. honey. I love this hair so much. I would definitely recommend it. I will buy it, I'm going to be wearing this. This is going to be my summer hairstyle. I love this color on me. This is my favorite color of blonde or gray or whatever you want to call it when it comes to having a color. That is light that is really bright light. This is my favorite color on me like to me. This color looks amazing with my skin complexion. Just love it so much. I was so excited when I got the wig like I couldn't. I can't tell you how fast I opened this packaging like. Let'S do this unboxing right now, because I'm ready to put this hair in my head, but um yeah. I would definitely recommend it: I'm gon na have the links to ashramari hair this unit um, all of that will be down on the bottom bar and, if y'all want to see some bomb photos yeah, I know follow me on Instagram, because that's where all the photos Go okay, all the photos are on my Instagram. Follow me. I write at Latoya princess underscore so yeah, I'm gon na have the links to everything down on the bottom bar thank y'all. So much for watching, don't forget to like comment subscribe. What do y'all think about this hair on me girl? Well yeah. Are you bold enough to try this color? Let'S talk about that in the comments? What do y'all think about this color? Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will speak to my next video

PiscesPrincess87: I swear you look good in anything sis. Happy to see you down my timeline more frequently again.

Nicky Stylish: It looks good good on you ‍

D Denise: The color is beautiful on you

Maureen Hope: This color is fire ❤

Marianna 24: This a glamorous wig

H young: Love it

shivani defne: Pls review maybline super stay foundation love from India ❤️

Marianna 24: I am certain I am bold enough!!!!

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