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Thank you, foreign welcome back to our Channel. How are you doing today? I hope you're doing well. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Thank you for tuning in and thank you for watching. Thanks to all my resigning subscribers, if you haven't subscribed, Please Subscribe, join our family, give us a thumbs up and please ensure that you share our videos. Thank you. So much everyone welcome. So today is just a quick one, and it's just I'm just passing information. Very very Vital Information. Today I want to pass out, because you know we have these conversations around marriage relationships and or whatnot day in day out on this platform, and I think for some people, especially Brothers. They feel like the abroad is not fair on men that women have more favor, especially when it comes to the laws of the land and family courts, and things like that. But I want to say that it depends on the individual story right, because the way I see it and people can say - oh you're, saying this because you're a woman yeah, it's possible yeah, I'm aware of my bias, but I think it depends on the situation. Each story is different from the other one, so some people, they will tell you a story about how they were kicked out of their house, how their wife took all their properties took their house that they paid for before they married their wife from Nigeria, and that Is true, although we never know the backstory, but for some other women, you hear a lot of stories that are not quite popular and the fact that they are also losing out money, paying alimony losing out their property, and things like that, especially when the marriage is Over so the story I want to tell you today is about you know how we talk about people writing their wheels and their Testaments and having life insurance and all that is something you know along that line. But while I'm telling you the story, I'm gon na share with you brown hair. I have a brand here here and it's from Hermosa Hermosa. They are the ones that sent me this hair uh is quality, very quality, hair, affordable price and excellent service .com. I'M going to be showing you the hair, we got the company, that's the back, while I'm telling you this story, and I mean make what you will about this story. But it's a real life story: okay, right, okay, so this is the hair. It'S a brown is a chocolate brown hair. I have so many hairs, but I don't think I have chocolates. I have red I have orange. I have black Lots, different shades and colors, but Brown is something that is new for me, and so this is how this hair comes. Yeah, it's chocolate, brown, 13 times, 4 uh, HD, lace, front, wig, human hair and you can see the lace is pre-plocked. So I just need to trim this: it's pre blocked, uh wig, um yeah. They are making really really amazing hair these days. There'S no reason why you should not be shining and shining and shiny. If you favor wigs, you see how we switch it off mine. So there's a wig cap here and then this is the first time I'm working with this brand, but from looking at this quality of the hair it I think it's a really really good head. Oh look at these lashes. It has a long one and a short one. Nice really really nice for those who, like short ones and those of us, that, like the ojugu and, of course, the one that you use to line it uh, it doesn't need much work this week, I'm just gon na uh. This is 22 inches, it's 22 inches and I'm just gon na trim it and then I'll style it and put it on. So you can see it's a gorgeous gorgeous look, so my people, you know how people will marry in our community happens. Quite a quite a lot I don't know, maybe because of the cost of divorce or maybe because of the process. Some people don't just want to deal with it, and sometimes some people feel like. I don't want to be the one paying because I don't know it seems like you, the person that files for divorce are usually the people that the person that pays - I don't know depending on the law. I don't know the process, but for some reason here in the UK a lot of people - I'm trimming it now, a lot of people would have separated for years and they would not file the paperwork. I think divorce divorces are easier in the U.S. You guys just need to go to the courthouse, your court processes - they are quite, they are quite fast, but I don't think it's like it's straightforward here in the UK. I think it's more expensive here and I don't think it's so it's so straightforward. I think maybe you need to get a solicitor or something I don't know anyway, so for some reason, a lot of people they they're not married. Maybe one of the partner, one of the person in the marriage has even moved on to live with somebody else, but legally they would not do the paperwork. I think that's where I'm going to today. The lesson I'm sharing with you guys today has something to do with people who do not file the paperwork and they are waiting for the other person to do it when there's property involved, I've trimmed it. This is what it looks like see. The list is really really beautiful, and this is the kind of list that they make these days uh they make this uh uh 3D laces that are really really cool. It'S breathable! When you wait, it's not like those days when you wear wig, you can't your hair. Will start breaking, I think they've really really improved the way these wigs are made. I can tell because I am a lover of wigs. I love my wigs. Thank God for weeks. Some of us, hmm wigs, are saving wigs are saving Our Lives, they're, seven, seven anyway. So the story has it that this lady and her spouse or her ex-spouse, they were divorced. They were separated, they were married. Then the marriage ended right. So this is how the inside look. It'S got the hook. It'S got the hook uh here here and it has a strap, there's a strap here and a lace at the back as well. They were not living together, but they didn't do the paperwork. They did not divorce. Actually, the man moved on was living with someone else. You know all these arrangements are in the abroad when you know you are not married, you are separated and the person, maybe one of you is - is moved on to another relationship but, like I said, there's no formal paperwork done to divorce. You guys officially. So this woman, apparently after she moved on, started working hard and bought herself a property right. She bought herself a property starting pay mortgage, and this was like, maybe 20 years later, finish almost paying off the mortgage. Then she felt sick. God will not allow evil to be follows. He has this trap here. You see the strap that he used to strap it so that I sit nicely and yeah. This is how it looks: is a his body wave, his body wave, you can see body wave and this is uh 22 inches. This is 22 inches body wave. Let me wear it now. So you'll see um, oh my God, my weak card here I have it on so let me put this on. This Is How We Do It. This Is How We Do It. This is how we do it. You see what I love about. All these wigs is the instant transformation. The way it transforms you, they just transform you so quickly that you'll be wondering where it'd be nice. Let me just move it around to sit well, so it has no pattern. This one doesn't have any patterns, so I can Pat it anywhere I want so. This is how it is. Once I wait, you can see it's just all the way to the shoulders Brown wow chocolate brown is lovely. Look at the color yeah yeah. So sent me this one and you can see the link in the their website on the screen. Yeah. Okay, so I have this brush here. I'M just gon na use this brush. To be honest because I like the waves, so I don't want to color the waves. Oh, my God, this is so beautiful. This is gorgeous it's so lovely or light. I like so. The baby here got the baby hair here that you can just gel it, pull it down like this Angelic, the baby hair um yeah. So I'm just gon na put this small part in here. Hmm, I don't want it to be patted that much because I think the beauty is just in it's being wavy like that so yeah, the way they do the the fronts are now. It'S so simple that you know it doesn't show and you can pull it anywhere you want. So can you see how gorgeous is that beautiful, beautiful it's so soft 100 human hair dark chocolate? This is chocolate, brown and it's HD know how you have HDTV. Now that you have HD hair now, as I will average the wig yeah, can you see that it's beautiful I like the way the hair just is? Is caressing my skin? The waves is so lovely, beautiful, so the story or back to my story. She and her ex-husband we're not together for over 20 years, but they didn't do nobody but had to file the paperwork. The man did not apply for divorce. She didn't apply for divorce, but you know some men. They have a way of moving on quicker than women. So the man was already living with another woman and she had moved on. She was working, she bought a property and everything almost finished paying mortgage, and then she got sick. My people, this woman did not have a will. She had children, but she had no will and the man was still her nest of kin 20 years after marriage because she didn't bother she just carried on walking, walking walking. Unfortunately, she just got sick come out for Oregon this woman by you when she buy. They saw that she didn't have a will. The man is a nest of King, a man that they were not together for 20. Odd years was the one that inherited that property. The property went through to him. He didn't go to her children. He went straight to her ex-husband the ex-husband moved into the house with his new wife or his new woman, and they started living there. They were enjoying their life. So the point of this story is that sometimes people they know the right thing to do, but you don't do it because you keep thinking about greeds or it doesn't matter I'll. Do it? Oh, I don't want to pay the money. So, even if it's maybe like a thousand, I don't know how much divorces are, but I think if you've lived apart for a while, it shouldn't be that expensive people put it away and say: ah, after all, everybody's living their life, we don't need the paperwork, but Illusion we live in the part of the world where there is laws, and these laws are not respect our pressing, whether you're a man you're a Woman. They Don't Care. If you don't have a will - or you don't have things in trust for your children, it will go to the person that was next of kin for you 30 years ago, whether the person is still in your life or not. The law doesn't know that too. So the children did not inherit it. It was the ex that inherited the property. So my point is anything: you have um put it in trust for the person that you want and for goodness sake, if you know, because sometimes people are separated for a while. Maybe they think they will come back, they walk around things, but if you've been separated for 10 15 years, definitely you know when the other person has moved on there's no, that marriage is over, so try and finalize it get the paperwork done and please protect yourself And your loved ones, sickness is no abortion, but nobody knows tomorrow. Everybody needs to make sure that they are safeguarding themselves and safeguarding their loved ones. When we talk about will a lot of African people will be fidgeting you want to buy me. Is that what you want me to do will? But this is a true life story. What happened to a woman here in the UK? Okay, it happens for men too, but on this occasions it's always about women. You'Re talking about this story. There are real life stories. They are not made up and this particular one happened, so a woman so make what you will of it. But I just wanted to share that with you guys and to advise you. We make sure that you are protecting yourself and you are protecting your loved ones. What you have worked for it should go to the people that you wanted to go to. You shouldn't go to someone that has you know, that's not been in your life for a long time. I don't think it's right, but the law is the law. So back to my gorgeous brown, hair yeah, I'm feeling it I'm feeling it I'm feeling it's really really. Nice today is a very nice warm day. You can see. I'M sweating, oh, my God spring - is in full bloom yeah. This is Hermosa hair. If you like. This look. This is chocolates chocolate, brown, yeah, chocolate, Woman, chocolate hair. It all fits nicely together, so check the description box for all the details about this company. It'S called and you have my discount code in the description box. They do all sorts of lovely human hair, wigs extension, you can straighten it, you can tongue it if you prefer more with more calls, but I think I kind of like this news. This is loose wave. It'S not deep wave. It'S it's loose, I kind of like it like this, but you can straighten it if you want, like you, can see in the model that I put here, how on the street is the same hair, but it's straight, but I decided not to straighten it because I, Like calls so yeah, it's a very, very lovely hair. Let me show you the back I'll. Show you yeah, that's the back. Can you see yeah? That'S the back. It'S lovely! It'S really really lovely! So yeah check my description box. If you like the hair - and you want to shop this look all the information on the discount code is: there is human hair, uh, HD, human hair and lace front so this front fronters fronters is everything now HD frontals, that's what the wig is. It'S so lovely! It'S 180 uh density. So that's always the right amount of density 150 is too late. It'S too low. 180 is okay, anything more than one. It is too full. So I love the density. It'S all right, it's beautiful! So that's the story. I have for you today or my people make sure when you have labeled, you should go to the people that you wanted to go to. If you have a property, whether it's here or is in Africa, if it's in Africa, you know uh the law over, there is not so straight in that people can see her and our sister and our brother. You know they can fight and get what they want. But over here everything is so everything has to be legally done and if you don't have a wheel, you don't have anything in trust, then your nest of King will sweeping and clean house. It Is Well with us. Thank you very much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this hair video, it's very lovely, hair, hamosa hair and I shall speak to you in my next video follow me on Instagram and then you see more of this look. How do I look? I look gorgeous if you think I don't look, nice, don't be a hater, don't be a hater, we look good, we are always representing eh. I want. I want 50 plus Club 50 and rocking it rocking it. Ah, this look is absolutely stunning. Thank you very much guys for watching I'll, see you in my next one. I love you bye, guys, bye,

GG Gibson: As for the story, people please do your Will. I did mine when I was 35yro. I’m now in my 50s. I’ve just recently reviewed it this year again. You’re never too young to do your Will.

Eleayé Proctor: As long as you have a partner, kids and assets, always have a will. You must update this every few years also as things change from divorces, death, acquisitions or disposal of more assets etc. Hair looks great on you.

TemiDee: this happens more than people realize. At work during pension and benefits sessions they make a big point on making its up to date after any life changing etc Separation, Divorce, birth, death etc. Please check your work and insurance cause people often forget to update. A colleague was actually divorced but didn’t submit the paper to remove ex from her pension cause probably thought it was automatic. Sadly her e got her pension and not her kids ‍♀️

Kasikwa Goma: Good morning sis Bridget, you know a lot of some of us Africans want to move to the west and yet do not want to incorporate into our lives some of the ways of doing things in the west that will actually be of benefit to us. We won't take out wills, we won't put money into a pension pot for when we are old, yet still expect the system to then work in our favour. It doesn't, we have to plant those seeds in order to get the outcomes we want. I am very sure this lady, this mother wanted the house for her children, but did not file for divorce, change her next of kin incase anything happened and as a result the laws that would have worked in her children's favour had she done so, favoured her former husband. I feel for those children, they lost their mother and the house she paid for will be enjoyed by their stepmother and her children with him.

Yvette williams: Here in the USA, must get an attorney. When there are properties, retirement plans, bank accounts it’s vital. The person filing will have the higher cost.

God's Favourite: Lesson is never procasinate doing what you need to do irrespective of where you reside. Very painful story.

The Ayodeji PopS Show (T.A.P.S): Loving the tattoo Auntie B. Keep up the good work.

louisa obakpolor: My heart breaks for the children.

colorfunch: Your hair is lovely❤. It is very expensive here in the US and a lot of Africans tend to delay it because the process involves a lawyer - lot of paperwork, emotionally draining and expensive. Especially with kids and assets/liabilities We can no longer afford to be ignorant of the working of the system we have immigrated to. What a pity!

Ife Ifesi: She didn't divorce her spouse and didn't provide for a will to look after her children. Very irresponsible indeed. Now she has provided instead for her husband's side chick while her children go without ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

Yvette williams: Married couples, make a WILL. Looking good!!If you have children, include your children, not just the spouse. When the relationship ends; do the paperwork. get an attorney!

Blessing Adachukwu: Good morning aunty B and thanks for always educating us. Have a blessed week

Bas Properties: Chai, I feel for her children.

Theresa Opokuma: Thanks for sharing this story. The hair is too beautiful

Bela Laz: You look gorgeous today

GG Gibson: AuntyB ❤❤❤ That hair colour is naturally yours. Absolutely gorgeous.

Sally Osas GoodNews: So sad story, beautiful hair for beautiful mummy ❤️

Diplomat Diplomat: She didn't divorce because she was probably afraid of being called a divorcee. Perhaps the cultural stigma associated with divorce and some people prefer answering married event though they are no longer together

Claire Nnabuchi: Thank you aunty B this is an eye opener

Okolo Arobuye: Hello sister B, u look so radiant n are glowing.

Sophia David: Sad Story , i feel for the children☹

Yvette williams: Just watching now at 6am replay in the USA.

PAULNE UGBIYOBO: Her children can contest on the grounds that they were separated

Stephanie O.: Aunty B is a baddie. Wow❤

Nolu Msuthwana: Beautiful sister B

sandra James: Omg❤

Yvette williams: Morning!

Ob n: Leave hair tell us the story na...B...

Prex O: Omg! That's terrible

Mary JOA-de: Morrŕrrrrrring

jijie monie: Morin ooo

Honeybabe: Morning

Eleayé Proctor: As long as you have a partner, kids and assets, always have a will. You must update this every few years also as things change from divorces, death, acquisitions or disposal of more assets etc.

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