How Is This Possible? No Adhesive But This Lace Melts Perfectly! New Pre-Cut Lace & Non Slip Wig Cap

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Length: 22inch

Density: 150%

Lace Area: 4x4 pre-cut lace

Texture: Kinky Curly Air Wig(can be styled)

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Foreign, thank you. Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. My name is beige. If you're new here welcome, don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up and comment down below before you leave, so today's video is going to be a tutorial on this gorgeous wig. This wig was sent to me from Julia hair I'll, have all of their information, the promo codes and the direct links Down Below in the description box. The Wake that I received is a 22 inch tight, Kinky Curly 4x4 lace closure wig. Now this wig is the first of its kind because it features a new silicone strap which keeps your wig from sliding when you're wearing your high glueless hairstyles. This wig was created using their new breathable wig cap, which allows access to your cornrows underneath by just sticking your fingers directly through the wig cap. This new wig cap is also more comfortable than your typical wig, making it perfect for everyday wear. This is a 4x4 lace closure, wig cap construction, that has three Combs an adjustable strap and a removable elastic band and best of all this wig does feature their new pre-cut lace, so no more having to cut away that extra lace. A lot of people are intimidated by that process and it is the easiest thing to take a wig out of the package and place it straight on your head and it is ready to go. The knots are not bleached on this wig and the hairline can be plucked a little bit more, but our goal today is just to wear this wig straight out of the package with minimal alterations to it. So the first thing that I'm going to do is tint. The lace I'm grabbing two different colors of lace, tint, the first color - is the color of my Foundation. I'M spraying that along the hairline portion of the lace closure, the second color is the color of my scalp and I'll be spraying that along the inner portion of the lace closure, I'm doing two different layers of each color of lace, tint and then blow drying in Between each layer, foreign, okay, so now that the lace is a perfect color match, I'm just going to move on to styling grabbing a section of hair, I'm just going to fully saturate it with water, then use my detangling comb to detangle. That section then I'll be applying a hair gel. You can use any gel of choice or you can use a foam mousse or you can grab whatever you feel comfortable with for getting these curls to be defined. And then, after that, I'm grabbing my Denman brush and from the bottoms on upwards. I'M just going to get these curls to fully form and pop I'm going to follow those steps for the entire head and I'll come back when I'm finished. Thank you. Foreign s are defined. I'M going to grab my curly diffuser and start to diffuse. The hair foreign looks after being about 90 percent dry. I love this curl pattern. I think it looks so natural so realistic and I'm super excited about this install foreign. So here's another look at that breathable wig cap, so you guys can see the breathable wig cap construction. Now, I'm just going to place the wig on my head. We are not using any glues, tapes adhesives, none of that on this wig at all. This is going to be the perfect everyday wig install and because this is not a frontal, it does mold and stay on your head a lot better when wearing it glueless than a frontal. Does the next thing that I'm going to do is just grab some powder and I'm just going to Define that part a little bit more and because the knots are not bleached. This is going to help hide or disguise those black knots. So they're not like so apparent, and it's going to help this wig and saw look a lot better. So here is how the wig looks after placing it on your head. I love the defined curls like this, and if you love your hair, Define like this as well, you do not have to do the next step. I, however, love big defined hair and I love really elevated hair. Like almost like a curly fro look, so I am going to grab my pick. I'M going to start picking out the roots just to get this hair to be elevated, so it can be more of a fro and have more of a shape. Of course, that is always optional. You do not have to do that foreign and I did decide to add some Gorilla, Snot gel to my edges on the left and right sides of the closure, and that's only if the wind started blowing or if I wanted to do a hairstyle with it being Out of my face, I feel like it Blends in a lot better when my baby hairs are more defined and Polished. Looking so, of course that is always optional as well. You do not have to do that and then I felt like this hair needed more shape. So I did go in with my scissors and I did cut a little bit of layers in the front. So this is how it was looking after picking out the roots and then cut cutting a little bit of layers in the front. But then, after that I decided to cut even more layers and then do like front bangs in the front which you guys will see in a second. So it is like three different hairstyles that I showed you guys. I showed you the Sleek defined look. Then I cut a little bit of layers after elevating it with the pick and then I went in and I did face framing bangs, which was my favorite look of all. I love this wig. I think it looks so natural. I love the fact that I did not have to glue it down tape it down or use any type of gel or adhesive at all, and it is blending and melting in with my skin. Of course, I love the fact that there is no extra lace that you have to worry about cutting off and I did get away with it, looking natural without having to bleach the knot. So that was perfect. The curl pattern is beautiful and yeah. I think that this is perfect for everyday wear. I'M super excited about this one. You guys I'll have all of the information, the promo codes and the direct links Down Below in the description box. Don'T forget to check down below for more information. If this is your first time on my channel, welcome the Subscribe button is down below, don't forget to leave a comment so that I know you stopped by and let's chat all things this week down below in the comment section as always. Thank you so much for watching. I can't wait to see you in my next one bye guys. Thank you. Thank you. Hey hey!

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