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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Ashley B dick. Thank you guys so much for tuning in today today, I've teamed up with wig fever to bring you this beautiful body, wave lace, wig now, what's so special about this one is that this is a pre-cut lace wig. So you don't have to do anything at all, and so at the icing on the cake, it's glueless, so you're gon na see in just a minute. When I pull it out of the box, you guys see the hairline and how beautiful it is. It'S not bonded down at all, and, of course, you can cut more lace off. You can add baby hair. You can for sure do whatever you would like to customize your wig, but the beauty in this one is that it comes literally ready to go. You take it out of the box, you put it on your head and literally you are good to go. So I did do a little finesse. You guys know me. I love to add a little one two and give you some tips on trips to how to make it look natural and like it's coming out of the scalp. As I mentioned, this one is a body wave texture, so we are going to be one curling it because to me, body wave looks so much better um when you want to have like the sexy sassy curls. I feel like a wand. Curler is the best um option, so we're gon na do some more curls today and we're going to be going ahead and melting the lace without having any product or glue to it. So without further Ado, let's go ahead and jump right into the tutorial be sure to subscribe. If you haven't already, we are on the road to 300 000 subscribers on this channel and without further Ado. Let'S go ahead and jump right into it. Let'S get started. Okay. Ladies jumping right into it today we're working with wig fever. This is the wig and they do have some goodies in there I'll show in just a moment today, I'm working with a body wave 26 inch, pre-cut lace, wig. This one is going to fit glueless, and this is a close-up of what the ACT actual wig looks like that. You could go in and bleach the knots the remainder of the knots it is set as a center part and look how beautiful the texture is. The body wave on this one for sure is body waving, so this is the inside construction of the cap. As I mentioned, the lace is pre-cut and I loved how they gave it like that scalpel cut, so it's kind of jagged and it's not perfect or too blunt. They also included an adjustable elastic band. So you know I'm going to adjust it to make it a little bit tighter because there's not much work needed, I'm going to go in and prepare my wig before I put it on by tinting the lace you guys can see how adding a foundation powder that Is my exact skin color just warms up the lace and it's just going to make it look a little bit more glueless. Then let's go ahead and apply the wig. You guys know. I love to put the elastic band on first here, I'm showing you that the wig does fit glueless all the way around the wig definitely fits snug on the back of my head and for sure it fits in the front. I'M loving the body, I'm loving the length, this one is 26 inches in length and since it already came set as a center part - and it is a closure - I'm just going to go ahead and perfect that parting and make sure that it's nice and sharp and Then I'm going to go in with the dynamic duo. You guys already know. This is my favorite step. I love to go in with a wax stick paired with the electric hot comb and really just go in and make sure that it is on flat flat. No lumps no bumps super flat and smooth, and then I'm going to repeat that same step on the opposite side. Now these products do come from my company and I do use the electric home like on the highest setting, which is 500 Degrees. I know that is a lot so be warned and be prepared for a lot of heat. You can definitely do this on a wig head. If you are afraid of you know, burning yourself, and this is a good shot of what the hair looks like. I love this texture on me. I honestly would keep it as is, and just add a little oil sheen or like a nice little serum. I don't feel the needs to go in and Jazz it up on a daily. I love the way the natural texture just looks in real life, but for the sake of the video we are going to go ahead and wand curl it here. I am just making sure the lace Blends in seamlessly now this here is um. I believe that was the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in coconut 360. I'll have the exact color in the description box. I feel like when there is a little bit of a white cast on your lace. Adding a liquid product will take it away in a way that sometimes a powder foundation will not. I did go ahead and set that liquid with a powder as well, and then I use that same Maybelline foundation. In The Parting, I usually like to use a concealer, but because the center seem to not have any knots to conceal, I just wanted to add color to make sure it matched my complexion. The foundation actually worked perfect. Now, I'm going to start the process of wand curling, as I mentioned, this is going to be to me the best way to make the waves that come with your body wave, textures pop, and on this side I Am Curling towards my face. Typically, and generally, I prefer to curl away for a more bombshell look, but on this side I believe I curled towards my face and then on the opposite side. I went away from my face. Forgive me if you see me looking up in a way, I was watching a new series that I found on Netflix. It was like I literally turned on the TV um when I started working and for literally I finished the entire series. I think it was either like four to six episodes um. I think it was like a UK based show, but it was so good the white, the girl she was dating, the daddy and the son. She was marrying the Sun and then you know the wife didn't know that her husband was having an affair with this lady he was so the husband was so obsessed with her. I don't know: what's crazy, got to watch it, I highly highly highly recommend it, but I'm just going ahead and just wanding bigger sections. Now what you're not seeing is that each section I take? I am smoothing it out with the um comb and I did go ahead and add a little bit of oil sheen before I started. This hair was so soft and fluffy. I just want to add a little bit of hold or not hold the oil to kind of give it a little bit of more weight and that definitely helps you can definitely also add a holding spray if you choose now. I also love the fact that this one fits glueless. This is a great everyday wig. You can definitely customize it to your liking, but I definitely love the way it came out on me, and this has been my current gym wig of the week now I did go in with the little Shapers in the front. I wanted to make sure that that area was super super super smooth and the hair. There was super straight and it looked like it was growing out of my scalp just adding a little bit of hairspray and using that heat definitely did a great job of making the hairline look. Super super smooth and like it was growing out of the scalp. I repeated that step on the opposite side and I also one curled the opposite side off camera. You guys already know it never comes out perfect. The right side is more defined than the left side. The back needs to be touched up, but you know it is what it is. I took a break off camera, so the curls definitely began to drop, but I'm just going to go in with the Denman brush and just kind of pull the curls out and it looks beautiful. I'M going to add a little bit more of the oil sheen and the reason is because the hair is so soft and fluffy and because it was like a beautiful body, wave texture, it was meant to just be nice and fluffy. But for curls you kind of want it to kind of be a little bit more weighed down so that the curls pop more and the oil sheen did a great job of that. Now again, I love the right side better than the left side, but sometimes you just can't win them. Both you can definitely go in and flexi rod them to help to preserve your curls and yeah. I love the way this one came out. Wow, look at that that looks so beautiful, I'm watching a movie, it's called Obsession on Netflix is this lady. Her name is Anna. She is dating this guy and she is having an affair with his dad. I think she met the dad first, but she got some sick, twists and stuff going on from her childhood, so she is dating the guy. She marries a guy, they go to Paris together. The dad is obsessed with her so he's following her when they travel to Paris. He travels to Paris and meet me outside they doing craziness in the alley. It'S like. They have like a UK accent or something like that anyways. So back to the hair, I went ahead and did this one and it was super simple and easy and of course it's enjoyable when you got like good music or a good show to watch. So I did the wine curlers and I did I wanted to use some Shapers to give it a little bit of hold, but I'm out like how do you run out of hairspray and you can definitely pull some baby hair forward. If you want to bond her down I'd recommend if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time you're seeing wig fever on this channel. This hair is so beautiful, hopefully, you'll see them again in the future. This is their packaging and inside. I think this is a bonnet yeah. I was assuming this was a bun and it definitely is super cute with the purple and then it has like the lighter, like lavender in the inside. We love a good Bonnet moment. We always need another Bonnet and then Inside the Box you do have some goodies. Oh this was nice. They gave this long piece of thin elastic. Now, I'm actually happy about this. You guys know I have my own this, I don't know. Sometimes it screams a little bit ghetto when you have your logo, even though I'm representing myself, it feels a little ghetto like to me. I don't feel good when I wear it, but when I see other people do this like girl, she got a melt belt on at the party at the club at the gym. I get it, but this definitely is a lot more discreet and this is just a thin piece of elastic and it's perfect because like tonight, if I wanted to um make sure that, like when we going up and back and forth in the Pilates and my hair Has definitely snagged in like the reformer before to make sure that, like it don't fly off, you just put this at the very edge of the hairline and it's actually keeping it in place and, of course, tight tight underneath so I'm actually gon na you use this. I'M gon na actually put that with my gym stuff because that's perfect to be a little bit more discreet. They did also give me a pair of HD wig caps. This is just a larger like satin. Um scarf is something that goes around the hairline and it looks like it says: wig fever. It has the same logo as the Bonnet. So that's super cute. It has the same logo as the Bonnet does um a rat tail comb and it does say wig fever. Trending leader, I know that's right and then just a purple dust bag, so it definitely gave us some free goodies. We love a good free goody moment. As I said, it is 100 glueless. I use no product to bond it down and from side to side. You can see that it fits flat, it's not bulky or anything like that. The hairline is ex. I mean The Parting, rather is extending absolutely beautiful, nothing there at all so be sure to check out wig fever. Direct link to this wig is in the description box. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next one smooches

Wig Fever: Thanks for sharing our hair! really beautiful!!

Simone: I like how it’s not too shiny

Antai: I ❤ wigs

Jackie Randolph: Hi Ashley Beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤

ladetra paul:

Nikki Harrison: Beautiful! The coupon code not working though

Clara: You’re so beautiful nice hair but it bob season for me.

Shelley House: Yazzzzzzzzzzzzzz,Ms Ashley

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