Sensationnel Cloud 9 Swiss Lace Wig 4X4 Lace Parting Box Braid 50" | Samsbeauty

Sensationnel Cloud 9 Swiss Lace Wig 4X4 Lace Parting Box Braid 50"

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Hey liz so in today's video i'm here to share with you guys this unit that i'm rocking right now. So if you guys are interested, then definitely keep on watching. Okay deeply. So before we jump right into the video i did want to. Let you guys know that this video is being brought to you guys by sam's beauty. So thank you so much for bringing this video to my fabulous divas, but without further ado. Let'S jump right into the video, do so, okay, so now that you guys have gotten all the details and the specs on this unit, i'm here to tell you guys how i feel about it. So, let's just jump right in okay, you guys! So as far as cap construction, she does have your standard cap construction, which is two combs in the front as well as the comb in the back with the adjustable straps. She also comes with an adjustable elastic band, which is always good because we what we love the maximum amount of security - okay, so that is really really nice. So i have no complaints about the cap construction whatsoever. It does come with a 4x4 parting area, as you guys seen in the previous clips, and it also comes with lace in the front me personally. I am a closure girl, so i did just go ahead and install it like a closure, but you can go ahead and install it all across. For me, it's not really a point because i feel like you're just going to style. This part part, but you know to each itself as far as the lace goes, the lace is really really melty. You guys know sensational, don't play when it comes to their um, their lace and everything like that. So the lace really did melt really well into the skin, so i can always appreciate that and i actually really love the fact that i did not have to go on with like any powder or lacing spray or anything like that. Um. Not that i mind so much, but i it's just refreshing and good to kind of like have that already, and i know this is an older unit, so maybe that's something that they should bring back. I understand that you know the transparent, like you know, it gets the job done, but i don't know like i kind of miss this brown lace. So as far as the style goes, the style is very beautiful. The braids are very, very neat, um and yeah they're. Really really nice. So as far as the cat part, because i know you probably you guys probably were confused as to why i didn't show you guys so i'm showing you guys now. So if you don't watch the whole video, then you're not gon na see it and oh well. I don't feel bad about it so yeah. This is what the back pretty much looks like so there's braids here um. They are not cohesive with these um, as you guys can see, they are different. They are like this knotless braid, that's a little bit bigger, but they do go into being smaller to kind of camouflage and blend with it. I'M not sure that i'm the biggest fan of that. However, if you are going for just like a really quick style - and you just want to have individual braid look for the low, i would definitely go for this one. But if you are looking for something, that's, like you know better crafted than the saint it's this okay, i feel like it would have been fine if we had more lace like if this was maybe like um, five or six inches back and across like we would Have been fine but since it's just a four by four, it's not really enough to cover up in this area, but, like i said um, if you do want the look for less, you guys know how much people charge for like braids and stuff. Nowadays i mean they even have separate fees for like parting everything now, so it's really really crazy. So if you want the look, but you don't want to spend the money or you don't have the money to spend, i would definitely still recommend this one um. You are going to have to be strategic with how you style it though you are going to have to like you, know, manipulate it and really make it. You know look the way that you want it to look um, which i'm sure you can, but that is something that you would have to do. Um me personally, i don't really like it, because i've seen um, you know i've seen wigs that have been braided and they look really really good. So for me personally, i don't know sis um, but if you're trying to just get the look for the low, i would say to go for it so yeah, it's okay, not everything is gon na work out for me. I understand that, but i just feel like it is still a really cute unit, like i feel like it does the assignment like if you just want to take like pictures of something. This is perfect for somebody like me, because i'm just taking pictures in it and then that's it, but i don't know like, like i said you just got: ta weigh your options like you can make it work if you are a beauty on a budget um yeah. So that's pretty much, that's tough, but yeti was. If you guys, are interested in this unit. I will have a link down description box below i did want to. Let you guys know that they do have other colors as well, so you don't have to particularly get this color um. So yeah you do have color option, but yeti was. That is pretty much it. I do hope that you guys enjoyed this video and found it very helpful and easy to follow. If you did, then please go ahead and give your girl a thumbs up, be sure to leave me a comment down below. Let me know how you feel about this unit. Let me know, have you tried this unit and if so, what color or are you thinking about trying this unit and, if so, and what color and be sure to go ahead and subscribe? If you haven't done so already and also hit that notification bell, i do upload quite often, so you definitely do not want to miss any of my videos but yeah. Thank you so so much for watching. I greatly appreciate it and i'll see you guys in the next video bye

Unapologetically Mo: Wow omg. Love this so much

Kimberly Johnson: I love it

Cherie Tillman: You are a BEAUTIFUL QUEEN

nicki378110: Why is the wig so big at the top?

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