Sensationnel Cloud 9 Synthetic Hair 4X4 Lace Parting Swiss Lace Wig Box Braid 50"

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Let me up BAM, hi guys, welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel, so today's video, I am going to be doing in 13 weeks. It'S the itches y'all like this week is so long, but it is so freaking cute, like I really really love it so yeah just guys just watch me put this face on and I'll just tell me tri-state like call me the subscribe. Thank you. Okay. Also. Please do not do what I do. Okay, so like. Basically, I had a mirror right there in front of me and I was recording so my phone like gon na, be like you, don't have a mirror right there. So barely I can barely see so like my way. Cap is like it's choppy, but in the end it doesn't really matter cuz you make only your Anna's are covering, but it doesn't really matter cuz, I'm not gon na miss it, but my wig cap is choppy. So I don't company! Thank you! Okay, L! So this is the wig is long 50 inches long. It comes with two combs inside a comb in the back in adjustable, strap. Okay. So right now I'm gon na get ready to put the weight actually put on my head, and you guys I like this y'all like this bit hit hairspray. I like it better things. I'Ve got to be these spray because it's bad okay. So basically I cut my lace like close to the hairline, and this was really hard to like record on camera. So I think I did one side and then the other side. I went bathroom in cut it, but yeah. That'S I got to do it like we cut. It cause delay her line to give it that illusion in that natural effect, okay guys, so here I am, this is the finish. I really love.

70’s Fashion &Hair Channel: You did a marvelous job on this unit!! I’m convinced more than ever to get it, but maybe in just one colour and not the two tone colour.

Olivia Joelle: Needed to see a review of this wig on a smaller head like mine lol, looks so pretty and natural !

Sharall Robeson: Loveeee this wig! Ordering mines now sis

M Denzie: Hi, your review of this unit is by far the BEST I've seen. Which site did you order it from?

Justine Bailey: You rocked this.... thank you

LifeOfNicole: ❤️GIRRRLLL PLEASE CONTINUE POSTING !! Your bomb at these wigs and your pretty asf post notifications on

Leaka Marie: Question who tall are you? I’m thinking of ordering I’m 5’5 just want to see where it will stop on me at. Also are there filler hairs or is the whole wig braided from root to end?

Unique Salim: I like the 2 tone on you you ma ..Everyone is entitled to thier own preferences ..I like how it only increases at the ends ...very nice inspired

d.a.r.k.🖤: I’m just finding your video I’m like we family she about to bite her tongue off I’m just seeing this wig and plan on ordering it so thanxx new sub btw

Nicquema Hawkins: You make me wanna bite my tongue lol. Great job laying this wig!

Moesha Rolle: I’m n love keep it coming ❤️

Bmarwal Gooftroop: You can get a tongue guard at the orthodontist to break that habit and stop your tongue after 6-9 months

Runisha Anderson: That is a nice lace front❤❤

70’s Fashion &Hair Channel: Does it have a lot of spaces in the back? Is it heavy? I’m going to get it, but I was curious about this. Your review is the second one and it’s the really nice in comparison to this other one I saw. I plan to do one also. Can you sleep in it?

Chips Ahoy: Lmaoo you just made me laugh my mother (rip )used to do that tongue biting to concentrate as well.

Kiki Homes: Bomb

R.R.W.: Great video. Thank you is there any info on where to purchase this wig from.

Roslyn Parchment: It’s pretty but what does the back look like ? Is it the same as the front and sides?

Need To know: Okay sooooo did she make the wig or did she purchase it ?

A'Me Myself N DIYs: I first seen this video last week and you were the first I've seen it I want to cry because it was on my in my basket now it's sold out everywhere

ONLY.FIRECRACKER: Do you have the link

Lynn Unique: Beautiful wig we’re did u get it ?

Journey together: Mines just arrived today

Sincerely Franni: I chew my tongue too wen I’m busy it’s my family trait..

chastity crisp: lol too khute

IThinkTheFuckNot YoutrickassBitch: predator vibes with that wig henny!

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