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Hair details:200% density HD straight 13x6 Lace Front 26 inch

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What'S up YouTube, It's Your Girl, Jada Janae, and I am back with another video and, as you already see by the title today, I'm gon na be showing you guys this wig that I got from West Kids, Hair Company now y'all already know that West kiss is One of my favorite Brands and I'm super excited to be working with them again today. I have this straight wig and it is 28 inches and it is super super soft and lovely, but I'm never gon na talk too much. All the links and specs will be in the description box below major shout out to them for a sponsoring. This video and yeah y'all can already tell that I am loving this hair. It is super duper cute, it's just everything and yeah, so I'm gon na show you guys what all came in the box that they sent me. This is the standard West kiss Hair Company box. They sent me some caps as always, and they sent the soft see-through caps. I love, and they also sent some lashes, a lace band, and you know all the all the stuff that they be sending so into this install we're gon na start out with this super thin cap as y'all see I'm taking my shears and they are super sharp Y'All, so they just cut through that cap, like is nothing so y'all see I got me, got some fresh braids, so this is a fresh install on Fresh braids. So here I am placing my glue right above my hairline never put glue on your hairline. So if y'all see very pay attention to the placement of where I'm putting the glue and where I smooth my glue out, do not smooth that glue out far or if you do plan on smoothing it out back. Make sure that you place it further enough for it not to be on your hairline. So here I'm going to go in with the Ruby kisses cream foundation in the shade 12 and I'm just gon na go with that all over my hairline and then once that glue dries clear. I'M going to go ahead and cut that excess cap off, because we don't need any of that, so just cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it once you have that cap cut off, you can go ahead and apply some alcohol to clean Off any extra residue oil glue anything that you may have used to apply your cap here in one of my Erica J um skin guard, but I'm not using Erica J glue. So I don't know how it really works. If you don't use it, here's the wig, HD lace, my favorite! This way came with the knots already kind of bleached. So if you do buy this wig, you may not have the beach the knots per se. However, I did go back in and bleach them a little bit just because I'm real picky so like I said you could not bleach them, but I did go back in and touch them up just a little bit for like 20 minutes. So here I'm trying to rig on my head and it fits perfect. I just love when a wig fits perfectly on my head to my hairline, so I'm going to cut off any extra lace on the ear tabs. That'S going to be common! That'S always going to be a thing, but besides that, I loved how their hairline set. So here I'm going to go ahead and apply my glue and I'm going to apply my glue right before the edge of my cap. If that makes sense - and so then you're just gon na smooth that out and wait till each section dries clear - you can apply up to like four layers. Personally, I usually do about two, because I don't keep my wigs on too long. But again it is a personal preference, so here I am about to pull it up and again pay a lot of attention into where I place this wig. Once you put it into the glue, you want to comb it back, so it can adhere properly, so pay attention to where I'm placing it. That'S why I kind of zoomed in so you guys could see. I'M literally matching the edge of the hairline to the edge of the glue. If that makes sense, I hope you guys are watching to see exactly where I'm placing it, because you don't want to place it too far back and you have glue because that'll give you a white cast when you lay your baby hairs, it'll create a mess and Overall, you just want to take it off and if you place it up further, I would rather you place it up further, but then that will risk you having to cut some of the hairline off, especially if you don't want your wig to be too low or You'Ll have to apply more glue, so just a person preference thing do all the things right really the first time that way, you won't have to go back in and work harder. So here I'm applying this. I think this is the high and yeah the high insta hold um hairspray by got to be - and I really love this hairspray, because it's not too wet like here's like got to be, but it's it's, it's still perfect. So I skipped where I applied the cap. I mean the lace band. I kept that lace band on for about 20 minutes and then I took it off and so here I'm cutting the lace with a straight razor. This is my preference. I do sometimes use my shears, but this gives the cleanest cut and so um personally, I'm learning that putting less makeup on your wig and then coming back later is better because sometimes I overdo it and then my scalp is orange and, like I sometimes pack too Much makeup on, especially in the middle and we don't have orange parts, we don't have brown parts for real. So, that's why I make sure that I didn't put as much makeup on this one and I went back in and added makeup after and I think that this install came out a lot better, because I did do that. So here I am going in and about to start flattening everything out, so I'm going in with a mixture of this Flex hold spray, so this is different than the high holding spray. The pink one at the the one - that's pink at the top, is very much more lighter and that's why I like to use that to lay the wig down and get it really flat and in conjunction with my she's, so bomb or she's bomb um wax stick. I love that wax stick because it's not too oily and yeah. It'S perfect. I love it so here I'm just using those two products to get this wig completely flat, and I want it to look like it's growing out of my head. So once I already start getting it flat, I'm going to go in with a concealer brush and I'm going to bring that down the middle of the center. To give that part an even more cleaner finish, and it just made it look more just like scalp as y'all see. This is probably one of my best installs today I really really loved it. I think me not putting that makeup on too early also helped with the scalp effect because it sometimes like I said you can overdo the makeup, so you have to be really light-handed and you can go back in later so here I am pulling out me some Baby hairs, because what is a lace without baby hairs? I am a baby hair girl. Sometimes I do like no baby hairs like with colored hair, but with this particular install baby. We need a color, so I mean baby here so here I'm pulling out those hairs and I'm just hot combing them down be sure to kind of even them out and look at like use your eyebrows as a guide and that'll kind of help you with when You'Re pulling them out, and so here I am pulling out the sideboards, The Sideburns and yeah. I'M super geek for this install because I knew that it was about to come out really really. Cute is okay. So when you first pull out your baby hairs, you want to pluck a little bit of hair out because they're for the most part gon na be kind of full. Your edges are thinned out, so you never want them to be too thick because it's not going to give that natural gradient type effect. So here I am just plucking them and then when I go through and cut them, I pull them and then I cut it off to my desired length. Some people like shorter baby hair, some people like longer some people like smaller some people like bigger. It'S all a preference thing personally, I like mine, a pretty decent size and I like them with a good curl to them. So I kind of just mastered how I like them - and it comes out right every time. So here I'm going in with my red pencil y'all: this is the best best best best best flat iron for your edges. I don't like super bulky flattering for my edges, because it doesn't give a good curl like it like these. So, as y'all see me apply to the camera, it was the purple and blue got to be. That is what I use for my edges. For the most part, I try to only use that by itself like with wigs, sometimes they'll lay. Sometimes they don't it literally. Just depends on the hair and as y'all see, that lay pretty good, so sometimes I'll just use that some days I will go in with gel, like just in case like some taste, it just depends. Sometimes, if I want like a more for a short look - and I wanted to really stay, I will go in with gel, but these didn't really need any gel. So I was I like that, because that makes them softer and the less product the longer it lasts. So here I'm going in and swooping my swirl and really with baby hairs. It'S all about hand, motions it's all about holding the hair and really forming that curl or that suit. How you want it, and so that's the biggest tip. I can give you a baby hairs, also plucking them. That can be a big thing, because sometimes they can come out too thick, just just really do it to your liking. I really like my side orange kind of thicker than my other baby hairs. So that's why y'all see that, but once you master it, it gets pretty easier every time. So as y'all see my baby hairs are flawless, they look both. They literally look like symmetrical, and that is what I love, especially because I'm doing a middle part and anytime y'all see me apply any spray to the Head. Remember that I'm using that Flex that Flex is very important term, because it makes it more flexible. If you use the high hold it's gon na hold and it's gon na make it stiff. So please know that when you're doing this, but as y'all see this hair flows so well it looks so pretty. I didn't do anything to the ends. It came super full at the ends. I didn't have to cut anything. It literally just looked super natural major shout out to West kids for sponsoring this video y'all know. I am a major advocate for that company. Like I said previously, all the links will be in the description box below shot their hair. We back and we better. Thank you all for watching and I will see you guys in the next one.

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