$50 Slay! Sensationnel Synthetic Cloud 9 Swiss Lace What Lace 13X6 Frontal Hd Lace Wig - Latisha

Back with a new do!! This my weekend hair but with some prettyful brown mixed colors to go with my looks!! & ignore the fact my right side not glued down completely, I just put some new edge growth on that side & I needed no glue to interfere with that so mind ya business! LOL but GET IN THID REVIEW BOO!!;D

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What lei says sensational sensational, what lace cause i don't see it tell me, do i need to remind you, hey guys, welcome back to my youtube channel. As we all know, my name is octavia aka double styles. If you do not know me, if you are new to me, hey how you doing, i hope you're good, i'm good too girl, okay, okay! So today, we're gon na do a wig review and i am excited because i love to wear new wigs, because i like to look good and do okay, so, let's get into it today we're doing a sensational unit sensational sensation. What do you have for me um? This is a cloud 9 swiss lace, wig. It is called what lace, because it's all about the hairline illusion that this week offers okay, you can be able to part this week any way you want, which you know. I feel it because i like to have the freedom to move my wig, my parts. You know this side that side in the middle. It don't matter here. We got let's what did you say, leticia latisha, i know you're, probably like dang girl. Why are you so loud because i'm in a great mood audrey's in a great mood, you know? Sometimes you just got ta sit back. People like i am blessed and highly favored uh, god love me turn off the word. Life is beautiful and it's only gon na get beautiful. Okay. So what draw me about latisha, the color that i decided to get was flamboyance auburn. This kind of gives me like kind of like a fall feel, but at the same time these colors you can wear year-round okay, so the colors that's popping out for me is this brown auburn burgundy-ish and golden colors, all mixed in. As you can see, it's yeah. It'S there beautiful already um. This is the girl in the front hold on. Let me back up. This is her in the front. You see how she can part her thing in the middle. She got on the side, that's what we get into today. Okay, so let's try it on okay, oh before i put it on, let me show y'all, you see them. Curls! It'S crispy, like a crispy sandwich, a crispy chicken sandwich, the curls popping bouncy y'all know i, like my bouncy, the color. I just love this color. Okay. So you see it has its baby hairs right here. The baby hairs are making an appearance. Okay, here's our lace. This all up here is our lace. Then we have three combs imma plop. This thing on my head right now smell getting white. I didn't even put it all yeah and the smell already be already there calm down girl you. If hype already we're not even done, that's the feeling i'll be heating up again i'll, be feeling real, good i'll, be feeling real, pretty hairy, popping hairy, looking fits fantastic, harvey feeling good, i'm ready to cut this. Let me cut this and then we gon na do this for real stop playing okay, so i cut the lace and then i play i sprayed some guts to be glued on my edges or around the lace part i am about to comb it out. I'M kind of nervous, because these curls are just so cute, but i need to see the full thing you know matter of fact: i'm not even gon na brush it out. I'M just gon na use my hands to let it flow through gravy. Shake it shake it. That color is just so cute, though oh a style, oh, look, love it. What else we got. The only thing that i wish. I did, though, was like the lace part under here. I wish i would have kind of colored um, not colored it, but like use some powder on the lace to make it a little bit more brighter, because to me the parting is very dark, but it's like a natural parting, but i still kind of wanted to Stand out a little bit better, like i'm, used to my wigs being able to stand out a little bit more um with the part, because i always add either foundation or concealer to my part, so it could be a little bit more brighter. You know this wig is so cute, though okay, so i just freestyled it. I just did it like a middle part, it's not exactly the middle, but this is cute. Put it to the side. Let'S see, and the good thing about this hair too, is that it's no shedding right now, like i haven't, been seeing no shedding. This is too cute. I just love being able to be able to move it side by side like, however, i want to do it. I can just put my little nails through it find me a part play with it. Do it like that, you know my favorite put on the ears. I could probably do like a little ponytail like this probably wrap this around, because i don't have no bow right. Now but wrap it around like that, you see where i'm going with it. You see natural natural matter of fact. I take back what i said about the um parting and how i wish i would have dyed it. I mean i got it, but colored it with some of my powder, it's good. Where is that shoe? That'S natural, that's natural! This is so cute and y'all. My dog is just right here. He is staring at me down. Okay, hey boo, you think! I'M cute, you think your mama cute come here come here, so they can see you. Don'T you want a little something? Don'T you want a little shout out? This is my son kobe him, so he handsome and so cute he loved his mama. He was just sitting down there watching me. He always watched me because i'm trying to teach him how to be entrepreneur, so he can be an entrepreneur himself. So he watches me. So he can study ain't. That right, say: hey kobe, my name is colby and i am she's the cutest little puppy, you probably ever seen in your life yep all right back to let let mommy get back to our video and i'm gon na get back with you later. Okay, is that cool with you? Okay, all right! Thank you, boo, okay, so back to this wig, this is a whole dude. I love it. I'M gon na do it like that. I'M gon na do it like this, and i love how it's like black at the roots, because my real hair is black and so like. When it comes to my edges, i don't have to do much. I don't have to use their edges. I can use my own edges and then it just gives such a natural feel because my roots is already black, so it just goes just so perfect together, you know: how are we loving this wig guys? I love it so much i'm right now. You know how you know: y'all know me. Y'All know me at this point, i'm already like soon as i'm putting on these wigs, i'm already trying to figure out what outfit i'm wearing with it, and i can't wait it matters after this. I might just take a picture like what duh you think, i'm about to pass up this chance, i'm looking good in my new week and not get me a pic. I think not what i look like. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. If you have not already make sure you press that subscribe button, thank you for tuning in okay. I can't stress that enough, because you didn't have to tune in you didn't have to watch me, but you did, and i appreciate it so i'm gon na. Thank you. Every time, every time every chance make sure you comment make sure you like, and let me know how we feel about this wig, should it be on the left, should it be on the right. Should i doing a center, let me know your comments. Let me know your feedback and i will see you guys soon. You

Lekeisha Nicole Smith: I got this wig. It came today! Didn’t know you did this one

Blessing Okereke: Ok you look TOO GOODT. I’m getting this! It’s gonna be my first wig ever so wish me luck

Qiana Clayton: I love this unit!!! I just placed an order with Wig Types earlier today. Now I've gotta figure something out cause I want this

Byoutifulbutterfly: Girllll, you are so fun to watch.

michele6813virgolady: First of all you are just beautiful and I love this unit mine comes tomorrow in this color can’t wait


wigsandwanderlust: Omgoodness....how did I not know you had a channel!?!?? Sweet Lamb I am obsessed!!!!

Red Rouge Romantic Wear: Ur a doll love it! I hve Latisha in Color 2! But I wanna try it in Auburn

beautifullyours: Those lips!! I forgot I came for the hair!

Cutelilvoice: Beautiful

Michele Gillespie: I just brought it so I out it on this weekend

The Outer: And by the way, you're funny, lol. Got me laughing

Angel: Girl SLAY

The Outer: Does it shed?

tahitian jones: She funny. Lol

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