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Sensationnel Vice HD Lace Wig Natural Density Pre Plucked Hairline Baby Hair VICE UNIT 6 - 1




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Sensationnel Vice HD Lace Wig Natural Density Pre Plucked Hairline Baby Hair VICE UNIT 6 - 1


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Y'All hear that i know y'all hear that because it's right next to my mind, oh smash, you cool girl. We back, we is back. I got my little phone going, i'm making a tick tock, so please excuse it being in the frame. I got the perfect little setup, maybe i could push it back a little bit because it's gon na get on my nerves, but welcome back to my channel y'all, it's your girl, nizzy mac and i'm back on the track. Yes, i got another synthetic wig review for y'all um. I already did this one so hopefully um that video is up by the time this one is up so i'll, leave that below or up above whatever, okay so check it out. If you guys, like this fiery, red hair but um we're gon na get into another vice unit, because this is a vice unit, five y'all - this is a vice unit. Six, so we're gon na get into them and get into the reviewing. So, let's get this bad boy popping! Okay, if you guys are new here, make sure y'all give whoa this video a big old thumbs up, make sure y'all hit that subscribe button and make sure y'all hit that notification bell so that you can be notified whenever it is that i post. So let's go ahead and jump into it. Oh, they really put the bells and whistles on this one compared to the one i have on um. This one is is much heavier, i think, because of the style, but let's let us see, let us see they say this is hd lace, y'all, so um this one is pretty good. So that's why i'm like girl. Let me see all right. Let me get the little silica gels out see. This is another middle part, and this is my lace is already ripped what the heck they sold this one bad. They gave me a bad wig y'all and they didn't sold on the lace. Oh wow, oh i got a bad one. I hope y'all don't get a bad one, but i'm just stating the obvious but yeah. This is um crimps. This looks like 30 inches y'all, it's very crispy like if you can tell it, has some type of product on it. Um and already the ends are kind of like frumpy a little bit. I don't know if y'all can see that but, like i don't know when i put it on we'll check it out, but let's talk about the cap construction on this bad boy, um. So it's a it's another tea party lace unit. So you get lace around the perimeter and then uh, maybe like four to five inches of parting space in the middle um. You get the combs right kind of by the part in the temple area and then you get a comb in the back um as well. So oops look i'm just tearing this wig up, but it was already tore up like what is this sensational y'all gave me a bad wig um, the lace is light and the cap and the cap is like on the cap. So this is not a ventilated, wig cap and i do want to point out that this is kind of heavy like it's really heavy. So i'm going to spray my little uh evan lace, tint on the lace, since it claims that it's hd. So, let's get it going okay, so you get a lot. Let me pull my wig cap because it's lucky leaning, my wig was low-key, leaning, that's all good, but yeah. Let'S see, let's see, let us see, let's see, that lace is pretty um, pretty good, pretty low density um it looks pre-plucked y'all. I will say that these vice units are kind of snug, so you will not be able to get a full lay. If you have a big head, unless you tug the mess out of this unit - and i don't like doing that so yeah but look - the ends are still kind of gathered - i'm not able to like bring it to the front, because everything is together. It'S so together that there's no really like flowiness to it or i'm tripping. I don't know, i don't know, i'm just trying to get some of these flowers out of the way. So i can see what that really do. I'M trying not to burn my forehead up like i did with the other wig be careful, ladies. So i'm gon na cut the lace and then we'll see because i feel like you need to kind of like, like fluff out fluff it out a little bit or something i don't know. But let me cut this lace and then we can see what we need to do: honey, i'm gon na go ahead and spray her down a little bit just to get that lace, nice and melted, okay, and then i'm going to take this and kind of get The flyaways there's a lot of flyaways with this one, i'm just brushing everything back and then, of course, you cannot go wrong with this concealer. Okay, so i don't know about this. Hair y'all i'ma bring all the hair to the front, as i can see like it's already tangled because the ends of this hair. Oh, my goodness. What is that? What is that holy crap? So i'm gon na just pull that to the front. Oh lord, okay, y'all! So adam island combed this side accidentally, i always come. This is the side that i always mess up because i'm right-handed, so i just automatically just start, but the hair was so tangled. This is 30 inches y'all. The hair is super tangled, so i'm going to brush this out. I like it super defined like this. I like the way that that looks, but at the same time you cannot ring your fingers through this, so i'm gon na um take my little white girl, brush and comb. Just this just this side and see like because boy, i'm trying not to comb up top, because i want to keep that little ripple effect it's still kind of there, but as y'all can see it's less defined, but i like it more poofy um. Oh, this hair has some type of product in it, i'm not even gon na cap, but as y'all can see, there is a difference when i comb it versus when i don't um the it's less defined on this side, but it's more fluffier and it's not like All flat to my head, which i was that's what i was like not feeling about this unit - i'm like it's something that i just don't get and oh the flyways honey. The fly aways y'all hear that i know y'all hear that because it's right next to my mic, oh smash after i haven't brushed out the ends, it's still a mess. So i'm not really too feeling this. This is also kind of low density. I like lower density hair because it'd be looking like real natural um, but at the same time i feel like i don't know, i don't know. Let me i'ma have to go outside and see what this is looking like, because i didn't put any baby hairs on this one y'all i just did you know as it is um and this one honestly, it's it's not big head friendly. It'S not even big head associate um because my edges is out, but we're gon na just cover them up like that. I recommend combing out the ends right then, and now as soon as it come out the box, because um, if you don't it's just going to continue to get like maddy um, so i would have. I think i would work on that. Um sensational, that i don't know the ends, don't look bad, you guys, but they are tangly, which is a good and a bad thing, not because it just because it doesn't look. Bad doesn't mean it ain't tangling but but girl. But this is pretty long. So i'm gon na show y'all um. Let me step back. This is like 30 inches, y'all, 30 inches all right boom, okay, y'all, i'm feeling it. I lied. I really do like this unit because it's simple, it's cute. It'S to the point. It'S 30 inches long like i like it, i just don't like the ends, but let me know what you guys think down in the comments are y'all feeling this one. Let me know, let's chat, okay and that wraps up for that wraps up this video, the synthetic wig review. I hope you guys enjoyed the video um, there's many more to come, many more okay. So let me know what you guys think and as always, thanks for watching you

Nizzy Mac: Y’all know I love my 30 inch units! This one is so bomb! I made my mind up she cute she cute!

Shardae Mitchell: For the ends I would probably try some fabric softener and water in a spray bottle and brush it out let it air try fabric softener makes it soft and helps with the tangling that's what I do especially after I boil my synetic hair with fabric softener and conditioner works like a charm lol

LetzBegin: I literally was getting anxiety and cringing, everytime you ran your fingers through it She is definitely But that tangling I didn't run my fingers or brush mine at all because I knew it was over once I did She looks good without baby hairs. And you’re not the only one the tracks on the side of mine was sewed in the lace as well

Nun0tha _SLC: Won this unit in a giveaway, it is beautiful but as you’ve shown the ends are horrible right out of the box , I’ll be cutting her to make it work ☺️

Naija Princess: I’m getting this because of your video You did that!


IshaMoy Williams: It’s definitely a beautiful unit

Kaitlyn: You sold me everyone else seemed scared to comb or brush it , I like it brushed out a little ❤️

Meggans POETICAL Breeze: Your good at what you do when it comes down to finessing these units the one your reviewing looks bomb, but the tangling would aggravate I'll end up chopping at it... You made that hairline look damn good for it to be synthetic...

Michelé Alexander: I like the style but I'm not down for the crunchy feel of it. But Zury sis, Outre , and Bobbi Boss has the same wig and it's 34 to 40 inches. I think I will get all of them and compare the softness. But sis, that hair looks gorgeous on you!

lneal2800: Hey! Sis miss you! And you are looking fabulous! I so love this unit and length! Honey you are slaying as always! i love you outfit supercute!

TiffanyToniMUA: New subscriber I love your channel. Your vibe, style, skills all dope. Plus your accent is too funny lol. Showing love from Chicago

Nora JEWELS: Conditioner with hot water in a spray bottle work for the ends or fabric softener and a little mousse as it drys it will settle nicely

Trinity🥰: I love that it’s not to long

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment You Have A Wonderful Spirit You Slayed Once Again You Never Disappoint You Are Soooooo Freaking Beautiful Like Always

Imani Jordan: Love your personality ❤ what color lace tint are you using love?

Carrie Kimora: It had a beautiful wave pattern though

MakeupShae: Welcome back sis missed ya on this side. Love the unit

Candiblue: Love your hair it’s so beautiful I wish that I could where crimps it just makes me look like I’m trying to hard to be young. I am 55 years young

Ifechi Ochi: Wait this hair is stunningg

Hunny Bunny ♐️🌻: ..I think she a bombshell! I just discovered your channel and I’m so glad I did. Your channel is underrated. I hear an accent, where you from?

Sonia Brown: When You Brush The Ends Use A Wide Tooth Comb

KittySwrive: you look the f@%k good, i love that hair on you

Trinity🥰: They need to hurry up and put them back in stock

Autumn-Louise: Heyy I love your outfit where is it from?!!

Asiahannah Atkinson: Hey I seen you’re review on the website !!

Blessing Kpan: How many inches is this

Trinity🥰: It’s sold out everywhere omg ima to late

Mervin Anderson: #youtube.ong peachy

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