Cheapest 40 Inch Wig On Aliexpress? Casslow 13X6 Lace Front 180% Density Wig Bighead Friendly Review

Hey guys! In this video I will be doing an updated review on this 40 inch 13x6 lace front wig from Casslow Hair. *not sponsored* I hope you all enjoy this video and remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!



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Hey guys, I'm Brittany, rivers and welcome to my channel so today I'll be coming at you all, with an updated review on this 40 inch. 180 density, 13x6 lace, frontal wig from cash flow hair on AliExpress. This is like the cheapest 40 inch wig on AliExpress, but we're going to get into this hair y'all like let's get into it, and I did buy this wig 100 myself with my own money. This video is not sponsored um we're just going to go ahead and get into this video before we do. I'M going to ask that you all remember to like comment subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, follow me on Instagram at Madame Brittany and let's get into this video all right. Let'S go ahead and go into my AliExpress, so we can get into the specs of this hair. So here's the wig, you all see I bought this myself, so it costs 333, which is really really cheap. For. Oh, my nail is kind of dirty but uh. It'S really really so. This wig was so as you all can see. It was 333. I bought this with my own money's uh. It'S that is pretty cheap for a 40 inch wig. So this is a 13 by six wig. They have it listed as HD 180 density 40 inches, so it took five days to come. It'S guaranteed five day delivery. So that's super duper clutch, but the wig was not HD, but it was like transparent. I feel like this wig has some really good lace. So the lace is not transparent, but it is super easy to work with. All I did was, let me find it. I added a little lace tint to the lace. I use the color medium brown in this tint, the hair there isn't any tangling. So I so I wear my wigs like every day all day you guys, so I do work out maybe every day so so far like during the weekends. I do actually install my wigs with, like actual lace, glue uh throughout the week. I install my wigs with like this like spray right here. This wig has been through some things like I've, actually worn this wig uh, it's been about a week and a half. Now you guys and all my like unboxing videos, if you haven't seen them, I do measure the wig and this wig was true to length and I've tried a lot of 40 inch, wigs uh I'll pop some of you guys. This is like a nice length. I feel like it could be a little thicker at the ends, but like this, the hair is super flowy and soft, still as it should be. The hair is super soft and me wearing this hair to the gym going to sleep in this wig and all that, like the wig, isn't tangling or anything like that. I I am finally like now after a week noticing some shedding, so I am getting it like. My first brush of the day like after I wake up, I usually just put my hair in like a claw, clip and then put a bun around. It will tie my edges and put a button around it and that's how I sleep with my wigs but yeah that first brush of the day is when I do get shedding. I think if I was just like, if this was my birthday or something I might want to add, like an extra bundle but like this hair is really beautiful. So let me turn around and show you all how thick it actually is from the back. This is how the hair is actually from the back. So excuse me if I missed the section, while I was flat ironing this hair, you guys I'm sorry, but you all get the point. I really don't believe there is a cheaper 40 inch wig on AliExpress. I really have to look, but I like a nice 13x6 if you decided to get the 13x4 like. I love like a nice long middle part, but if you decide to get the 13x4 you would save some money, so the 13x4 is 320, so you would save about 13 dollars um. They also offer 150 density. If you feel like hmm. Maybe this is too thick. Uh, if you got a 150 density wig, then it would be only 113. So it'll save you about twenty dollars. I say always go thicker because I just like my hair super duper, thick or as thick as possible, but I am happy with like how this hair is Flowing like at the gym. I love having that super long. Ponytail, it's been a week of constant wear in this hair, so I do sweat a lot at the gym, so the hair has gotten wet and all that and it's still giving not much tangling. I am very happy about there not being tangling in this hair. The ends are okay, but I guess this is just like what you have the price to pay for 180 percent density, like I usually try to get like 250 density if it's offered, but a lot of companies on AliExpress, don't offer 250 density for 40 inch hair. So you might have to buy an extra bundle if you want that, like I feel like if you went to an Instagram vendor. If you went to an Instagram vendor uh a 40 inch wig. I don't even know because I don't even bother to look. But I was on Amazon the other day and therefore the inch wigs were like five hundred dollars. So if you go anywhere else, you're definitely gon na pay like six. No, I feel like even that's pushing it, but I don't know you're gon na pay like twice as much as this would cost, and this is bomb and I definitely wouldn't mind like if I really wanted it super thick. Maybe later even I might add, an extra bundle to this wig but y'all. I forgot to mention this hair when I bleach the knots. This is like some of the easiest hair to bleach in a while. I haven't had a wig in a minute to where the first go around, all the knots were bleached or the first go around like it lifted so quickly. I feel like that's a sign that it is really good hair. If nothing else. That'S it's good here on the frontal region, like the knots bleached beautifully, you guys, I was out. That'S how I knew this wig was it. I have been wanting to just do the whole straight thing, because I've been wearing a lot of like curled hair lately, like I've been putting curls in my hair lately. So I haven't gotten a chance to curl this hair. But I will you guys if you all watch my um best vendors list video. I said that this was the best 40 inch wig that I've tried on AliExpress. So far as of now, I still believe that uh Alyssa, the other, the other wigs. I tried like a lipstick. The hair had a lot of tangling yawn. It was like, I think, Beyond, ended up tangling too. So that's mainly what I'm looking for and that's why I was so surprised. This wig did not tangle, yet, oh and if you all don't know, I do have a big head. So all the wigs I try on my channel are big head friendly. You guys like they have to be um, I'm not having any problems with this wig constantly sliding back like. If you know you know, if you have a head like mine, like you know, so I'm super happy about that so far. I would give this wig a. I was gon na, say nine, but I feel like that's two highlight I don't know. I don't want to give an eye now uh. I would say it's like a 8.5 out of 10, which is really good. I would say nine, but I just don't want to like say something is a nine, so I'm gon na say, like a 8.6 eight points, five, there is like a little shedding in the morning. There'S some shedding in this wig, not much, but there is minimum shedding. So I definitely recommend it and the price point is fantastic for a 40 inch. So if you want to go a little cheap, which is something I do sometimes I might get like a 38 inch or like a 36 inch, because it's just so close, and especially if you're not as tall as me, you're, not gon na need, like a 40 Inch wig, you could wear like a 36 inch wig and people will think. Oh, that must be a 40 inch because it's so long on you so for us taller girls, though, like 40 inch like this, is super cheap for a 40 inch. I did flat iron. It and add like a little um heat protectant to it, but it's giving you guys, I'm obsessed, but once again this wig is from Castle on AliExpress, I'm gon na link it in the description box. I hope you all enjoyed this video I'm trying to like Crouch down so y'all can see the lace and all that, but I hope you all enjoyed this video remember to like comment subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, follow me on Instagram at Madame Brittany and thank you all so Much for watching have a great day you guys bye,

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