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Brand Janet Collection


Special Color & Mix Blonde Mix

Parting Hand Tied, Lace

Features Handmade / Hand Tied, Swiss Silk / Swiss Lace, HD Transparent

Crimp Loose Wave

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Foreign back with another wig review, slash install today I will, I will be reviewing and installing installing off camera but reviewing on camera a Jeanette collection unit, and I will be reading the specs about this week directly off this uh stock card. Just so y'all know um. So today I have a Remy illusion: version: hair dupe pre-plug pre-customizing, the natural hairline extra long. This unit is really really long. Um unit is a human hair cream. Prime unimix, transparent, switch lace, 100 hand tied established wrist. The color is icy blonde okay and they said this week can be shampoo, permed and pre-customized. So let's just go ahead and get into it um. This wig is the color I have today, like I said it's icy Brown. I think I just said that sorry um the available colors for this wig is one one B. I see blonde bailage 30 Baylor's common strawberry, blonde and butterscotch. This is the back um. These are just the available colors that this unit comes in um. This are the just see the difference: pre-customized hairline. This is a HD era, lace they Throwing Shade because they've seen other people with zombie, HD lace, um, no we're gon na see um. This is a pre-customized unit, for these are the pre-customized unit features. It has a transparation, transparent lace for a stainless band with any skin tone or color doesn't matter the skin tone. It'S going to blend it's gon na blend, so we're gon na see what that was that about uh. This way it has a pre-plug natural density hairline for a realistic appearance. Okay, so that means it's gon na look natural um added baby hairs to complete the look in a soft Swiss lace, perfect for any meltdown with any Lacy case, adhesive so perfect. So this is, I really like how they stayed at the Jeanette connection. Never fails, I'm okay, they stated everything. They were thorough with everything and just said everything. Those are the key features. This is the front, I'm pretty sure the inside of the card is just um, telling you how to take care of the wig um. So that's something that's you know you should probably um. You know just make sure that you're doing so. This is brisk y'all and when I say this, color is Bomb, the color is Bomb all the way down to the lace um. They got them already out for y'all one clip on the left, one clip on the right and, of course they gave us that big wide clip. So I really love that um. This color is amazing. This is a tea Park unit, so I think you'll only be able to wear it in the middle part. If you wear it inside part, good luck, so I'm gon na go ahead and show y'all how she's gon na look on me I'll be right back. Give me a few minutes, so this is the style breasts on me, and so this went in the this inch like the inch of this hair. I don't know how long it is, but it's really really long. That'S something that I will tell y'all um. So, for starters, just to start off um starting to install it um, I would say that it was really really easy. I just feel like they should have added another check because someone see the blonde right there. So that's something that I really I'm really uh rock. With I like how it was easy to apply, though, and how manageable the laces as soon as you put your ball cap on and as soon as you, um tint, the lace, it immediately lays so that's something that I, like other than that um. I didn't really have a lot of problems, issues installing it. Everything was pretty much concrete and simple um as far as the FlyAway is the most and did that and then the hot comb pretty much lay all the other hairs down that were in the way as well, so um yeah, I'm gon na share all the back. Just so y'all can see how long she is in the back. I'M just fixing up a little bit of my baby hairs. I did not do a baby, I laid it all the way down, but I just did like sideburns on the side. I didn't really um apply um like edges because, like I said um, the track starts to show, so I just want it to be a little bit uh. Aware of that, and I didn't you know, I just didn't add it because I just wanted to be aware. So I'm gon na show you all the back of this one. It was really easy applying it like. I said I just didn't add any edges, because the track is, you can see, definitely see the track from where the cap starts on the both sides of the wig. So just be really mindful of that um. If you were, if I was to get this wig um, which I did because it's on my head um, I would probably just wear it how it came. You know I really wouldn't. I would probably just do like a bust down middle part. Don'T really try to do so much as the tea part wig, so there's not much. You can pretty much do with it so other than that y'all yeah. This is the bottom wig I would say, run to run to their website and go get it now, especially if you like on and you like long hair. They have this available in other colors. So if you don't like blonde, you could probably get it in the 1B. Keep it simple, you know, but they they have um other than that it's pretty manageable. I like how it made I pretty much like I'm trying to zoom in I like how the wig laid it laid down perfectly. I don't really have any issues as far as that, so yeah y'all just make sure y'all look into this wig y'all know where to where to be listed. So don't forget to like comment and subscribe and thank y'all so much for tuning into everyone's YouTube channel. I'M Aaliyah and I'm out foreign

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