Outre Perfect Hairline Synthetic Hd Lace Wig - Julianne 24 (13X6 Lace Frontal) Ft Wigtypes

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I'M back with some synthetic drips, sent us by good friends at wig types and i'm not talking about this unit on my head. This review has already gone up, go click back a few and you will see it this wig loose deep, 24 30. What was it called? This wig was called loose deep 24.. We typing this one over this one, a whole box. This one has already been ordered in three other colors. While i took a look in a mission before i jumped in this other one this next week that wig type sent over i'm super excited. If you look in the description box, you'll see a direct link to purchase this week. I have been talking about this weed for a few months now, because i've wanted this wig so badly, but i also feel like they getting out of control with these prices. So we don't see if it's worth it bam by outre. Y'All know that my number one favorite wig maker and it's in the style, julienne24 wig type, sent it over in the color dr2 chocolate swirl. Now, if you've been rocking me for a while - and i hope you have - if not - please - click subscribe - you know that the regular julienne was my most favorite wig. I had julienne in every color except 613., now they've added a little link to it, but adding a link to it. They didn't add us some coins to it too, right now, as part of that perfect hairline collection, which means that it comes with a 13x6 no plugin required um, it is heat safe up to 400 degrees. Okay, you can wear in the middle of the left. The right all types of way you can do it flip it over all types. Okay, now, wig tights was nice enough to send this unit over and chocolate swirl, which is a gorgeous color. This is my fear. My fear is this. Wig is gon na be worth every coin and i'm gon na get it in multiple colors. The comments, let me know if you got julienne 24 common back adjustable straps in the front. You get that 13 inches of legs going across that six inches of lace. Parting space going back, you get a comb here to the right. You come to the left and you get this band. This band is the band of death. It'S gon na make you feel so tight on your doggo head, but flush, okay. She also comes with baby house all right y'all. Let me take off loose deep, which you need to go. Get this one. If you ain't, stop the video and want to purchase this one yet go i'ma pause, a minute, go, get this wig and then come back and we're fixing to play around. Unfortunately, sadly, woefully you need this, you need this y'all. I'Ve been talking cash money about this wig. Oh, it's so hot y'all. I know i shall purchase this wig in every other color except 613. y'all and see that's what i'll trade knows that they give us some bomb units like this and they and is it worth it? Yes, if you like this - and it's too long cis go get the old julianne. If you want some link to julian, go get this one y'all, no shed! No tangling! The construction is bomb. The texture is bomb. This color is bomb. It'S beyonce. I never would have picked this color up, but this color is so pretty in this darn wig, yes ma'am. I definitely 100 percent recommend that you go get julienne 24.. Unfortunately, i'm fixing to have to go spend four thousand dollars on two weeks. Two of these okay. They are very, very cute at the time that i'm uploading this. I went, and i looked wig types this week back in stock and tons of colors, so you need to go check it out. I lost my earring, don't even care look without the earring is cute. Unfortunately, yeah buddy, you need this one also. I don't know why, but this band i got the band in and it doesn't fit tight on my head. Maybe that's because i'm losing my mind because of the band i don't know, but it really doesn't feel tight on my head very very even if i did that y'all know how i feel look if i die look. Look at you. I don't want to cover up my hair. Look if i died. Cute definitely recommend julian 24. If you look in the description box, i'll, put direct link to where you can go and pick her up from weak types. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, like i would say you might not even be in the wig, maybe she auntie julia, maybe it's your uncle julius, always feeling betrayed whichever one send them my way and me and weak types to get them right until next time, y'all, which will be very Soon, bye,

CassieJazz96: You look soooooooo stunning in this unit! This color goes OFF

Jena Johnson: This is super pretty! I may cop this especially in this color! love everything about this unit!

Toni Chapman: OMG! Jess that color is bomb! You look gorgeous in that color and the lip color just makes this whole look pop! I need that wig in my life....gurl!

Jamie Allen: I got most of my wigs from you. Thank you so much. We we looking good because of you

Mychelle: I thought Amazon was going to cause my divorce but apparently it is this channel. I am getting this one too. Keep them coming!!

Sybil Davis: Jess, this is a absolutely gorgeous unit. You wear it well Sis!!!! You always do your thang with them all!!!!

Bonnie Taylor-Williams: You look fabulous as usual! I am Julianne sprung! I love both Julianne and Julianne 24 in Chocolate Swirl and Honey Brown. I love them so much, when they sold out I was stalking them like a spy in a foreign country. Persistence paid off, I finally got my Julianne 24s. You’re making me want to triple down… Gorgeous!!!

Fantisha Sherifa: Heeeey Jessica! Julianne 24 is beautiful! I'm still looking for the first julianne but baaaaabbyyyyyy, u serving in this one! The color, beautiful, the style, beautiful. She absolutely gorgeous on u!

Selena Williams: Julianne 24" is Gorgeous on you!!! I'm definitely getting herThank you

Cynthia Cummings: This wig is GORGEOUS and she's Gorgeous on you!!! But you know, I've always thought your absolute favorite wig was Zury Sis- Kenzie. ‍♀️❤❤❤

LaCresha Giles: I just ordered the ginger brown . I love the kinky texture more natural realistic

★Sexy Hair: That chocolate swirl is *IT,* sis

Bernice B: Hi Jessica wigsandwanderlust! Happy Valentines Day! You looks gorgeous in all the hair & styles! I love all of them! Great video!

Siria Silas: I have this one and it is GEORGEOUS!!

Tina BlackberryRose: This chocolate swirl color and this unit style is . I ♥️ it. You look Absolutely Gorgeous. Tyfs.

patrice moore: This color is gorgeous !! This unit is gorgeous !!

Johnae Knuckles: I just found your channel! You’re awesome ! I got all the info I needed to make a purchase and you were entertaining!

shandela johnson: Omg! That wig with that lipstick is popping!

Ms.Nicole Parker: I absolutely LOVE that color on you

Sheree Murphy: So gorgeous and I love your lipstick!

kaneatha hargrove: You sure did have it in every color ! Am gonna get it tho ! I need this

Tola Smith: Beautiful!!! Girl yesssss!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Maxine In The Mirror: Jules is THAT girl! I love her, but I did not buy J24 because I have 4 of the original! With care she lasts so long. Been wearing the same one since May 2021.

Yolanda Echols: Slay sis slayyyy She's gorgeous

Yahriah Ahava: ANOTHER BOP!!!!

Kiki B: I just ordered 3 Julianne’s honey blonde, the red and #2 but I need this one you started the video off in too.

Kariston McPherson: Sis...if you haven't already.....just gone on ahead and get the other colors! I got two colors now and two more colors coming tomorrow. Lol. Julianne is that CHICK!!!

Breia Loves: I guess I spending my whole special Ed check cause it's gorgeous

grownenough: I knew it was gonna be fye when you flipped it!

Angela Hrabowskie: Girl you are smoking in that wig. It looks good with your lipstick.

Nica: ❤❤❤ love it

Teacup7399: Absolutely gorgeous on you, I gotta add a few of these to my collection. Thank you for the review of this unit!❤️❤️

ANGEL CHARMS: Julianne 24...the one i got, didnt look like that. I paid $90. Not worth it. Looks great on you tho. It lasted 4 days b4 maintenance was needed. A hot mess on my head. Usually dont happen that fast. I usually watch YOUR REVIEW b4 buying. I didnt with this wig...I learned my lesson lol

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: I’m speechless!!!!!!

Natural Hair Khronicles: what wig are you wearing in the beginning? I love the curls

Prolyfic She: I just adore you!

Mave: Hey Jess, was this unit big head friendly? I miss out on so many styles because this big ole head I got

Tina Henderson: Beautiful Queen Happy Valentines Day

Tina Henderson: Love the Unit you Rocking at the entro

Alisa Mitchell: Gorgeous Unit And COLOR

dbozeman0414: Girl stop with the death I have been wanting this and the first Julianne for a hot minute but I am feeling some type away about that price. Then when you pulled it up and showed that color! Ma'am I had to scream OH SH**! Even had my husband say "yeah you gotta get that one" so friend thank you I'm about to go broke getting several of these wigs

Chauntay Webb: That wig is gorgeous!! What color is That beautiful lipstick

C E: What's the info on the lipcolor?

Fantisha Sherifa: This is definitely bday hair, March 11. Yessssss!

Complicated__S0ul: I had the burgundy one but sadly it didn’t look that good on me it was too big on my head

Pink Chocolate: Jess! You cannot keep doing this! I just found Damiana!

Robin Perryman: I'm feeling this chocolate.

Jay Jackson: OMGOSH Chocolate Overload WCE!

kaneatha hargrove: am still waiting best friend but am ordering this with his tax check


Janine Shaw: I can’t find the old one. I would prefer the shorter one

Jaleela Samuel: Your ded body poses are sending me

Rebecca Arrington: U are hilarious


StarriSkye: not look how Iooked if I died

Tisa sankey: Can't get her she sold out everywhere

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