Syntheticcc!? *New* (Juniper Wig $50 ) | Divatress

I literally loved this wig !!! Janet collection never fails !!! Then it’s only $50 like you can’t beat this !! Here’s the link :






What'S up everybody, so this wig was sent to me by diva tress. It is the jenna collection, mel hd lace, and it is the juniper wig and i have her in the color one, but you could also get her in these colors. So, let's hop straight into it, the love. Do you remember, know the feelings deep inside i wanna um uh, damn just you too cold bruh um is what you doing like this is giving me live. Did y'all see these curls and can we say butter like this? Is gorgeous this is how long it is on me like it looks so good. It looks so good synthetic wear, please let me know cause we outside, like this looks so natural and so good, like what i also posted a tick tock on this unit and when i say like it was given, everything was supposed to give. Jennifer is definitely a gorgeous unit. Now, as far as longevity, i would have to wear this for a couple of weeks in order to tell you guys now i am experiencing some tangles, but it's just minor um, no shedding and yeah. I love the fact that it says hd i did not have any got to be glued, so i had to use the edge control. So if you see a little lift my businesses, okay, let it slide, but definitely definitely love this lace like hd. I believe so like it's give me scalp and i'm here for it. I love it when i say it's not too tight like this is on point i actually have on the last one and it does not feel tight at all and then jennifer in this number. One sis, if you don't want to get her in this color, you could also get her in these colors right here, but this is giving exactly what the stock card is. You know how sometimes they be sending you off, and you think you get something: that's not that this is everything that is supposed to be. Then, if you want to make this unit last, all you have to do is a little snip snip and you can definitely make this last. But overall i am very much satisfied for real, like i never be disappointed with the janet milk collection ever like they always come through every time. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video, please. Let me know, comment down below and, like i say in all my videos, please continue to be the best you that you can be. I always start for success and i'll see you guys in my next one bye,

Black Princess👸🏾: Sou nova no canal, mas ameiii o jeito de colocar lace tão natural. Ganhou uma inscrita♡

lneal2800: Its the Thumbnail for me! This is Gorgeous sis the curls! And density of this hair is beautiful and looks fabulous on you!

Star Collins: How long did it last you for, looks gorgeous on you!! You flawless girl!!

Ms.Leah777: Wayment!!! Heyyyyyyy beautiful it's been a minute!!!! I missed you!! This look is be back soon I gotta go and binged out on all yo videos to play catch up!! See in a minute!! Love ya!!

Life As Sherli: I added this to my cart I’m just ready to get pay and order it

BrownBeatss: Yassss She is cute,looks good on you.❤️❤️

Sherri Edwards: Beautiful Sis!!! Yassss thickness I see ya Ma ❤️

Demitrice Bailey: You did that!!!

wendy mitchell: You are so pretty ♥️♥️♥️

Mitny: I was waiting for another wig video

Ms Belinda: Geourgous

Kie RaShon: go head boo!!!

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