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✅Link to the glueless wig in the video:

✅Wig Name: Wear Go Glueless Wig

► Hair length: 26inch

► Hair Texture: straight

► Density: 180%

► Lace: 13x4 Swiss HD

✅CurlyMe Store:

▬▬ Why Wear Go glueless wig ▬▬

✔ Pre-plucked Clean Hairline

✔ Pre-cut lace

✔ Real Invisible HD Lace

✔ 3D dome cap to fit different head sizes

✔ Piano Keys Elastic Band

✔ 5-min install wear and go

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Foreign welcome back to my channel. I'M caviarquez! I hope you guys are all doing well. Today we are talking about the most beautiful rose bomb straight wig ever you guys need to run over there. First of all, before you even watch this video have this in the queue. So when you're done watching the video you go purchase it because I'm telling you this wig is next level gorgeous today's hair sponsor is Curly me. This is actually my first collaboration with them. They'Re wigs today I have installed a 26 inch. 4X4 HD closure, glueless wig. This is in the straight texture and the density 180 percent. Foreign foreign is special because it's glueless, when I say glueless, I mean glueless y'all. So are you ready for the install? She is just straightened and I did bleach the knots on her, so you can see she's a little bit more natural. Looking so she's made on a dome cap. There'S no clips, there's no, nothing! It'S just a strap that secures her. You guys it comes ready to wear belong to you all belongs. I belong to you guys and that's it look at that. It comes with the lace already cut, but I'm going to cut off a little extra. It'S a little too much lace for me please. So I like to go over it, even if I've straightened and washed it like the day before or the night before, it's never gon na lay as flat as it will. Once you go over it again for like a second time when you think you're done just go in one more time, make sure you get those ends, you guys make sure you get those ends. Thank you guys we are done like. Can we make her any better than she already is? I don't know okay, so the only thing I can think of that I might want to do that's without a ball cap. I think I prefer it like that. Okay, so the last thing we're gon na do is obviously clean, the part because it wouldn't be a caviarquez video without me doing that this is good. You guys, I have to go, run some errands and I literally have no time to spare. Okay last thing: we're gon na go in with this little dye pen and then finish her off with some spray. Look at that you guys glue this. No baby hair is needed, it's just on there and I don't know how, but it is. I tell you guys. All of the bomb amazing straight wigs that I've tried - and I say that this one is better than all the rest, because literally the insulation process is effortless. You guys, the quality of the wig is superior, there's just so many things that make this wig stand out. More than any other wig - and I know this for a fact - because I did bleach the knots on my wig and I washed and conditioned the wig when I got the wig out of the package - it was ready to go, you saw the hairline was pre-cut. I did go ahead and remove those little pieces like I said I bleached my knots, so I had to wash the wig and style hers. I don't have any products on the hair. Okay, 26 inch, I'm gon na get up, so you guys can see. It'S hitting me very long. You guys it's booty length for sure. Look at the suede look at the bounds. This wig is fire and, if you're over it, you don't want to wear your wig anymore. You just take it off like what look at that. This is the best glueless wig I've ever seen. I don't know how they managed to get this wig so flat, so secured, but yet so comfortable. It'S not squeezing on my brain cells. I love it. If you like that, really flat hair look. This wig is for you because it's made on that Dome cap. It lays much flatter on the side. You know when you have a regular wig on you run your hands like that. You can kind of feel the tracks. This wig is constructed so well that, even if you part it, you don't see any tracks and let me tell you you don't feel them either top tier baby. I don't have to spray anything on her and she looks this good. I am sold it's just beautiful. You guys, if I haven't said it enough. I definitely recommend this. Wig is most definitely caviarquez approved, lovely even when it's in its natural state, when it's not straight and it's beautiful, soft silky texture and if you guys want to check out this wig from curly me hair. I'M gon na leave all the information down there. In the description box, if you have any questions or comments, leave that in the comment section below or you go thumbs up this video subscribe, if you haven't done so already I'll catch you guys later in another video bye,

La'Joia Creary: Yasss once you put the wig on I knew this wig is the one Love me a glueless wig of course No adhesive the wig is still laying flat ✨Definitely looks like the wig is growing from the scalp !! Super quick & easy install perfect for errands & beginners

Elise shepherd: Hands down the most realistic looking closer wig simple install too. I love that you always show the unboxing clips from above because it displays the wig from the angle as if I was unboxing it.

Kayla: The hair is so silky!!!! I love how straight it is

Soleil: It suits you so well, you look beautiful. I just got one and nervous to see how it'll look on me. The quick install is a plus.

Michelle Grant: OMG I'm in love This unit is ❤ And it looks amazing on you!

Ynda Chelc: Wow this is a beautiful wig

naebooskie: I'm about to buy this wig now I hope it's beautiful I'm leave a review I trust you girl ☺️‍

Honey Pot: Gworl I can tell u love it from ur excitement! it looks really natural on u

Melinda Hall: Heyyyyyy miss lady notification squad. Happy Monday. If ur excited then I know it's a banger. And SHE IS!!!!!! Hair.. yes please

Missy Adams: I ❤ that it comes with the lace already cut off. What’s the difference wearing it with and without the bald cap?

Слава Гераням: this wig makes me happy

Melinda Hall: The fact that she is a true glueless wow.

james: Can you make a video on how you bleach your knots? ❤

Lisa thisit: Pretty

victoria nix: I’ve been seeing reviews when it comes to glueless wigs that the cap is big. Is that true with this company?

Olivia SFermi: What is the name of the the palette for the lace and also the curly pen please?

kstenns3: What’s the name of the dye pen you used?

Chemonique Downer: Hi do you still recommend this wig?

Stassi Pryce: They definitely gave you a 30 bc my 26 does not give this

Princesst Gabriel: Hi do you recommend this company over luvme hair?

Michelle Grant: First❤

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