*New* Kinky Curly "Wear And Go" Wig For Beginners?! | Precut & Preplucked|Curlyme Hair| Al

Yall I found a NEW CURLY "WEAR AND GO" WIG FOR BEGINNERS?! what do yall think? is this the BEST CLOSURE WIG INSTALL. I think so!

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I am Wearing Curlyme 20inches Wear Go Kinky Curly Glueless wig

Direct wig link: http://bit.ly/3l7GOUw

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Curlyme Hair Official website: http://bit.ly/3ZEt4Qi

Wig Name: Wear Go Glueless Wig

Wig Cap Construction: 4x6 Clean 3D dome cap wig

Texture: Mongolian kinky curly

Length: 20 inch

Lace Type: Swiss HD Lace

Density: 180%

▬▬ Why Wear Go glueless wig ▬▬

Pre-plucked Clean Hairline

Pre-cut lace

Real Invisible HD Lace

3D dome cap to fit different head sizes

Piano Keys Elastic Band

5-min install wear and go

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H A I R / W I G P R O D U C T S U S E D

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brown wig caps- https://amzn.to/2MVwkDF

got 2b glued gel- https://amzn.to/2s052om

baby hair brush- https://amzn.to/2QoKS0E

hair clips banana- https://amzn.to/2T5mwLh

dyson blowdryer- https://go.magik.ly/ml/1jixp/

She is bomb wax stick- https://amzn.to/3JqA78r

shea moisture frizz free curl mousse- https://go.magik.ly/ml/1jixq/

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the doux mousse def texture foam- https://go.magik.ly/ml/1mpet/

continuous spray bottle- https://amzn.to/3Tp3Im4

evolve 572 brush- https://amzn.to/3gaLXIL


00:00 intro


03:06 how I prep my base closure wig (no baldcap method)

03:46 trying on the ready to wear wig

04:31 how to tint and blend the lace

06:50 Glueless "ready to wear" kinky curly wig install

07:19 how to flatten a closure hairline

11:46 how to apply a lace closure wig

13:28 cutting and layering a CURLY wig


19:08 defining the curls

24:23 the finished curly closure wig look

27:28 25% off coupon code


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I'M not trying to get up under that baby hair girl, because that's my life support right here, but hi. Ladies and gentlemen, and everybody in between. I am back with somebody else's hair and guess what it is. Wine and wig stay clink, clink, clink, clink clink. Oh girl, that's apple juice. You already know what it is. I got ta hydrate in a responsible way. It'S a weekday girl. I got like a Arnold Palmer sort of wig going on right now before we get into this wig on my head, because baby can't believe that this is a closure. Wig can't believe I didn't really do much to it. Can you believe this wig is only 150 dollars? Can you hit the Subscribe button and the post notification Bell just so you can see every single time I post, because I'm coming to you every single day with videos at this point girl. I'M spamming you now, let's go ahead and get into this hair. I got a question for y'all. First of all, can you tell us a closure one, two one side of this lace: closure is glueless and one side is melted down with some adhesive spray. Can you tell which side can you tell, because I want to see if y'all be able to tell, because this wig is a wig, that you can wear glueless, you can plop it on your head and run to the grocery store or you can spray it down And party all night, this side is not glueless. The gel is right here, so they don't count, but this side is goodless. Look at that girl! Look at that! I'M not trying to get up under that baby hair girl, because that's my life support right here. But let's go ahead and get into the details of this wig. First, I want to say thank you to curly me hair for providing this wig to me and sponsoring this video. This wig is a 4x6 wear and go Mongolian. Kinky curly wig. This wig is 20 inches long and 150 density. This wig comes with pre-cut lace. Okay, you won't got ta cut the lace, it comes with a pre-plucked hairline and it comes with a clean hairline. If you pop the hood on this wig, it comes with a 3D Dome cap. It comes with no Combs on the inside, so you don't have to worry about damage to your hair. You don't have to worry about cutting the Combs out if you're, not a comb. Girly, like me, it also comes with a piano key elastic band. Just so you can wear this with glueless wear and gold. Wig claim is that it is a five minute, wigging stall. Now, I'm going to give you a full review of what this wig looks like when I decide to do a little bit tour, because although this wig is wearing go, I got ta, be honest with y'all there's a couple things that I had to do to make This thing work for me, I'm going to tell you my thoughts, show you how I applied this wig and show you how I got these curls because baby like y'all, see these curls. If you are interested in how I applied this wig and to get a realistic review of the wear and go wig, please keep on watching and I'll be back at the very end, with my final thoughts and a coupon code, hey y'all! Let'S go ahead and get started in true, wear and go fashion. We need to make it a really super easy application. So y'all know we don't do the ball cap method not over here, because it's supposed to be a toss on wig for the summertime. So we're going to do a regular y'all know my base. My base is a no ball cap base. It is a GX worldwide, wig grip. You can get this from Amazon I'll leave a link for it down below and then I'm gon na pop on the wig cap. The wig grip keeps my wig cap on because my wig cap is going to slide to the bike. Okay to the back of the cap boom right on top and baby, we got our ball cap method, so this wig is supposed to be a wear and go wig and I'm trying to figure out if I should wear this glueless or if I should wear it With a meltdown with some lace Bond, but let's go ahead and plop her on I'm sure what it looks like because y'all got to see. Okay, let me see I love that this wig doesn't have any Combs on the inside. It'S super duper smooth. It'S like 15! On my head, but look that laser gon na cut it. I can't walk outside looking like these, so I do have to take the lace on this wig. The hair is super, duper soft. So what I'm gon na do tint the lace. I love how the hairline's already flatten the knots are: not bleached girl, they still black girl, but they're, really small. So you really can't see them. I'M gon na go ahead and tint the lace now this, so I'm gon na go ahead and use the lace tip spray that I always use. This is the Flawless Illusion by calanderic lace, tint spraying the color medium brown, but it doesn't have the best reviews for shipping and all that type of stuff. Let me go ahead and plop this off, because we're going to tint this lace really quickly, how I typically tip my lace, I'll turn the wig inside out and then I'll just go ahead and spray the lace or spray it on the brush and distribute the lace. But I'm just going to go ahead and spray it, or should I distribute it, I'm just gon na spray. It like this, I'm just going to try and cover this thing. Baby. Oh, yes, no stone go unturned. Is that the so I'm gon na take a brush and I'm just going to distribute the color? I probably put too much on here, because this thing is like wait. Okay, so I'm just going to distribute the color in here. I think I had too much green tea friend friend. I got a lot of energy going. Okay, make sure we get it on the front of this lace like because this lace has to blend in order to set in this color I'm going to go ahead. Why am I holding these in both my CBD and caffeine? Don'T work well together, so I'm gon na go ahead and take my Dyson blow dryer with the diffuser and I'm going to set in this color by using a little bit of heat. So I'm going to put this on medium heat and high just to get this color to set in oh I'm going to adjust the elastic band in the back, see if I can get a little bit tighter well, not too tight girl. It gives me a headache. Okay, now, let's see what see that's where it shows up and show out right there see we can. I'M gon na y'all see how it looks really good. It just needs a little bit of color. I'M gon na. Do this side, too, see if I can put a little tint over top, not on my forehead girl, Ram? Okay, let me get this lace tent off my forehead hold on okay. So this is what the wig looks like as a glueless, wigging stall right. Look at the hairline, let me Zoom y'all in so that's what I need to do, I'm getting a little bit of rolling right here. That'S the reason why you can see the lace, but maybe I have the wig a tad bit too tight and that's why the lace is like rolling up, because it's only rolling up on one side wow what girl, what that's crazy? First, we're gon na flatten the hairline and then we're gon na lay down some faux baby hairs on the side. So it looks like a frontal I like to give frontal tees, but out the frontal. You know what I'm saying so: I'm just gon na go ahead and flatten this hairline. In order to flatten this hairline, I'm going to use the she is bomb collection, hair, wax. Stick. You can get this from Amazon I'll leave a link for it down below, but I'm just going to take the wax. Stick. Oh, is that styrofoam? Oh okay, you push it up like a push pop. I really don't like that because I got press-ons girl. It'S pretzels are this close to fall off your fingertips, so you don't need encouragement, but I'm gon na take some wax stick and I'm going to flatten this hairline backwards. Now this hairline was already pre-flattened you're supposed to just be able to toss it on and go. But y'all know me it ain't me if I don't do a little something to it. While our hot comb is heating up we're gon na do our actual edges, I'm just gon na add some little fake baby hair some natural baby hairs for my natural hair to make it look like it's a frontal. You know what I'm saying if you've ever been out with a closure. It'S the wind blow it's in Barossa, okay, because it's like a steep Cliff, it's lace than just nothing. So I'm gon na go ahead and use the cheese bomb collection same brand, the cheese bomb collection, fast drying, edge control. This is a water-based edge control. So if you do have like straightening your hair or something like that, your edges are gon na revert. So I'm just letting y'all know wow. I should not use this baby hair brush. I don't want y'all to see me like this. I'M a lady, okay, I'm gon na take this baby hair brush and I'm just going to lay down some baby hairs right here. Just right here, that'll work, because this closure is pretty big. It goes from Temple like past Temple to Temple it's almost down to your ear. So it's like a lace, frontal light. You know what I'm saying so, I'm just gon na! Oh, am I ripping hairs out or what am I doing? Oh, oh, that feels aggressive. Okay, see that's good enough. Okay! Now we can let those edges dry. So, while that dries we're gon na go ahead and flatten the hairline, I'm gon na use my red by KISS hot comb. This is like a new girl, that's hair all over it. That'S a fire hazard, so I'm gon na take my hot comb and I'm gon na hot comb this hairline backwards. They already did this for us, but I'm gon na do one more again. Just so I can get that hairline. Looking realistic, okay flatten it letting it mm-hmm, flattening flatten it okay, so the hairline's been flattened. That was really really simple, really easy. Now, let's go ahead and bring this hairline forward and see what we get. Let'S see what it's looking like foreign, it looks good to me, but I still feel like I feel, like a notation, is always going to look better. I'M not a glueless girly. I used to be a glueless girly, but um. I feel like the glue, the gel, that it gives it something else, but that's okay. As far as the hair itself, the ends feel a tad bit dry, but the hair is very soft, but typically around a closure area. I usually have like a little bit of popping and dryness at the top, but, as you can see like the hair is still just a little bit it's giving a little pop. You know a little pop pop, so I'm just gon na comb through the hair detangle. It a bit okay! Oh this is hair hair girl, that's a lot of hair! You could wear it like this girl. It'S not shedding a lot either. That'S good! I feel, like it looks good glueless, but I'm gon na go ahead and lay this down. Y'All. Tell me what you think: what do you like better, I'm gon na, do one side lay down the other side not lay down? Oh, oh, I'm gon na show y'all. Oh no, then we're gon na get into losing the hair, because I feel like this. Wig is gon na move around while I'm styling it. So on this side I got the rolled up edges, because this side is just like rolling up and I don't know why I'm gon na use the even wonder, lace, Bond, adhesive spray and I'm just going to spray down this side of my head. So this side will be glueless. This side will be melted. It took me that long to find the word okay, so I'm just gon na spray a little bit on the forehead like. So oh, what a mess Co did one spray! Oh, oh girl, it's just! Okay! So I'm gon na lay my latest style in order to melt this side down, I'm going to take a the end of one of these baby hair brushes and just lay the wine just laying down girl. The edges are just rolling up. That'S annoying! Oh, that hairline is hair lining, but can you tell the difference? Okay, so I'm gon na get up close. What is this wow girl? That'S what we're working with today! That'S insane we're gon na give Arnold Palmer over here. It'S half and half okay. So I'm Gon na Keep styling the hair. Actually, let me back up. I think both sides look really good. I prefer the lay down part because I just feel more secure. I feel like somebody can snatch this thing off my head. I don't know why it scares me so um next, I'm just gon na go ahead and add the mousse to the hair, we're just gon na style it a little bit. I have to do a little bit of trimming because this part - I don't know if you can hear you - can hear it in a bite. Let me be quiet, that's dry. Somebody was fussing at me and said you need to quit. Cutting these wigs or what or what? Okay since I've started wearing curly hair. I'Ve always known that it's best to curl it and shape it to your liking and then add a little bit of mousse and I'm telling you you'll get much better results. The girls will be like, oh my God, look at her hair. It looks amazing, so I'm just going to cut off a little bit off the bottom, just a little trim, because this is just a part of the shaping process. You know what I'm saying, which I just like to cut like a tad bit off the bottom: I'm gon na take this hair here and I'm not trying to I'm just trying to cut off these ends right here. So just a little trim, nothing major! Just a trim: don't overreact friend, no overreact relax. So I'm going to take my scissors, I'm gon na hold the hair up like this, and I'm just gon na trim hours like that, and I just need to take this hair right here and just pull it upwards and cut it to it a little bit. Just so, it's not like, like a huge jump from cut to non-cut. You know what I'm saying this chaos over. You see that wow wow, what a change! Okay! So we'll do this side, I'm gon na! Take this hair, pull it out to the side and we're just getting rid of dead ends. I know it's better to cut wet, but okay boom um. We don't are we done? Yes, we're done because then I'll end up doing too much, then y'all gon na be real mad at me. So maybe I got shards of hair everywhere. Is it called shards pieces, it's hair everywhere? Okay, so now that that is complete, we're gon na go ahead and finish the hair. I think I'm gon na leave one side glue down, and once I glue this, oh look at me trying to be different. Okay, so I am going to lay down some baby hairs because why not girl? This is all over the place, but I had green tea and CBD today. So I'm thinking clearly, but I'm moving fast. So I'm gon na go ahead and pull out some baby hair. Someone do baby hairs on this side on the melted side, pull this hair back, that's about to be stressed out. So in order to lay down my baby hairs, I'm going to use some got to be glued gel. I love using to be got to be glued gel because, although it's water-based, it's not gon na lift, it's not gon na lift my lace, so we're gon na use this and we're gon na lay that part down. I feel like we friends and I can show y'all my crusty baby hair brush, so let me find the cleanest crusty baby. Okay, so I found my cleanest crusty baby hair brush. This is what it looked like. So I mean when your friends see your baby hair brush y'all clothes. Usually I do baby hairs right at the cusp of the lace right here, but the way this lace is set up, it's seamless, so I don't think I need to do that. So I'm gon na leave that be, but I'm gon na put a baby hair right here, though, so I'm just gon na cut down the baby, hey y'all know I like my baby, hair short, okay and Powerful wow, that's probably too short, so I'm gon na take My got to be glued inventible gel, I'm gon na. Add it to my little baby, hair brush and corrupt this one too girl there we go. Oh girl, that's way too short. What did I, who did? I think I was really I'm just gon na lay down the baby hairs and then I'm gon na take some of the gel and just flatten some of this hair in the front, and here there we go so I'm going to take baby hairs here on this Side and I'm going to lay down my baby hairs on the glueless side. Let'S see what she gives and if it gives the same thing then we're in the money. So I'm gon na go ahead and pull this hair back and then we're gon na lay down this baby hair as well. This probably gon na tack down the lace a little bit too. So we need a little bit more security because I don't like my wigs start to shift it. I get. I feel real, unsafe, like inside I'm gon na go ahead and use my water and mousse death mixture and some move stuff mousse to get these curls popping. Now y'all already know: oh, this is in a continuous spray bottle. So I like to mix it two together, because this mousse death moose the dude move stuff mousse, is amazing, but baby she's thick next we're just going to go ahead and part. The hair down the middle and we're just gon na start adding the mousse. So let's section this hair away on this side, Just Gon na Roll It Up. I'M gon na clip this hair away and on this side, we're gon na work in big sections. Just to get the mousse in the to get the mousse saturated inside the hair and then we'll let it dry. I love to use along with the mousse my evolve 572 brush to Clump the curls together and to make it look like the hair is just bouncing. So I'm just gon na start this section and then we're just going to move through the hair. So let me add a little bit of mousse on there a little mousse and water mixture already. Okay! Oh that's a lot! Oh girl! Oh, this is messy yeah, I'm just gon na brush through the hair, like so okay, and the reason why I do that is to Clump together these curls and to distribute the mousse throughout the hair. So I like to add a couple of and just smooth it through. I think my bow heads right. That'S why I feel like it. I'M not me drying out my forehead like what's going on. Oh that's too much now I got too much product uh uh squeeze it on. I can use it on my next piece. Okay, I'm gon na add some of this product on this piece. While this part I'm gon na. Let that part curl up. You see that oh look at them, curls for him, okay, so we're gon na. Do this all the way through the hair, so I'm gon na add the mousse spray it down brush it through and just keep working till we get to the top on. Both sides is wrong because I decided I love, you could have been better foreign, okay y'all. This is the finished. Look. I want y'all to look at the hairline. Can you still tell the difference between the melted side and the non-melted side? This is the melted side. Like look like come on, I don't want to get underneath this baby. Hair is still like that really light. Highlightery look girl, it'll. Take no pictures like this. Okay, because you'll see these curls girl. Actually, when I put the mousse in it, I didn't expect the hair to look like this. It looks amazing like look at these curls like they're stunning they're gorgeous hold on. Is it uneven, they're bouncy, like y'all, know I love curls that look like this. I have different curl patterns like they got the little swoop and a little curl and all that type of stuff wow. Now, let's go ahead and get into these pros and cons. Now I already said the pros that the hair is gorgeous like you, don't have to cut the lace, most of the work is done for you and it's easy to apply. No plucking is needed. All of that and another Pro is the price price point, because you can get this same wig for 150 dollars 150 for this wig, and you have to do you don't have to do a lot of work on it and the curls are popping like what are We talking about the cons are that the lace for me in my skin tone, I still needed a lace tint. So I just for me. I couldn't just plop this wig on and leave walk out the door girl it's gon na look like. I literally have somebody else's scalp on my head girl. I may go to jail. I it definitely needs a lace tip for my skin tone, but if it matches your skin tone baby, you are home free. You cannot tell that the knots are not bleached because they're so small, which is a great thing, but I do think it would add a little extra oomph if they bleach the knots, because the hairline's already pre-plugged, the lace, is already cut if they just bleach. The knots a little bit baby, we will be in there like swimwear, I'm telling you because it has a nice bleach, but it's not absolutely necessary. You literally cannot see them. You can see them, but you can't see them and if you see them grow you're too close the one pro about not bleaching. The knots is that these wigs last longer, when you bleach knots, your wigs do not last as long because you're damaging the knots or the roots of the hair. So there's that um the ends were a little bit dry, but nothing did a little trimming. Couldn'T couldn't fix? Oh, the cap is a little bit big on me. I got ta tiny hit it, so the cat is capping over here period, literally and figuratively. Y'All tell me what you think about this unit down below. I think it's absolutely gorgeous it's fluffy. When I tell you these curls are soft. Maybe they are sauce So Soft, it's insane so y'all tell me what you think about this unit down below. If you are interested in this wig, I will leave a link for this wig down below. I want to say thank you again to curly me hair for providing this wig to me and sponsoring this video. I also you know before we leave out the door, because this is the end of the video I got ta hand y'all a little gift. It'S a little coupon code down in the description box below, along with the link to the wig and the link to the curly me store. If you're interested I'll leave the coupon code on the screen right here. For you all to take advantage of so check it out, get some money off. I love you all. Oh wait. Let me grab my wine y'all notice that one I love you all. Thank you. So much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye,

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