Making Lace Wig Under $50! Shake-N-Go Organique Mastermix Bundles+ Lace Closure |Baddie Ona Budget

The Hair I’m Using In This video Is By Shake-N-Go Its Their Organique Mastermix Collection It Comes With Three Gorgeous 18" 20" 22” Bundles And a 4x4 100% Hand Tied Lace Closure. This Hair Brand Comes In Different Styles And Colors But The Hair In This Video Is In The Style Body Wave And Color 1B.

Since You Can't Dye This Hair I Applied Foundation To The Lace So It Could Match My Skin Tone.

This Hair Is Also Curling Iron Safe Up To 400 degree.



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You went away, you went away, hey guys, i am making another week for you all and i want y'all to quickly guess how much this wig cost like. Please leave a comment and tell me how much you think i paid for this hair, because when i tell you this wig, this hair was only 29.99 from the beauty supply store and it came with three bundles and a closure, and they were so soft. It'S still kind of soft, i had i've had it for like three weeks now and hair is still pretty decent, and here it is um yeah. This hair is by shaking glow it's their organique master mix, collection. Um. I think that's how you pronounce that i'm not sure you should probably google it but yeah. I was originally looking for like a wig or something quick, i got the wrong, but they were taxing the beast, my store. They were charging like over 100 for that synthetic hair. I'M like no. My limit is like 70, but then i came across this and i seen that closure and i was like yeah. I can probably work with that y'all i am so slow. I guess i was moving too fast and forgot. This do not forget this is this is an important step put that shower cap on your weekend or you're going to be so mad? I would have been so disappointed if i did not notice that part. I probably would have been on camera crying because you would glue you would have glued your wig down to your your mannequin head. So don't forget to put the shower cap on if you're gluing down your hair. Oh me, and this is optional, but you should probably still do it um if you want to have that realistic, looking hairline to make it look more like your hairline, pluck it pluck your lines because it was a bit full um yeah. I did the rest of it off camera because it took a while but yeah. This will make it look more. It will make it look more real, more real. It will make it look more realistic um, but you will see the difference in a minute foreign um. I'M just applying some got to be glue and some freezing spray to my hairline. That'S what i use to glue my wig down and y'all. Please do not pay no attention to my arms. They are so saggy right now, um, quick story. I used to be over 300 pounds lost over 120 and it is showing right now in my arms, and i could not edit that out. So it's just gon na embrace our flaws and love every second of it and y'all don't be mean okay, so so so foreign. So so so my ring light turned off um. It must have gotten too hot. I don't know so. I just use the life of my vanity mirror until they cool off, so i can turn it back on so well that is it. As you see, this wig turned out so cute. Well, at least, i think it did, but keeping it this way is a different story. Okay, so but yeah don't forget to leave a comment um. I really love seeing what you guys think, and i really want to know how much you guys thought this hair cost before i gave you all the price yeah don't forget to leave a like and subscribe, and thank you for this people who have subscribed to my Channel, i really do appreciate that so yeah don't forget to subscribe and leave a like and comment, and i will talk to you guys in the next video i

Beauty And Brains: Honestly, you are gorgeous. You did not have to mention your arms. Everything about you is beautiful. Plus size women are underrated. They are so gorgeous!

Corrina Johnson: This hair is bomb for the price. I had it in for a month and then I cut it into a bob in its natural state! I loved it!

ToriOfTheNile: Girl you better brag about that weight loss! you look stunning

weaponx66: Go head girl. That's my niece right there. My sisters last born. Talent runs deep in this family.

Shay Nísh: I don’t even understand how you don’t have a million subscribers. Cause this right here was magic!! PeriodT!!!! Straight to the point and slayed. I’m fixing to watch it all over again cause this was everything!!! ❤️❤️❤️

coco ohno: Congratulations on your weight loss! I came for the tutorial and left inspired! Would love to hear about your journey, because I'm starting my weight loss journey and it's hard!

Mo White: First off, Congratulations on the weight loss! You look amazing! And thank you for this video cause I was struggling wondering how to make my wig!

alexandria lightfoot: Sooooo many thoughts okay for 1. You look bomb af girl 120lbs baby I can’t even dedicate myself to loose 10 2. When the sheers and mini mirror came out I knew you was bout to go to work 3. All right no shade cuz every woman is pretty and all but yallllllll black women look so fuccin good in green. Like that olive color issa whole yes for me

Jessica Carroll: I’m going to the beauty supply store tomorrow to grab this! And then imma watch this video again to recreate it

Chrxssym: I feel cheated I didn’t know they had ones that came a closure I had to buy one separately anyways great video sis and congratulations on your journey and success with weight loss

NewAnkh9TheSoulSeer: Weight on/weight loss, makeup or no makeup one can see that you're "naturally" gorgeous Sis! The finished product looks great!

Doressa Cobb: You are beautiful! We all have flaws... So who cares. You did a great job. I purchased a bundle set like that and you help me realize...I could just make it into a wig. Thanks. Great job!

Stella Metcalf: I make human hair wigs usually but I was like hold on, when I saw this closure in the beauty supply I was drawn to it, sis.

Gabriella S.: my good sis, you snapped! & congratulations, you look fabulous as i’m sure you have always

Christina Daniels: You look great and your hair came out amazing ❤️

Ermise JeanBaptiste: I've watched this video TWICe so tonight I'm gonna try it. S/O to your weight loss because baby I have arms just like that so this video made me even more comfortable. You are a queen and I wish you blessings!

Cinnimon Jones: Congratulations on your weight loss. You look great

Tashara: You look GOOOD girl! do not be ashamed our you hard work luv ❤️ You worked hard on you body so flaunt its love! and yass you snapped on this wig ❤️❤️❤️

💎SimplyDee💎: This is my first time watching you and I knew nothing about a weight loss journey lol, I was getting ready to say how pretty I think you are, then I read the comments lol. You look amazing regardless to the weight loss ur face is so pretty

Beauty And Brains: Synthetic hair should never be almost $100. I buy outer human hair packs and it doesn't even be $50.

Mia Morris: I love it❤️ u should do a update on it

Miss Venita Jae: U did that!! And congratulations on ur weight loss journey! Ur beautiful and it shows!!

Mz. Angie: Slayed... I have used this hair a couple times!

Racquel Belle: Wow, this looks like human hair bundles!

Melissa816: You are beautiful.. you slayed this hair!! New subbie! ❤️

Valentinevee_goddess love: Omg I love it just brought a pack an I'm scared to install myself but ima make it do wat it do I'd rather sew it but ima use ya technique thank you so much review was much needed you are gorgeous an congrats on your weightloss now slay hunnty

Lauren Monty: This came out cute af

Zi’Nah: girl you better embrace that weight loss! losing 100+ lbs is hard!

BlkVirgo: Girl you are gorgeous tf.... ‍♀️ You could make your weight loss journey a story time.

Danielle Reid: Wig look good and congrats on ur weight loss journey !

Pretty Vocalz: Great job and congratulations on the weight loss!

That Damn Gurl Iz Beautiful: Gurllll 1, this wig is bomb af it looks rich( expensive) 2 you are freaking gorgeous and congrats on the weight loss..what did your diet consist of you dnt mind me asking, if its personal I understand completely pooh..just thought I'd ask because I'm getting ready to start a weight loss journey myself at 240lbs!!

Nek Neal 116: That’s cute love it look like you payed a lot gone girl !!!!

Nikki Harrison: Big Congrats to you on your weight loss Ma Super Dope #nicework #newsubbie

Karmen Lewis: You did that ❤️

Shaasia Goss: Aht aht give bae his credit for his part in making the wig he helped you pull the cap down lol you ddI a great job

Josie Campbell: Girl you made this cheap hair look Good! You did that Girl keep up good work! What state you reside in?

Tamatha Wilson: You did that ⭐⭐⭐ and you look good

Morgan Gould: Looks good!

Ronni j: Wig looks great...

Nica Thompson: I know exactly what you mean I lost over 150 pounds.My arms and stomach have extra skin. I be trying to tuck and hide

Q Sweetie: Its cute how long did it last?

weaponx66: 300 dollar wig I would say.

snowfall: Phenomenal

Taty H: Hair looks amazing, But can we get the weight loss Journey

jalil gan gan: Yesss this is soo bomb

Christina Ewans: Trying this

Shaasia Goss: Mean? Girl you lost over 100 pounds we’re proud of you

Brianna’s Room: Gurl your body is beautiful! Period

Vulgar Nailz: amazing

Carmea Lawrence: Can you a do a review on how the hair held up?

T.V.: Love the wig and your arms are beautiful

FLOTT Dmarie Charles: I want it in red

Averich Evolver: Chileeee we came here for the hair hunty! Wasn’t but more stuttin your arms

Karamell Latte': What type of black wig cap did you use?

Ms Kay: Is there a link to this particular hair

Whitney J:

Muhnee Amore: hey luv can you lmk what instrumental is the first song (not the intro ) btw you did really good

Pookie: How long did the hair last

dbuckner2000: Congrats on the weight loss

Michelle Johnson: Can this hair get wet going to a pool party Sunday and wanted to do a quick weave

Destinee Green: What were you doing with the scissors??

No Shine: can this go up high??

Fendii Brwn: Is this bodywave

Kim Johnson: All that

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