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OUTRE PERFECT HAIRLINE SYNTHETIC HD LACE WIG - BEXLEY: In this video I share with you my opinions on Outre's Perfect Hairline synthetic HD lace wig. This unit is in the color chocolate swirl.

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You know what what is it? Ah donna forgot that thing from bring it on, but whatever you can't tell me that this is a synthetic way you like literally, you cannot tell me that, and i don't want to hear it hey guys. It'S andrea here welcome and welcome back to my channel aka, my internet home, all right they're asking how to clean it. I'M a baby she's, a savage look, look! Look back while i turn there's no comparison. So for today's video i am bringing you another wig review for outreach, perfect hairline collection sent to me by diva chest. Thank you so much diva trust for partnering with me on this video, but before we get into that, video make sure you hit that subscribe button and that notification button. So you are notified every single time. I post because i am on my way to 3k and i want you guys with me every step of the way now that that's all done, let's get right into the video me foreign, okay, oh uh, tell me what you want to do. You want a lot of paper um, you know what it is. You know you go broke, you know. What please is me anything less is unacceptable. Don'T get me wrong, i'm flexible, but only in other ways, my legs, okay, guys and now i'm done with my hair and my makeup um. If it looks a little off right now, forgive me it's been a while, since i filmed, i need to stop getting lip gloss on my teeth, but ciao, do you see this hair? Do you see this install? I think i did really good. I think this is like one of the best synthetic installs that i've done. I think she looks really really really good, so i think this is like one of the best installs i've ever done in my life like forget it being a synthetic wig. I think this is like one of my best installs ever and i feel like i look so good right now, like i'm cute, i'm fly obsessive, you know what what is it ah done? I forgot that thing from bring it on, but whatever so, let's get into this hair. This is out trays bexley, i believe, sent to me by diva trust. So thank you so much devatress for sending me this wig. I have this hair in the color chocolate swirl and i believe it's 28 inches, which is super long and that's just how i like it, because i'm tall, i need long hair. This is the outrage, perfect, hairline collection, so this is fully hand tied 13 by 6 lace, wig um. So it's a lace front. So it's not like the whole wig. Obviously so this wig comes in specialty, colors, chocolate, swirls, cinnamon wine, dr red velvet, uh dr4, slash golden honey, blonde drff golden ember, drff2, ginger brown, drff4, buttered, toast, let's just get into the claims of this hair. So it's pre customized to perfection only hands had 13 by 6 frontal 6 inch deep lace, parting ear to ear soft hd, transparent lace, natural contour for realistic hairline, no customization required combs for security. In the back. It has wide adjustable elastic bands back comb for secure fit and then for the hairline. It is pre plugs gradual, hairline, baby hairs included, but i will say about the claims for this. I believe that most of this is true. It is a 13 by 6 inch. Frontal um, the parting is 6 inches deep. It might be a little longer than 6 inches. I don't have a measuring tape, so i'm not 100 sure, but i did find that the parting space was like really long, which i like on the side, natural contour for realistic hairline. I don't know if this is like the first time, i've ever gotten a wig like this, but like this is the first time i had a wig fit me so nicely like, and you know i have a complicated hairline. I got like extra hair here and like sideburns, and i ain't shaved, none of that off, but the hair is still like very well dead. You know and then for the hairline, it's pre-plucked, gradual, hairline and baby hairs included um. I did not pluck this hair. I literally took it out of the box and just slapped it on my head. Well, okay, i didn't just literally slap it on my head. I did tint the lace a little bit with this - even lace tint right here, just so that it matched my skin tone. A lot better um, but besides that, absolutely no work needs to be done with this wig. I really really really love the way that this came out like i'm super excited about it. I'M like super excited about it. I'M like really proud of the way that this install turned out, so what i will say we'll start off with the cons. So what i will say is that this hair um it shed a bit when i was like combing it out, which i did not understand. Why? Because i did not cut the hair, so i didn't see any wreaths. I didn't see any reason for the hair to be shedding to be completely honest, but you know it wasn't really that much. It was enough for me to be like uh it's shedding, but it's not like. I have a bald spot in my wig now, so that was one con. The second con i have for this hair is that the ends they're kind of um naughty like i don't want to use the word naughty and i don't want to use the word nappy but like the ends, are kind of like dry dry and it's causing, like Tangles, like i can't always brush like the hair, looks great but like when you brush it or like. When you run your fingers through it, like the top part, will be fine, but the ends will kind of be a little dry and a little thicker. I might have to like hit it with my um flat iron, which i can do, because this hair is safe up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. So i might just hit on my flat iron. A little later, just to like yeah, see there's like a little um resistance. When i run my fingers through it. So i didn't like that because i felt like that might have been part of the reason why my hair was shedding because i had to like comb through the hair, but besides that, it's not bad at all. Besides that, we're gon na talk about my pros so pros: are this hairline gorgeous? Okay, i think this hairline is gorgeous. I think it came out really well, i love the baby hairs. I love the color. I love the fact that it's so soft, like at the top, it's so soft, so i think um. I think what i will do is use my flat iron and then hopefully the whole thing will be as soft as the top but um. I think it looks so good. Oh, you can't tell me that this is a synthetic wig. You like literally, you cannot tell me that, and i don't want to hear it all in all. Definitely would recommend this wig from el tre, like the perfect hairline collection. One of my favorite collections, like i will yes, if you are a beginner, i definitely think you should pick this wig up, because literally it requires no work like it's easy, as these four steps that they have on the back of this thing right here, yeah, but Definitely would recommend this wig. Definitely add this to your card. Definitely add this to your collection, because she's a throw on and go type of girl, and you look great like you can. I look great right. Sorry, if my eyes are like shifting from like here to here, i'm looking at myself in the viewfinder and i look good okay. So if you want to feel as good as i feel, because i look this good pick, this wig up. Okay pick this wig up, but i just want to say thank you again to diva trust for sending me this wig. That is all for today's video, if you guys enjoyed today's video, make sure you leave me a comment down below, say hi, because this is going to be the first video i have posted in a while. This is actually the first sit-down video i posted in eight minutes. So leave me a comment down below, don't forget to like comment and subscribe to my channel, because i'm on my way to 3k - and i want you guys with me every step of the way. I love you all so much and i can't wait to see my next one bye, all right, they're asking her to queen, i'm a baby she's, a savage look, look! Look back while i turn there's no comparison. I'M saying

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Leslie Dior: I need this one ASAP it’s giving naturallll

xo.cahtlinn: OKKAAAAY I’m in love this looks so good

Denee's Vacays: Hair LAID as always. And idk if i ever told you but your accent *chefs kiss*. Could literally listen to you all day lol. Glad you’re back love! ❤️

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Gabriel Scarlet: Hi!!

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