Sensationnel Cloud 9 What Lace 13X6 Frontal Hd Lace Wig - Solana Make Your Synthetic Wig Fuller

  • Posted on 10 September, 2022
  • HD Lace Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Hi, my beautiful babies look i'm about to get straight into this video. Like comment subscribe, you already know how to go and it's been a while, since i made a video so this week right here that i'm wearing is called solana by sensational, it's part of their clown nine. You know lace units, it is the 13 by 6.. It is a 13 by 6 front tool, um, which is true. It comes pre-plugged kind of, but you probably don't have to put your own little touch to it. So this is not fresh out of the pack, because i've already worn her before, but this is her. After i, you know, did a little baby hair she's not glued down right now, y'all. I just threw her on to show y'all her because i'm about to show y'all what i'm about to do to her mother spice her up a little bit just love it. So it's not fully a review, but i'm gon na just tell you. I was popping what's going on so salon is cute, hey how you doing, but she think y'all. She did. I'M gon na just show you you turn around. You can see tracks and y'all see how it is when you pull the hair to the front. Even when you look at her from the side view she's just not as dense. I'M sorry she's not as dense as i would like for her to be so with that being said, what i'm going to do is what i normally do, but i never showed y'all, but i bought a pack of synthetic hair that is the same type of curl And i'm going to glue in a few pieces toward the bottom and the middle, just filling it in um like i said this is something i've done before i've just never showed you guys. I always do this. If i have a wig, a synthetic wig that is not, you know, coming up to par. So basically, this is. This is mayday beauty, bloom bundle, body, wave, hair and 30 inches. It is a synthetic brand. I like this brand, though i've used it before. I just haven't used this style. This would be my first time using body wave. I normally use like a natural yaki and it's not good but um. It'S heat safe up to 400, so you can curl the hair and you can grow this hair too. Just have to be heat, safe, okay, um, i'm also going to be using my 30 second glue salon pro. You know hi though so y'all it's going to be easy. Like i'm gon na come back, i'm gon na show y'all. Maybe a couple of clips of me glowing here, but it's pretty self-explanatory and then i'm gon na show you how the end result, because i'm gon na come back and be like a whole betty, okay, but yeah um just keep on watching. If you want to see the process baby, okay, i'm going to go, do my makeup and stuff, but i had to show y'all what my girl was giving it looked like she's, a human hair bombshell. My girl also got some good movement y'all she's moving. So this is before the makeup i'm about to slay, but i just wanted to show y'all what she's giving so that hair that made a blue yeah she's good to go, and so i didn't spend that much on. This solana was like fifty dollars on amazon and the bundle that i bought was okay, my babies. She ate she ate like what this synthetic wear like. This is the stuff i'm talking about. Oh my god, i just know i'm gon na get over the compliments. When i leave, but i told y'all when i beat the face, everything was going to come together, so she comes right out here. She gave all this she was supposed to. So no one is a good unit. You just gon na have to tweak her your own way. Like i said my bundles was only like ten dollars a pack. I bought two packs, but i only use one bundle and it's doing pretty good like as y'all see she looks good. I did not add any tracks to the front tool because it's a 13x6 so you're able to do a side part - and i didn't want to mess with that, but yeah if y'all want a tutorial on how to curl your synthetic hair. I'Ve done one before, but i did not curl this. Like i told y'all, this came body wave and this was already layered, but if y'all do want a tutorial on how i curl it because i may have to curl it in the long run, i don't mind. Let me try to show whatever it looks like to the back yeah i ate. I ate this uh enjoyed the video. Don'T forget to subscribe to my channel. There'S gon na be more content to come, so don't give up on me. Okay, i know i'll be spreading. It all out, but don't give up on me: okay, love, y'all, bye,

Zarria Raquelle: Girl! You made this wig look so good and expensive

Mia j: Girllllll you made that hair look so good. Can we please get a makeup tutorial on this look

Sophia White: Definitely ate!!! The synthetic tip we didn’t know we needed

M 3: You the MVP for this one!! Now I know how to fix these wigs that’s bald in the back! Next one up is seraphine cuz she’s my favorite but skimpy in the back!

Kelli Jackson: Giiirrrrlll! You just got me together for next weekend! Absolutely beautiful!

Terry Lee: Looks great So human!

Gigi Gabrielle 21: Great idea!!!!!❤

IluvJamila: Ohhhweeee I love this. I’m going to order me one and try this too.


Ebonyline: So smart it looks soo cute!

Prettieface Productions: I’m here for the customization

Real Hershey: You did that

IamEbonyAsia: Now u did the big one wit this definitely doin this cuz I jus ordered this wig


Amina R: Do you have a video on the baby hairs?

Raven Miller: Can you do another with a more curly wig

esther telcy: SIS YOU ATEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AND I'M DEAD DOING THIS!!

IluvJamila: Did you get a number 1?

Adrianna Colleen: p͎r͎o͎m͎o͎s͎m͎

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