Sensationnel Synthetic Cloud 9 Swiss What Lace 13X6 Frontal Hd Lace Wig - Brielle -/Wigtypes.Com

Sensationnel Synthetic Cloud 9 Swiss What Lace 13x6 Frontal HD Lace Wig - BRIELLE -/WIGTYPES.COM


*Lace front

*13x6 lace frontal

*Light yaki texture

*Can be washed

*HD transparent lace

*Heat safe up to 400

*Medium cap size





T1B/4, T2/27, T2/30, T2/BG





Hey guys welcome back to my final review for today, and this is another sensational cloud9 swiss lace, leg, she's, one of the what latest collection unit and she's called Brielle. I have her in the color number one it's LD w 0:03 and I think I reviewed today. I'M trying to remember, I think I reviewed one of those before I'm not completely sure, but I think I reviewed what, if I did, I believe it maybe somewhere on the screen. I leave a picture of it, but anyway and I'll probably link it somewhere up here. So you can go, watch it, but anyway she's a HD lease, so keep them guessing. Actually all the one lays the unit that's been coming out lately has been coming up with the new HD leaves, so I don't think they'll be going back to the regular. What least you know that were to know what leg is the color of the leaves? I think they'll stick to the HD. Ladies from now on, so I think I prefer the HD leaves over the regular waddly. If you guys know what I mean, I think it's a little bit better and it blends even better and all that good stuff. But anyway I laid the baby hair stone. I added powder to the part I even added power to the front of it. Just to you know, help it to blend in some more and I'm really loving this because she, the frontal you in it so she's a 13 by me, see she the 13 by 6, frontal, okay, so it's 13 inches from ear to ear 6 inches from front To back so, you can give it a sense apart. You can give it a right side, part, and you can also give it a left side part. You can make a tough nut, but the possibility is up. Unless what do you get different Elias wigs? So knock yourself out, and it comes in so many other colors as well I'll make sure to leave that in the description box down below. So you can check it out and I'll leave a link to the website as well. Just in case, you want to go purchase it by the way you guys, I will be giving away this one as well, and I have the same since last week that I wouldn't be putting giveaway in to thumbnail and a title anymore. You'Ll just hear me say it in the video and the rules will be in the comments to download. That'S how you would know if it's like every way or not, but anyway, this will definitely be a giveaway keep in mind before you even take part. I did add sort of my entire first boil to this here and not because it was like first like it was present or anything like that. It was just that when I was finger combing it it seems to get a since. I have a little bit of snags and stuff like that, so I decided to just add some oil that way it was easier to finger comb through and all that good stuff see I'm getting like a little static here and there it's not so bad, but you Know here and there you'll get a few snacks and guys look at this. You see the ends are straight, so it's wavy and on the ends are like bone straight. Let me redo deletes before I even continue. So it's a 13 by 6 air to air with a 6 inch deep and tight, I mean it's a high entire release, frontal basically so 6 inches deep. If you want to part it is pre plucked natural density. So that means wherever you part it. It'S pretty much good. You don't have to tweeze anything from it. Undetectable flawless, hairline, that's yeah thumbs up perfect a line with baby hairs along the line. That'S true, pretty customized unit protective style, new Evo, necessary, follow signatures so, like I said I'll, leave a link to it. If you guys want to go purchase it down below and a list of all the other colors that it comes in and of course like I said, this is definitely a giveaway, so make sure to follow the rules and take part in the giveaway. The windows window. Will be announced this upcoming Friday in the giveaway and I'll set video that will be up at 6 p.m. and I'll see you guys really soon tell me what you think about this and I'll see you soon right.

WigTypes Official: Giveaway Rules: (1) LIKE this video (2) Must be SUBSCRIBED to this channel (3) Do not reply to the giveaway rule comment (4) Comment below. Once you leave your comment you will be automatically entered into the giveaway. Winner will be announced in an upcoming video. GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!

MSG: Everything about this wig is AMAZING! I love waviness of it. The color and body looks great!

vincika palmer: You never make any wig look bad! This looks gorgeous on you! Beautiful

K W: This wig is gorgeous! I love the realistic hairline and those waves!

Jstsmile4awhile: Absolutely love this unit. It blended seamlessly and I love the side part! Would love to get her!

Crystal Doss: Hi Queen, this wig is gorgeous and I love the hd lace and multiple parting options!!!

Zen Aesthetic: This pre plucked hairline on this unit looks amazing and the colors available are gorgeous!

PaigeCreations PC4lyfe: This wig is ...sensationnel is killing these frontal wigs! I need this in my collection. Great video and keep them coming

Savannah McNear: I really love this style! The waves are a vibe!

Summer Breeze: I Love it!! The waves and parting versatility is everything. Beautiful!!

TheNiniCakes: Very chic, long wig! Definitely a post-quarantine going out wig

Monique Nolberto: She is so beautiful the length and the volume is amazing ! The parting space and lace is to die for

Shespear97: This looks so beautiful!! It almost looks like it could be a human hair wig. Yes full and beautiful would love to get this one

Shaquan Williams: Love this wig ❤️❤️❤️ Super cute!!!! Definitely a must have!!!

Ashton Whitehead: This wig is so pretty! It gives me tropical getaway vibes

Ami Oh!!!: This unit is perfect and needs to come home with me right now. I love everything that she has said about it and the length!!!

Selena Blanco: Love this body wave wig perfect for the summer vibes !!! I need it

Vianka Surita: Love this!!!! would love to add to my collection.

brandi jones: You did a absolutely amazing job on this wig! I want it so bad now lol

Ms. Mommie: This is gorgeous. ❤️ I'm loving everything about this wig.

Nikki Scott: I love Sensationnel's What Lace collection. I have a couple of them and the hairline is soo realistic and needs little to no work. I haven't looked into the Butta collection yet though.

Gabby's Hauls & All: You did a great Job on laying this Din Din. This unit is everything and looks really soft!

Angela Frederick: I really love this, now this is a everyday wig to feel like a baddie!

Your Truth: I love this wig. It looks gorg on her. I normally don’t like long wigs but this is a must have. I want this

Raquitta Harrison: Soo pretty and this wave pattern is everything

YoCo: Love love the Cloud 9 What Lace wigs. So natural and density is really good.

Love Yourself: This wig is beautiful and love the hairline and waves

Ms. Mocha~: Yes I love how it lays to your head, looks so natural! I'm in need of a unit like this,lol!! Good luck all!

Jessica M: This wig is soooo beautiful. I love this line!

Jasmyne Jeter: I love the black color and the beautiful waves on this wig!

Ashley Jarvis: Absolutely love love love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would go great for my new mommy makeover look I'm tryingto do for myself!!!!!!

NJDevil07: Absolutely gorgeous. Love this unit

Bre McCoy: This unit is absolutely gorgeous!

Tee Tee: I am loving this unit , it is gorgeous

Darlene Reese: I love this wig the length and the soft waves

no No: Wow this wig is so gorgeous omg I need a wig like this I like how you did the edges

jayjohn810: This wig is too cute, love the style!

Angelique Sargent: Love this natural look!!

Stacy Claps: So pretty love the curls

BlessedGemini: Love everything about this unit!!

Toxic Chocolate 🍫: Now this is a wig I can see me rocking!!! I love me a wavy wig with versatility

Kemani James: I really love this style!

Alexis Austin: This wig is most definitely my style. I need her in my life

the green coach 294: That unit is BOMB I am in love with it... This wig would make a great addition to anyone's collection,

Montoya Daniels: Very beautiful unit! I love it!

Ashley Williams: Very pretty unit I like the variety of color options

Miss Tyrra: This is a cute & “easy slay” wig

Kei: This wig is BOMB! I love it ❤️

Diamond Jones: I love the natural look of this.

Caroline Thrash: Beautiful. Love how it looks

Rachael Burney: This wig is freaking amazing. I love this look for summer and I looooooooovvvvveeeee long wigs

Sharonda Catrell: This hair is beautiful. Perfect waves, ❤️

Mz GlamAM: This wig is gorgeous!

Athletic Feline: This wig is so beautiful! :)

ZaziesFauxLoc: This is gorgeous!! I may have to get this one

PW Cunard: This is the "summertime I'm out on the boat with Zaddy" wig. Lol. Love the subtle waves and length!

Kerryann Jones: I'm loving this unit! ❤

liyah.: Okay sis is bomb . I definitely want this, this lace is niceee. And the waves are a whole vibe. I hope she doesn't end up tangling bad.

Goodgyal Mo: Love the wig, looks great!

Krystle Gourjuss: You slayed this wig love definitely look into ordering this. Huh! Like they say, “What Lace”

LadyRed: Beautiful about to order this one now

Naomi Strachan: wow *speechless* I dont usually go for long units but this looks so good with the waves.

Melissa Virtuous Kay: ❤️❤️ this is cute love the texture of the unit very pretty ❤️❤️

CTaylor: I'm new to wig wearing and haven't tried a 13 x 6 wig yet but this one is cute

Jada: Wow this wig is gawgeousssss. It blended so well, definitely a need

xonababe bae: I want this wig so’s perfect.I like the length and the part space...I literary need this in my life..❤️❤️❤️

Diamond Jones: I need this in my life. So gorgeous.

Cynthia Cummings: I wasn't a huge fan of the previous What Lace wigs because the lace was very clockable and they tangled excessively. I still have Reyna. This one is pretty, but I'm not entering this giveaway. ❤️

Teena Taylor: That scalpage when you showed the different ways to part it

Melissa Stevenson: The vibes from this wig

Ms Lb182: Loving the waves and parting options.

DD: This unit is so pretty and the wave pattern is just beautiful. I really hope I win this unit

Stilllookingood58: I would love to get this wig cuz it looks fab on you!

materialgirlclk: This wig would be perfect for giving birth! I need this for sure.

Phonche TV: The length and waves are giving me supermodel vibes

MissLishaNicole: Love ❤️ this one. Probably need to go buy right now before the color I want is gone lol.

MsSassyAy: This wig is so beautiful. ❤❤❤

Dena Gibson: This wig is cute for a beachy look!

dmca301: This is a very cute unit ♥️

shonla2000: I’m feeling this. Kinda long for me but I love the way it’s curled.

La'Joia Creary: This wig is soooo gorgeous

Pamela Thomas: This wig is so me. Love the length!

precious1q: That's a long one but I see all the styling possibilities

Extremely Weird: Beautiful wig, love the long hair

All Things the MLJ Way!: Hands down this is the best wig of the wig reviews I’ve seen!

Elaina's World: this wig is gorgeous!!

BeautyBySNicole: OMG!! I definitely love this unit.

iam_Eva33 Gibson: This wig is cute love it

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Was waiting for Giveaway rules. Love this wig. She is gorgeous ❤️

Amiya Sa'Raye: This is really pretty!! ♥️♥️♥️

Alexis Dykes: Oh I REALLY like this one!! You look SO pretty in it too!

MJ: This wig is gorgeous

Crussy ekpe: I love this wig was dying to get something like this I hope I get this

beais4beauty: I havent watched in awhile because when I did I always ended up spending money but I'm glad I checked this out because this is cute!

Beauty is Quie: I love this wig ❤️

Darius Faveroth: this unit looks amazing

as go: I definitely need her in my life this is

Diamond Jones: This wig is gorgeous

Ashley Nicole: Yeees! She giving me Vibes! Love it! The hairline is everything

Bolu Jegede: This is my favorite wig. I love it

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