$40 Red And Copper Hair Ft Samsbeauty| Motown Tress Hd Lace Front Wig 13X6 Invisible Lace Ls136.Echo

Hey Boo! I am in LOVE with this color!! Mowtowntress is a company we dont really reach for but I am glad I did with this unit! Do you like it? Let me know in the comments. ♥️

ITEM Name: Motown Tress HD Lace Front Wig 13X6 Invisible Lace LS136.Echo

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I know every time I'm back with some synthetic drip and it's not on this little bopper. That'S on my head. That got me feeling myself, but it's from the same company in that Sam's Beauty. Y'All know how much I love Sam's Beauty um. They pour into me a lot and I pour into them a lot like. I said I got ta order on the way as we speak um this review has already gone up. I try to remember to link it up there, if not it'll, be at the end of the video um, okay, but bam. Okay. This next one is by a company that I feel like we really sleep on and that's Motown Trish y'all. We actually have gotten some winners from Motown Chris one of my top 10 most favorite synthetic wigs of all time was pharah and my Motown tress made that right. So I'm excited to see this first off. The wig came in this long, hard box. Okay, this one is in the style, ls136 Echo e-c-h-o. Oh, this color is red copper, which is completely different from this um. It'S 24 inches long. You see save up to 100 degrees. It comes with a 13 by 6. and she's available in tons of colors one one B: two four uh: F1 B30, F430, f8 latte f61327 OT golden brown, tl427, 3t4 blonde and red copper. I get Motown twists that they have tons of blonde Blends. Okay and she's cute on the stock card, I'm so happy that Sam's Beauty sent over this red, copper color, because y'all y'all know I would have went for a blonde, but this blend on this doggone wig is cute. Let me get a can. I talk to you for a minute, so you do get the Reds, but I hope y'all can see those specks of copper that are poking through like right. There like down in these curls like that is copper cute. This is a beautiful blend um. It is not dark rooted at the top either for those of you that don't like dark roots. Okay 20 did, I say, 24 inches long, because that's even a lot longer, but it say: 24 inches long, okay, cab, construction. Coming to back this band that you can adjust and you get this 13 by six skin lace, that's what they call it look. Okay, you get a comb to the right, a comb to left and baby hairs. That is really that's a beautiful blend. Let me take this unit off and let's put this one on before I start to uh run my because y'all know I can't wait to run my fingers through it huh. Let me um put it on and then I play with it. Clay will look at this color. Look how it's plopped up on my head! Look at that, but ignore that look at the color okay, I feel like Ariel for real grab. It y'all start my little press songs on their last leg, okay, and because you get that 13x6, you can park this wherever your heart desires, um. This reminds me of another wig in a similar color that I got from Sam's Beauty. It'S called Lily. That was one of my favorite wigs of 2022. and Sam's Beauty carries that y'all this week is going to be pretty and, like I said you can part her whatever, let's play around with her and then I'm gon na come back with my final thoughts. Be right. Back every time y'all I rarely reach for red hair, but it's just some by red hair. That makes me feel, like I don't know like I can conquer the world, should I feel like that when I'm bald-headed and my edges be done burnt out from that blonde bleach. But still this like this here is just it like. I'M feeling very aerial, very Tabasco, very crawfish, like I'm feeling, I'm feeling myself in this one y'all. This is gorgeous. That being said, I try to always when I get a bomb color like this. I try to make sure the color and Lead upside y'all know this. Wig is Bomb. This wig would be really really cute in a natural and a 1B. It would still be pretty um if you've been looking at Echo and wonder on this stock card, she is wearing the color 3t4 blonde. Okay. It would be interesting to see what f8 latte looks like and now I know somebody's recorded it so or filmed this, so I will go and see, but Echo is Bomb y'all. I definitely recommend this one. I also recommend that if you like this, but you want a straight style, look at Lily, I try to link that review up there. Sam'S Beauty sent that as well. I did Lily on my own in Ash Brown and I did it in a red color. So I try to link those videos for you to check out as well, like, I always say, maybe you're not into wigs. Maybe it's your cousin Echo, maybe it's your Uncle Willie, whichever one send them my way and me and Sam's Beauty will get them right. Sam'S Beauty was three for three in my filming today, One Stop Shop until next time y'all. We should be very, very soon bye.

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy Jessica! Absolutely LOVE this color blend!!! ❤❤️

Ocean Bias: I LOVE watching my fellow Aries ♈️ sister! Always gives the best reviews watching you today on my birthdaaaay

S J: That color looks amazing on you!


Jameka Graham: This is a beautiful wig on you, I bought two of them in the color 1B/30. Thank you

DeChana Henley: The up close..."can I talk to you for a minute?" You are so funny! The color is really pretty on you!!! I couldn't do that color but it look good on you!!❤❤

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: Yes Jessica Rabbit !!!!!! Thank you for sharing sunshine

patrice moore: Beautiful on you sis !!!

Missimanii: I would love for you to do a Temu haul !!!!!

Brittany Hardy: Major little mermaid vibes as soon as I clicked the video! ‍♀️

Miss Redd: Love the color

Line Turner: Love love love!

Jesue Walker: I love this

Angela Hrabowskie: Ok jess, lil red that's pretty. You have on new lashes, they are very beautiful, they soften your eyes meaning you have gentle and tender eyes.

M M: Have mercy. My man gonna wanna see that one too. There go his coins.

TheReal1_p3: You are so pretty

TheReal1_p3: It's little mermaid bougie auntie

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