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My channel so today I'm going to be doing a review on this long and straight and silky hair that you guys have been asking me about like crazy, because I know you guys, like the straight and long silky legs that I wear so the hem on today Is by Friday night here my clothes favorite wig company. Ever I'm sorry is I love Friday, night hair. This is my third time doing a review with Friday night hair, the hair that I'm wearing is GLS 26 and it is $ 49.99 is now my new definite go to silky straight hair. Beside my sensational cuz, you guys know I love sensational waves. I love their custom straight hair, everything about sensational, but um yeah. This hair looks just like human hair. It doesn't even look synthetic like you would never in a million years tell that this is synthetic hair. It'S the parting, because that is my favorite part and welcome to the hair line. Guys, as you can see, the parting is absolutely perfect. I only added a little bit kind of concealer. The whole front to of the wig is really really perfect. I'M just pulling it down over my real hairs because, like I said, I don't use the combs in the front, so I did come up a bit but look how natural the front looks. I will get into why I do not use the combs in the front later on. As you can see, that's why it's coming up a bit, but once you use the combs that won't come up at all, the lace is brown. It matches my skin perfectly. Look how natural that looks. It looks like it's growing out of my scalp wow. This is the best front, so I've seen on a lace front synthetic wave Harding as you can see, the parting is absolutely perfect, as it always is. That is one thing I can say about Friday: night hair, their hairline and their frontal is a made. It'S the most amazing frontal or hairline I've seen on a synthetic wig like human hair, wigs they all have a bunch of piece that looks you know really nice and expensive looking this is, but you know with lace, front synthetic wigs we sometimes have to tweak it Have to plug the party we have that concealer. You have to do a whole bunch of little packs just to get the weight to look natural Friday, night hair, synthetic wigs. You really don't have much does get tangled a little bit and that's one thing, that's kind of like n, it gets tangled on the ends and I would suggest setting it. It gets tangled on the ends and I would suggest spraying it and just flat ironing it with any flat iron and it takes up to 400°, because this a flat iron gets very, very hot. This is a professional flat iron. I got this from beauty school, so it gets really really hot, and this synthetic wig can definitely take the hotness. So just coming out with my wig brush and whenever you use a wig always use a paddle brush to comb it out with a paddle brush. Very gently you don't want to you - know, ruin the hair by overcoming it. So just not take this piece right here in the front and to see my Flatiron start from the top and Wow you just got so straight in the front one coin. In the back. It also has a strap in the back, which is still cutting off my circulation, so yeah tight, I would say this week - is definitely not for big-headed people like myself. It'S very tight, the straps, the combs in the front, the comb in the back. I will probably be in the hospital for a concussion should say um. You can definitely wear it aside for different way. Let me see how it looks aside for me. Looking really pretty, I love it from the side. I only went from the side. It'S a lot of hair, but it can definitely lose the side or to the front. I love it in the middle, but the side as it looks that bad. I look at massage how you don't look that bad, definitely really pretty in from yes on the side. It'S really pretty: let's go come in a commercial for hair show before a hair, commercial and so much for watching this review. I just can't stop looking at this hair. It'S just perfect. I know me for $ 50 for $ 50. You too can look like this. Just kidding watching this video, please can you guys leave me a wig. I know you guys are going to go online this week after this video and it's probably gon na be sold out. We can y'all just leave me one because every time I go review, I got letters buy everything. Can I just leave one way. Please comment your comment below I slay this hair. Do you like this hair? Were your thoughts? Feelings concerns talk to me. Okay, subscribe. You only gon na get it here. Okay, if you want the best wigs, if you want them for a good price, I got you. If you want a human hair wig for good price. I catch you, okay, cuz, we all broke is into death. I know I'm right, but watching I love you guys so so so so so so so so so much, and I will see you guys in my next video - please do not forget to tag me in any pictures that you have that you must show me. I love you guys and you

Felicia Lloyd: You SLAYED that hair! Loved how you showed so much detail on the hairline & part. It looks like it's coming out of your scalp.

FinneganShark: This is so cute ! If you're looking for another silky straight affordable hair : I just got the Outre Dominican blow out (human hair/synthetic blend) for $30. No tangles & super realistic looking

Ariana Williams: Girl so happy I found this I want silk straight hair but I didnt want to spend 200$ for hair that I would only wear like 2 times. Ty for sharing

Yea Rite: Love dark middle parted silky hair on brown beauties like us! #classic #sexy #tfs

Latifah Shakur: Love this!

Alli Pixley: How long did it take for you to get the wig? I’m looking into getting one, but I want it ASAP lol

Melanie Pizarro: Omg that hair looks so natural

Latoya Watson: I gotta have that hair it is so poppin!

A G: Your skin is so perfect

Blessings of Beauty: looks good!

Mimi: Great video. Looks so natural. But how do you get the shine out of a synthetic wig? I hate the shiny look.

Morgan Moore: This is beautiful but My only concern is how bad are the tangles. I know You said it gets tangled on the ends but like most synthetic long hair, does it get a tangled bush in the back during the day? It looks so damn Silky gorgeous. Does it get real bad tangles period during the day? I'm interested in wearing this almost everyday.

Majestic Maya: Okay girl, i've been looking at all the video reviews over the gls 26 and everybody keeps bitching and complaining about Friday night hair's straight synthetic lace wigs. I reeeeally want to purchase this but I don't want to regret it. Please let me know how this was holding up. I know that i can revive the wig if needed but I still want to know if this is worth the purchase! please respond<3 I prefer this look more than the sensationnel yaki 30

Tann Smith: pretty! without using the combs, does it slide back like the Inna wig?

Jazmin B: Are Friday night hair units thin or medium density??

tasnim haque: it says that the webside mightbe hacked.soo i'm just wondering if you could still buy the wig from their website??

Salma Daya: Does this hair silky come in a shorter lenght?

Waffles: How long did the hair last

Ashrenneemakeup: Do you ever wear it at the club? I'm nervous to wear mine and scared it will come off dancing lol

Ty Williams: can you part anywhere or is it just a middle part?

Tia Austin: hey love I want to try out this wig... very nice sleek love it.. any who I wanted to take the opportunity ... I no this is random to tell you Jesus loves you and I pray you have accepted him in your heart as your Lord and Saviour. God bless u queen.

jordy: How is your hair braided under it

Elisa: you have código de discount ?

Aja Ceairra: How long did it last ?

Catherine Robertson: how long did shipping take?

Moqiusha Vane: Aw the lace only comes in brown. Uhh I really like this wig and I just go paid .

Melody Asherman: G E T T I N G

Xx X: How long did it last

Celvet._ .__: Can you curl it?

MrsbenakaPoohlicious Pleasant: thanks for sharing beautiful thumbs up stop by sometimes

Missie Marie: can u but in a ponytail

Gille87: It's ironic to me how so many black people are all about claiming everyone else are "stealing their culture", wearing "their hair", like dreads, box braids, and fros, yet they appropriate them selves. Popping on a Bindi on your forehead without knowing what it is nor represents thinking it's cool or fashionable is exactly what cultural appropriation is. If you were Asian it would have been passable, but you are not Indian (desi).

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