Outre Hd Lace Front Wig Perfect Hairline Fully Hand-Tied 13X6 Lace Wig Julianne 24"

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Hey divas so in today's video i'm here to share with you guys this unit that i'm rocking right now, as you can tell from the title, i have the outrae um julienne 24 inches from their perfect hairline. So, if you guys are interested, then definitely keep on watching teasing all day and when the sun sets, you asking me to come to kick it with you. We both already know your place is my place. No, my place is your place. Let'S face it baby, you know what a place just face it. No one knows my place. Your place is baby, get to know. Mine know your place is my place now. My place is your place. Let'S face it baby, you know all the places places your place is heavy, then, okay, so now that you guys have gotten all the details and the specs on this wig, i'm here to tell you guys how i feel about it. So, let's just jump right in okay. What so? I am super excited to be bringing this week to you guys today, because this wig is just everything as you guys know, or if you do not know there was an original julianne and she was about like maybe to like right here. So maybe like a good like 18 to 20 inches and she was just absolutely gorgeous - i did review her. I will um try to leave a link down the description box below so you guys can see that, but i absolutely adored her. I just thought she was so freaking beautiful, like oh, my gosh, so when i saw that they were coming out with this one. I actually was stalking the site because they released the unit on the site before it was actually available for purchase, and i would go every single day to make sure that i was able to get my hands on at least one or two. And, as you guys can see, i got my hands on two but anyways like i was just. I was just so amped and i haven't been amped for a week like in a long time. So yeah, like i mean a super amp, so anyways as you guys, can tell from the title of the video and you guys seen um in the previous clips. This is julianne in 24 inches and today, or i showed you guys - the um other color that i have, which i'm going to do another video on that one so make sure you stay tuned for that. But right now i am wearing the dr4 slash honey brown. They do have a lot of beautiful colors, but i love the way this color complements my skin tone. I feel like it is like one of those perfect type of blonde units for me and i feel like it fits a lot of different skin tones which is really really good, so yeah. I really do love it if you're afraid to try blonde. I would definitely recommend this because not only is it one of those more chilled blondes where it's not too warm and it's not too cool, but it just has like the perfect high and low lights, and it's just done really well. So i would highly recommend this. If you wanted to try like a like a honey type of color, you guys know you have the parting space um going really really far back, and you can also do half up half downs as you guys can see on the stock card, and you could also Do side part middle part pretty much whatever you want to so this unit does have a lot of versatility now, as far as the hairline goes, um i feel like hairline is going to be on personal preference. So for me um, i feel like with the hairline. It does look good so maybe from like here to here, which is where i kind of laid it down um. It is plucked a lot where on the sides it does have a lot more density, which is fine with me, because i um primarily wear my wigs down. I don't really do like half up half down it'll be a very rare occasion where i do that, but um. If you were planning to do like a more of like in half of half down on the sides, i feel like the density with the plucking on this particular one. Um was a lot heavier where in the middle it looks really really good um. It definitely could be plucked a little bit more, but for me this is kind of natural because um i naturally have like a full hairline. Well, when i don't shave it, but i naturally have a full hairline. So i don't really mind the fullness, so the pre-plugged that they did like is completely okay with me like it's still wearable like. I will still wear this out, so i'm okay with it, but it can use a little bit more plucking if you want something, it just depends on the look you want, so it's personal preference, but i think it looks good as far as the cap size um. I feel like this is an average head friendly cap. If you do have a larger size head like myself and you do not like braids your hair down, i feel like it is going to fit a little bit snug. But i feel like because of the fact that i have my hair braided. It fits like a normal type of cap like it's, not squeezing my head or anything like that. So that's really good so and if you have a smaller head of course, it's going to be perfect for you, but i feel like this unit is average head friendly. So you do definitely want to keep that in mind um, so you can wear whether you're smaller big head, but yeah just keep that in mind. So as far as cap construction, i feel like it has a good calf construction. It does come with an elastic band, which is a great security measure. I feel really really good about the unit, even though i only laid it down from here to here um, i still feel very secure with where my wig is um, as you guys seen. I just and i'm just grabbing this - i just laid it down with this um, which is the even new york wonderbond supreme, and i really do like it. I like the way it laid down. My hair did really good job so yeah, but overall i feel really secure with it. Now i did see some of my fabulous youtube sisters wearing it um glueless, but for me i don't know like i feel like. I would have been clocked like if i, when i go out, i feel like i would have been clocked like you - would have been able to see my lace, lift, lifting and that's just my personal experience, but it looks really good on them clueless. So you definitely should go ahead and try it glueless, because it looks really good, but for me i was just like, for you know the assurance and reassurance that i wasn't gon na be clogged like i was like. Let me just let me just lay down as far as the hair style honey. This is me all the way like i love some really really big, beautiful, glamorous curls and this style just outra served okay, and not only do we have big beautiful curls with nice volume we have layers like. Do you guys see these fabulous fabulous layers? These are so freaking nice, and it goes down into like a density that is not like as full as the top, but i'm okay with that because i feel like if the if the density at the bottom was as full as the top. I feel like that. Would have made this unit super high maintenance. So i'm okay with that, but you should be advised that the density kind of like is slowly but surely like trinkles down and then it's not like super full at the bottom but, like i said, i think it looks really good um, especially if you don't want Something that's super high maintenance, even though it is like big, beautiful, glamorous hair. I still wanted to be on the lower maintenance side and i feel like with the density being lower at the bottom. It definitely um gave room for that, so i'm okay with it, but you know that's just something to be mindful about. The last thing we got to talk about is the price point now. That'S where i get a little tricky okay, because this unit was 68 um and that's what i've seen so far. So i know different sites may differ, but it was about it's around that area, okay around 68, 70 or whatever, and then it's an upcharge when you get a color and this one definitely had an up charge. I don't remember the exact price, but it did have of charge because, obviously it's a color, it's not the natural color, so yeah. That may be something that may steer you away from this unit. But honestly, i think that it is worth it the hairline, the texture of the hair, the quality of the hair, because this is not like some cheap um like kinky straight hair, like it doesn't feel rough at all like it feels like nice. Soft, like could possibly be some human hair okay, so it has the qualities and everything and the style and the hairline everything is like. I, you know i personally, i'm okay with the price point, but you know just in case you're. Not i don't know that's up to you sis, but i honestly like do you see how she is laying, and i cannot wait to do the video with the natural color for you guys too, because if this one looks this bomb like i know the natural color Is just gon na display so yeah? I would. I would recommend it, but it's just up to you, but yeti was. If you guys are interested, i will have a link in description box below fingers crossed it is not sold out. It probably is, though, so hurry up. I will try to have a link in description box below that is um available. Have this wig available, so fingers crossed you can get assist, because this is definitely one you want to put in your wig arsenal, but yeti liz. Thank you guys so so much for watching. I greatly appreciate it if you did enjoy this video and find it very helpful and easy to follow, then please go ahead and give me a thumbs up, be sure to leave me a comment down below. I would love to chat with you and know what you guys think about this wig. Let me know if you're going to get it, if you already picked it up what color you got, what color do you like just let me know and be sure to go ahead and subscribe if you haven't done so already and also hit that notification bell, i Do upload quite often, so you definitely do not want to miss any of my videos but yeah. Thank you so so much for watching. I greatly appreciate it and i'll see you in the next video bye.

Tan Dotson: Literally just got this one in the mail today but in a different color! You look amazing as always sis! Yessss

HalfBakedHair Reviews: Yaaaas my bestie is gorgeous! You SLAYED this honey, and this color compliments your skin so well!

πšƒπš‘πšŽ πš…πšŽπš—πšžπšœπš’πšŠπš— π™³πš’πšŠπš›πš’πšŽπšœ β™‘οΈŽ: This is a beautiful look for the holidays

Felicia dorsey: Big hair and DON'T care.... This I have to purchase. Beautiful look Shae!!!

Sophie TheeCat: When is it back in stock!

Toni K: ❀️

Cassandra Jean: It’s giving me cowardly lion in the wizard of oz the way it’s styled. But the color is sultry and romantic!

Gemini Johnson: How tall are you?

MariaHarris: Glamorous You look awesome in this unit and color. Love it

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