Doubleleafwig Brazilian 100% Virgin Human Hair Invisible Hd Full Lace Wig #Doubleleafwig

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♥ Hair Number: D78

♥ Link to wig:

♥ Hair Style: Stright

♥ Hair Color: Natural Black

♥ Hair Length:20 inch

♥ Wig Density: 150%

~ Hairline: Pre-plucked

~ Baby hair: Around


Okay, so the first thing i'm gon na do is use the alcohol to just take off this wig that i have on right now. Okay, so i slipped my edges back with this and then applied my stocking cap and i think i'm gon na do the air contain method to do my wig today, so i'm gon na use the ghost bun and put it around the perimeter. So i use this juvia stick foundation to match the wig cap to my skin tone. I'M also going to use it for the lace. Okay, i'm light, i'm not going to do it! Here'S what i'm going to do with mine, so i'm just going to clean up the perimeter with alcohol and then go with my ghostbum glue and smooth it down so once it dries clear. You'Re gon na want to start sticking it down, and i smoked it in with the comb. Okay, so i sprayed gum to be around the perimeter and then put my elastic band. Then i'm gon na cut the lace and come back. These three products are, must to get it flat and i'm about to style it and add baby hairs and i'll be house back.

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G LYLES: Great job. You look beautiful.

Hug My Yams: I love it. Really nice wig

Katrina Hope: Perfect

champ: What happens when you sweat ?????

Larry G: ❤❤❤❤

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