Bobbi Boss Wide Meltdown 4" Deep Part Hd Lace Wig "Mlf764 Wisteria" |Ebonyline.Com

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Is definitely giving the black Jessica Rabbit? Okay, all right, hey guys, welcome back to ebonyline's YouTube channel, my name is Janice, and today I will be reviewing another unit by Bobby boss. I'Ve been having a day full of Bobby boss units, so yeah um. So this unit is a part of their slick and laid flat. What am I saying this unit is a part of their super late flat collection, and it's just been given so far like they've been doing a really really good good job between the their glueless collection and they're super light flag collection, they've been doing amazing, you're doing Amazing sweetie, okay, the color I'm doing today is sunset red, a very, very Jessica. Rabbit red is super super red and very pretty I love it. Obviously, it's called the super lay flat collection, so you are getting a very flat unit. I did High comment just to get rid of flyaways and, like things like that and push the baby hair back, it is a curly unit. Obviously it comes with a lot of layers. You just want to warm my finger through it once again we're getting good hair quality, especially, I know a lot of companies when they try to do too much color the hair quality kind of fails, but I would say, Bobby boss, did a very good job with Maintaining the color and the actual softness of the hair, they did a very, very good job. I would even wear this unit straight like I could picture this unit straight. If you just flat iron it so cute can flat iron it you can flat iron it up to, I believe, 350 degrees to like 400, but I would do 350 to be on the safe side. Then come with baby. Here I told y'all that I pushed those back and they have a flex fitted cap which is big kid friendly. If it's very comfortable on my head, it'll give you too much more on the stock car. I guess they say with the uh super light flat collection. We don't have to give you a lot, because when you put the wig on you don't need nothing else. I don't have too much to say about this unit. Let me show y'all the back she's, very, very pretty. This come up in a number of of other specialty colors that I will be reviewing and you guys will see just stay tuned to all the Barbie bugs videos and you'll see like most of the colors they have is in each unit, so yeah but um other Than that, if you are into this unit, make sure you click that link down below make sure you like comment and subscribe to our channel to see more units that we will review and you have a great day, hi foreign

Prettieface Productions: Yes just the color I was curious about ❤❤❤

Melissa Virtuous Kay: Pretty color❤❤

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