*New* Obsessed! Must Buy! Under $50 | Outre Perfect Hairline Katya

Huge thank you to Outre for proving today’s wig! SUPER big thank you to you all for tuning in! I seriously think you all need to try this one! It’s so freaking cute!

Name of Wig: Outre Perfect Hairline 13X6 Faux Scalp HD Lace Wig - KATYA

Color: Havana Brown

Price Range: $44-$50

links to purchase: https://bit.ly/3oyZKbs


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Hey beauties welcome back to my channel. My name is kai for any of you that are new if you are not new. What'S up welcome back to the channel, so in today's video i'm super excited y'all, i'm reviewing this new unit from outre. It'S part of the perfect hairline collection, and i have it in the style. Katya is how i think you pronounce it k-a-t-y pretty similar to my name. If you take out the extra a and the t and you'll have kaya, but i have her in the color havana brown and it comes with the full scalp and y'all, as you can already see, texture, okay, so we're gon na wait for the review kaya, because You'Re like trying to jump into review status already, if you guys, aren't already going subscribe to my channel. I really appreciate it. Follow me on my other socials as well they'll, be here on my screen as well as in my description bar below and without further ado. Let'S go ahead and jump into today's video um. So, oh me, hey all right y'all! So here is the ending look of today's wig and i'm pretty sure, as you can tell by the energy that i am giving off today. I love this unit. So much i had zero issues out of this unit. It went on so well. It feels amazing, like the quality of this unit is top tier. Okay, i feel, like this unit is really really great quality. So, first we're going to jump into the pros of the unit. Surprisingly, you guys, i really love this full scalp in this unit um, the scalp that is showing looks very much so natural. I like the color that is giving off as well. Usually, the full scalps are a little bit hit or miss for me most of the time a miss, but this one is definitely a hit. I love this full scalp. It looks like it's my actual scavenge. I did not add any makeup to it. Only right here at the front, where i wanted to just look a little bit more open um, because it looked a little closed off there quality wise as well um. I have had zero shedding out of this unit like zero tangling was like super minimum. It only like tangled right in the front like when i was making my parting space. That'S the only time i had any issue of a tangle, but other than that. It'S very, very low, color, wise honey. This havana brown is my color okay. I just feel like this color looks so freaking pretty. I really do like it on my skin tone. I was a little bit nervous about the color. I'M not gon na lie um. I just was afraid that it was gon na look more so like brassy on me. That'S what i was thinking. It was gon na look like but honey. She sits well and pretty, and then of course, that last pro that we're gon na jump into is this texture. This yaki texture is amazing, so if you guys are not familiar, outro has another perfect hairline unit called chinese, and it's very much so similar to this one. I really think the only thing that really makes them different is that chinese is a little bit shorter. Also, it might be a tad bit thicker, just a little bit like especially right at the top, and then it also does not come with the full scalp. Those will be the three things that i say make it a little bit different, but as far as texture and it being part of the perfect hairline unit as well. That unit is very much so similar to this one, but i like this one a lot more um, also because i like this one, a lot more because one she's longer she's a little bit more thinned out as well um like right here at the top. I didn't have to do a whole bunch of heat here to make it flatter versus. When i did in my previous review with the chinese unit, i did have to add a little bit more heat to it to make it thin out a little bit at the top. But this one is just flat period, which i really do appreciate. When i get more into the yaki textures, i do want it to have a little bit of a flatter look. It doesn't have to be extremely flat, but i do want it to be like it's tamed a little bit. You know, but this unit has zero cons. Honestly for me to report, i don't have any cons about this unit whatsoever. She'S. Also big kid friendly. I didn't do the adjustable straps, but i do have quite a bit of room back here um, so i could have definitely have done the adjustable straps in the back lace. Blended, very well. I did use my lace tint spray on it. You guys, because i like to make sure that my lace is just going to melt into my skin and not be very detectable. So i do think the lace might be just a little bit light, but it does come a little bit tinted as well. So it might be, it might work for you. It might not i'm not really sure, but i didn't really see anything too bad about the lace, also we'll jump into the hairline. Since it is a perfect hairline unit, i thought it was pretty thinned out. I didn't think it needed more plucking. However, they do leave you enough lace space in the front. If you do want to add some plucking to it. Do i think it's a perfect hairline honestly, i do. I think this hairline looks really really good. I think it looks really natural, it's pretty thin out right here in the front from what they've already done to it. As far as like any plucking, it came with baby hairs and i just worked with what i had add a little bit of two notches right. There in the front, i do think you get a lot of lace space right here in the front as well. You might have to cut it a little bit more, so it can even out with your ears, you know sit on the air contour a little bit. Well, but that's really it! I love this unit a lot. I want to order more colors and i actually have it pulled up right here on my laptop, because i want to try the ginger brown and i want to try the number two as well, but havana brown has my heart right now, so make sure you guys Check out this unit, i will have some links in my description bar below it comes in other colors. It'S also versatile. You can make as many styles as you would like, and that's really all i got for y'all. Thank you so much for watching. You have any questions leave in my comment, section below and i'll make sure i answer them for you and other than that. Thank you again altra for sending over this unit, and i will see you guys in my next video bye, y'all

Queen Bessy Bee: You look absolutely gorgeous!!! Definitely will be getting this!!!!

MagdaSAdiva Lang: Great review love the way u did your baby hair, and different parting options. Thank you so much.

Sinderella: This hair is soo pretty and it so natural looking

rajirasmom: Katya is Gorgeous okurrr I just ordered her in Cajun Spice I definitely need to get this color too . I love how sleek she looks niceeee .

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Yesssss I was waiting for this to be reviewed. I absolutely love this wig. The color is very pretty

Imani: So beautiful!! You just convinced me to buy

30 yrs a nurse: YASSS Very pretty color KYA matched makeup perfectly too !

trudiva19: Absolutely stunning!

Monique Rice: Yaassss! I was waiting for someone to review this unit! She is gorgeous and does remind me of Shanice. I'm about to place my order right now, lol! Tfs!

Tianna DeLaurentiis: That color is gorgeous and I love the texture. Happy 2021!

Tiffany Davis: Absolutely beautiful Queen..love the color also new subbie here

Lady Charity: I wanted Shanice but this is much better because it has a more realistic density. The color is lovely on you, thanks for sharing as there are not many reviews for this unit.

Cheyenne Nuelle: Sorry ladies, this is NOT a kinky straight wig (at least not kinky like Neesha). I got this one late last week and didn't like it at all. I was expecting a Neesha 203 type texture but it's a lot straighter and silkier. Also, it didn't get as flat as I prefer without applying heat and that just made it even straighter AND the hole in the lace are HUGE. Take that as you will ladies.

Monique Rice: Back for a re-watch and decided to check Wigtypes for Havana Brown. It's back in stock!!

Sammy Da Goat: I'm Obsessed With The Whole Look And Is Everything For Me

Memie Carvel: You did that babes she looks gorgeous

DeAnna Monet TV: Omg you look soooo bomb!! Melted to perfection and this colorrr

BodiedBykeira: Kya you did a great job and I loveeeeee the color she looks pretty on you. Big fan of the middle part.

Denniesha SkyLa'Raine: Hey I been looking for reviews for Katya I new it was bomb can't wait til I get mine!

Ericka J: Beautiful!!!

MariaHarris: Looks great on you

Lori McAdoo: I want every wig from this collection

Ms Pretty Hustler: Really pretty

bre: can you do a video straightening this wig pls?❤️

daharvey1: You on the money. Saw this wig and ordered it, and could not find anyone who had reviewed it. It is on its way.

C. W.: The color looks so pretty on you! Do you think she's worth the money? I'm getting mixed reviews


tbabi82: You can always tell by your thumb nails of you feeling the unit but you served this color and all

Courtney Jinean: I can't wait to try this color!! I can't tell how Havana Brown is different than Ginger Brown? Is Havana a bit darker?

Alima Wilson: I should of waited til Katya came back in stock! It was out of stock for almost 2 months.. I ended up buying Cheyenne last week and she is a tangler!! Just by trying her on... I tried to blend the faux scalp but that line in the front just not working.. I am trying to sell her as I have a feeling wearing it outside will just become more tangled..

Jae Dun: Slayed Periodt

Jassminerosee: Can you do a video on maybe straightening this please?

Safiya L: pretty color on you

Magikalblackness: Makeup and hair is a whole vibe and way better lookthen the stock card

Tinisha Robinson: Yes i seen it 1st lol you did a wonderful job you can tell you was feeling her lol

Massive: You’re so beautiful!

Guilty Pleasure86: This look so bomb on you I purchased 4 of these wigs when they first dropped last Friday on Glamourtress, I was waiting for someone to review it, I’m so happy I got 2 in this color

Magikalblackness: This yr i wanna learn how to cut the lace while still on my head

Angela G: I glad someone finally made a video. You are the first. Unfortunately Havana brown already sold out on most sites (the four that pop up when you google)

Miss Khrissy: Color i totally jacked up her name in my review

Tia Easley: What did you spray on wig?

hi bye: here from tik tok!!!

Nicole Overton: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dionne: Glad I didn't buy it, you did a great job though

Angela G: It's coming off a bit red. In real life is it more brown or is it reddish?


Jassminerosee: Can you curl this and more

Serena Sery: Is the wig synthetic?

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