Harlem 125 Fls 52 Swiss Lace Wig Collections L Under 50 Bucks L Affordable Synthetic Lace Front

Hello guys and welcome back to my channel...

In this video I'm doing a wig review from a company name HALEM 125 SWISS LACEWIG COLLECTIONS.

The stock number is FLS 52 (Color) Soft Copper. 13x4 parting space, soft lace , 24 inches, heat friendly up to 400 degrees.

I purchased the unit from HAIR STOP AND SHOP (LINKS BELOW)

Enjoy the video ..please like and comment I want your feedback...thanks

Business Email:

[email protected]


LaShanda Lala Amos






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Hey hey guys and welcome back to my channel hope, you're having a marvelous day, i'm having a great day myself. So if you are new here, please make sure you hit that smash button. Give this video a like leave your comments down below, because i would love to hear from you and if you are my returning subscribers, you already know. I love you today, i'm doing another wig review from a company called harlem125. It is a swiss lace. Wig collection, guys it's going to be in a color soft copper, uh stock card number is fls52. Hopefully y'all can see that okay, all right and it is 13x4 parting. Space, 24 inches average size cap and it was like 44.95 44.95 on hair stop shop. So i'll make sure to leave everything for you guys down in the description box as well, and it does have the soft lace again uh, it's a swiss lace and it is heat friendly up to 400 degrees as well. So, let's see what this beauty looks like all right guys, so this is her out of the packaging. Look at that color and again this unit is 24 inches. 13X4 parting. The hair is really soft. It'S kind of got like a little texture to it. It'S silky and kind of yakky, but you can see the curl pattern, alright, so the lace and the side view of the lace, that's how much less you have and the inside of the cap construction. You have the two combs in the front. You have the comb in the back and this is what it's looking like on the inside of the unit, so i will be back with my thoughts. I'M loving this color guys, so we will see i'll, be back, hey guys and if you've made it this far the video i just want to say thank you so very much. It was a struggle doing this unit. To be honest, i always try to give my honest opinion about the units that i do purchase. So if you are a beginner, i would not suggest you get this wig for your first unit because it is not beginner friendly. I had to do a lot of work, and this is the amount of hair that i had to pull out of this unit to try to get it somewhat natural, but then again it is affordable. It is synthetic and i'll make sure to leave all details for you down in the description box, so i love you guys and thank you so very much for watching always and y'all be safe into my next video y'all stay tuned peace. You

MISS PRETTYJANE: Yasss beautiful love this color absolutely gorgeous

Kk Kyles: Love the color

Cynthia Miles: Nice

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