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Link to Purchase Sensationnel Keshona Wig: FYI: I never shopped on this site: Only $35.99

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Thank you. How long has it been since I kissed you, I don't wan na wait. How long has it been since you helped me today with another video and as y'all can tell by the title and of course, a thumbnail yeah? I have another wig. This one is an OD but she's a good at y'all and um, I'm late on her. Actually can you believe it I'm actually doing a wig, but anyway y'all um. This one was picked up by me. So big shout out to me for sending me this unit. I went ahead and went shopping y'all. I actually saw her for 35 dollars, but before I get too far into the video, let me tell you who she is because I'm not even anyway, this one is from sensationalcloud nine synthetic lace, front wig. This is a 13x6 lace frontal and her name is keyshawna. I have her in the color 1B, so a few things that y'all may not know are y'all might because, like again, I'm late um. Of course, I just said: she's synthetic she's, a lace, front, wig, she's 13 by 6, ear to ear six deep hand, tied parting space, she's, a natural Yaki texture. She gives us some volume and, of course we have some baby hairs and what else? What else is she working with HD lace for flawless blending? So that's about it y'all. I know we have some pre-plucking on here too. So so anyway, I'm gon na give y'all close-ups and everything and definitely watch the whole entire video, and I will give y'all my thoughts on this wig me. I don't wan na wait. I don't wan na wait. No more! You you take me higher. I don't wan na wait. I don't wan na wait. No more! I can see you looking at me yeah. My eyes are open. Why so you want me to set you free, take a walk with me outside okay y'all. So this is what she is looking like and I definitely think she is a super super cute wig. So I can see why she was all the rage y'all she was. She was all the rage back, then you know so it's like I wan na, but I don't feel like paying at high price. So I didn't pick her up y'all, but anyway, let me give y'all my thoughts on everything else about it. So I don't really have cons for this weekend. Oh, I think she's super super cute love the cut on this wig. She wasn't too hard to style at all. Didn'T take me long um. As for the texture, she is a light, Yaki texture. She is ear to ear on me. My head is an average size, 22. um. She is pre-pluck y'all. I mean we can get a little bit extra sleep location on this one, but I I'm okay with it, I'm okay with it. She was cute um. I do like that She lays flat in the bag She lays flat at the top part in space, is good she's, real, real soft. Of course, I didn't get any Tangles or um um too much shedding at all, because she is a short wig. I don't expect too much when it comes to that, but um yeah, basically she's a cutie. If you like short hair, I would definitely go ahead and pick her up and y'all. I only paid 35 for this wig. That'S the reason why I picked her up and that's another reason why it took me so long to pick her up because she was kind of expensive. She was in the range of fifty dollars so yeah. I wasn't about that 50 life of synthetic. At that time. I did I'm like no, she ain't worth it. I could see if she was long, but anyway she was only 35 on Elevate Styles and the cheapest that I see her tonight as I do this voice over is 36.99 and that's at um hair so flies. So that's the cheapest y'all everything else is still kind of steep, but anyway I'm gon na go ahead and end. This video please like subscribe of course comment. Let me know what y'all think did y'all pick up. Keyshawna, oh yeah, like me, y'all waited until the sale. Pick up these oldies but goodies y'all I mean they are cheaper anyway, bye, y'all,

Cup of CHI: This looks so natural !

Shamese Kibby: Omg this unit is so beautiful. You rock it.

V Jones: Finally one with a lace part!!! I Love it!!!❤

Ms Barbell Barbie: She's been on my list!!

OhSo805: I’ve been eyeballing her for a while but I didn’t want to spend that $50 either lo it looks good on you!

Lindsay Erin: this style is so cute on you!

Krissie Christian: She looks like she growing straight out the scalp. She looks great on you. She cute cute ❤❤❤

dmca301: She’s very cute in a natural color

Fefe_fuh_lease: Fee Bee! This is beautiful! N only for 35...I might have to get her lol

Tierney Washington: She is cute. She looks easier to style than blaze. Me and blaze didn't get along

AllThingsAsiah: You always could pull off short units, this is cute . Honestly it dnt evn look synthetic or not fully anyways. I can tell u was tryns figure how to style her lol but it came out nice

JD Free by me: Are you sure it’s big head friendly?

FeFe TV: She cute❤

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