No Work Needed Highlighted #Af Hd Undetectable Lace Front Wig China Lace Wig

no work needed hd undetectable swiss lace frontal wig. BLeached knots HIghlighted #af easy lace frontal install application wigs tutorial review how to apply a wig to look natural and realistic with muffinismylovers


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Hair Length:20Inch

Hair Density:180%

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What'S up you guys, what's up what's up, we bout to do this video I'm late for this week. Didn'T take that long, but I'm happy it's here because a girl likes some color, I'm stepped out the box, I'm out the box, I'm out there. Okay, I am out so my peoples at China last week send me another one of their transparent lace. Wigs undetectable invisible lace, so Charlie sweets is starting to be on my favorite list like they are on my favorite list like there are not too many he's like. I tell you guys my favorite list, but they are up there. They have been doing the damn thing with these lakes waves, especially the transparent ones. I'Ve had the pleasure to review two of them, and now this is the third one, and this one got some color girl, okay, so this one I didn't have to do anything to and I'm happy about that except I did like a little bit of the sides. Oh, you didn't need to, I do believe it's either 20 or 22 inches I'll, definitely link everything in the box. I know it looks a little janky right now, because I really didn't style it. I was going to style it off camera. So that's the reason why it's already pressed in the front - and there are a couple little curls, but then I was like you know what I'm gon na. Just do that with you guys. You know listen to some music, I'm gon na listen to some music and you love it too. The music that I choose you to listen to, but you can just to put your own music on and just watch me whatever you want to do. You know, Sam. Let me show you guys how your wig comes, and I'm gon na cut the back of this lace off, and this is just a regular lace - frontal 13 by 6, and it does come with these tab things here inside and I'm hoping and praying that it does Not interfere with the application process, if it does, I'm definitely going to have to remove them. There are times that I have noticed with these wigs when they come with these black elastic bands that are removable with the little hooks that sometimes they're sewn in the wrong place. Kind of it's unbearable to adhere the wig. So I'm hoping that this is not a situation, but if it is, then you know I'm going to miss it. So I'm gon na cut this off and I'll. Let you guys see how you wake up when you receive your package from China. Lace, wigs you'll, receive it in their standard packaging also receive some amenities. With your purchase. With this unit, I did receive some of their 3d faux strip, mink lashes, which are very full and will look great with any lace with unit you'll also receive an adjustable black elastic band which can easily be removed by just unlatching them from the hooks. The unit that I received is a 22 inch Mergent Brazilian 13 by 6 inch HD, invisible lace, front. This unit has beautiful, highlights of blonde and is also a body wave. The great thing about this unit is, it has already been pre styled for you. You do not need to bleach any of the knots in this unit, as it has already been done for you, as you can see, the colors are very vibrant and the hair is a silky texture. You may need to wash your wig once you receive it as I did state it has been pre styled, but I would HIGHLY advise to Co wash it with some conditioner that will allow the unit to lay much flatter along with that. It will also allow the unit to be styled a lot easier after you washed it. This unit does come in different densities, along with different lengths and, as you guys see, that the knots have already been bleached for you, and it also does come with baby hairs. In the back and the front perimeter, leisa is an HD lace which makes it very undetectable. I will leave all of China lace, wigs information below make sure you visit their website, as they have many different units to choose from cut the lace off and then I did put the black elastic band inside. Let'S keep our fingers crossed and hope that we don't have to cut it off because that's a little bit extra work. So, let's get into this okay, you guys so it's time to put this unit on I'm going to give it a try by using the black elastic bands that it came with and at first I'm just going to see where they will fall out. When I do place the unit on prior to styling art hearing it, because I do not want any mishaps now the case that did forget to mention - I did pre plus some of the unit and I attempted to style it off-camera. But I decided to do it with you guys and from the looks of things I'm definitely going to have to remove with those black elastic band tab. It definitely were in the way, and I'm just going to try and place the wig on without any type of elastic and as I'm noticing with the unit. It'S not very snug and it does not lay flat, as I would prefer to so. I'M gon na go, have I'm gon na have to go in and just take some elastic and sew it on, but I'm gon na do that after I cut the lace off, I'm just gon na take my scissors and go ahead and cut away the front portion Of the lace - and this is just a normal method - that we all do when adhering our weight. Normally I'd like to use the scissors and once in the blue, when I'm feeling kind of lucky I'll use the eyebrow trimmers. But for today's video is just about the scissors, because I've already had a long day with removing the black elastic tabs or the black elastic bands, and I do like those black elastic bands, but a lot of times. I'Ve noticed, as I stated, that they're sewn in the wrong spot. So, as you guys see, I went ahead and sewed in my own elastic now being that the wig is a little bit too big and the ear tabs are over flapping my own natural ears. This is definitely not gon na work, so I'm gon na go ahead and customize the unit, I'm just going to part that way or the wig right above my ears. So that way I could cut off that excess lace. You want to make sure you're taking a rat tail combs and doing this method and just place it directly over your ear party directly over your ear and cut the excess lace off, and that way your wig will fit a lot more proper. It will lay flat and it'll look less detectable and we all know that wigs are trending and they're very popular, but we definitely don't want to go outside for everyone to know that we have on a wig. So I would HIGHLY advise you guys to make sure you customize it to your liking into your head to comfort, and that is what I'm doing right here once the scissors get in place now I want to just take some of the hairs from the front perimeter And I'm just going to part those now. This is not for baby hairs all the time. This is simply because I do like to adhere my wigs, a certain type of way or a certain type of method, so I always Park the front hairline perimeter so that way, when it is time to spray my hairspray on, I can spray it in between the Part without spraying it on the hair. Sometimes I like to spray it underneath which will give a better hold and I'm going to be using the bedhead trust me. I still do use my god civilian force because to me they kind of hold the same, but as I sprayed on the inner side, I'm not going to spray in-between the part and use my blow-dryer on a cool to medium heat to dry the product. If you don't have a blow-dryer, you can easily take an elastic band or a scarf and tie it around your head, so a lot of product to dry. Now this is the part where I was having a little bit issues, because that swing was not laying down at all it kept it just kept. Lumping up. My hairline was starting to look a little bit wrinkled. It was not laying flat as normal. So I'm thinking that the wig was a little bit off in size of creation. There might have been something done on a machine, but this is the first time with this particular company that I've had any type of issue. It'S not really a big issue. You just have to do it a little bit different or I have to apply it a little bit different, which is no big deal. But I did notice that after I started spraying on the one right side. So when you do have a problem when it seems like a little bit off, you're, definitely going to have to take a little bit of extra steps just to make sure that it adheres properly and I'm just trying to get these hairs out of the way. So that way I can just spray in between the part. I don't want any of the hairs to get hard, but no big deal, because it's hairspray so easily. You can just easily take it off or wet rag and just wipe the hairspray away. That'S the one thing I like about applying my wig with a with hairspray, because, if any of it drips on your skin, it's an easy wipe away method. I don't like the glue, it's just so much work, and it's just so messy, so I just prefer to use a good holding spray and, as you guys seen, I did take my clock and wipe the excess hairspray off and then dry the product, as I'm doing Now I really felt like I should have washed this wig, but I was kind of lazy and I just really didn't want to because it was already styled. But I have noticed that when you receive a wig, that's freestyle for you, especially if it's like a silky texture you'll definitely want to wash it because the ends, I just really don't feel like they use the conditioner that we use or if they use any conditioner At all, so I would HIGHLY advise you guys when you do get awake, just make sure that you wash it really good. So that way you can feel the difference in the texture. If I would have washed it, the hair would have not been so wild. Looking and it would have been more relaxed looking and just laid a lot better. So that's my you know. That'S just me telling you guys, you know so now. I'M just gon na take my Dollar Tree, styling, mousse and brush away the hairs in the back towards the back and, as you guys see, the hair looks a little wonky and that's because I didn't wash it but we're gon na get through this anyway. So I'm just gon na go ahead and brush through it and then I'm just gon na take my hot comb along with a wax stick just to style this. So this is the part right here where I'm just gon na take the wax stick to get into the part, and then I'm just going to press the part. The hair is still soft, regardless, if that I wash it or not, it's still very soft and manageable, and the reason why I have a black elastic band in the front of my head is because I just prefer awareness versus a scarf. This will not leave any lines of demarcation on your skin plus it will not give you a scarf headache and it's not too hot and it won't slip off in the middle of night and it will keep your wig looking tighter. So that's the reason why I say get a scarf for this far and I'm just gon na take my brush and brush through it, and then you know the rest hot curly girl, just hot curling salad. So you guys, you guys I'll, see you guys after you guys, so I'm done I'll say I'm done I'm done. I love China lace wigs, but this week was a little bit off. It was a little bit more work than I had expected anticipated girl. I was like over this week when I had to take out the black elastic band. Okay, then I did try to wear the wig without Anna last exam, but it just kept pumping up right here and it would not lay flat for the life of me. So then, I went and I sold in the last exam, still we're not like flat. It still kept getting really bunchy in the middle, not really sure what went wrong with this one. These arms is always best to wash your wigs before you even wear them, even though this wig was already bleached and styled. I noticed like when they start when your weight comes pre styled to me on a it's, not dry yeah. It might be kinda like dry because you can see like all the little hairs all over the place, but then, when you wash it and condition it yourself, it has like this more relaxed laid lateral look. So I'm thinking like you know I should have washed it. Might not have conditioned it, I'm not really sure I really do feel like. If I would have washed it, I think the hair would it came out a lot better. As for the lace cap on the fitting, I cannot tell you that, would I really don't think it would have it was a little more challenging and girl. Let me tell you, I was about to just say the heck with it, I'm taking it off and I'm gon na wash it blah blah blah. I was like really getting beside myself. I don't really like to feel like this about a wig, but girls bye, stop crying yeah this week has listen. I saved this one for last, because I did too two videos, fire and girl good thing I did because had I did this one first, I would have been done for the day, but I saw that the color is gorge like the color is gorgeous. Well, as you guys see how the ends, I really feel like if I wash this, this woulda came out a whole lot better, but it is very smooth and soft. This color came out really nice and in the case you guys wonder what did I have around my head. It was a piece of elastic. I use this to sleep in. I put this around my head at night. I cannot do the scarfs anymore because they end up giving you like a really big scarf headache and it's extra hot. You know so and it slips back and it's just too much so one day I just put a piece of elastic around my head and it worked out. The only thing that was irritating me was the knot in the back of the elastic, so I just went and sewed it together and I got me an elastic headband girl. This will keep your wig intact girl. You will not get any type of lines up here. You just caressed it just right there and you're good to go boom like service. That'S all you need to get yourself. A nice piece of wide elastic mine's has like ridges in it. Hopefully you guys can see it. It'S kinda like that ridges in it. I got this from mark. You get a yard for ninety seven cents in a craft with elastic who's already at, and you will see that put it around your head girl and you are good to go and then oh, I'm about to go. I'Ve had a long day. I love you guys, make sure you rate comment subscribe thumbs. This video up, stay safe, stay, cautious, Keep America and all countries in your prayers for each and every one. I love you guys. Many blessings keep yourself safe and indoors and on that note, state, diva and D delicious make sure you rate comment subscribe thumbs. The video up, all the information will be in the box below it'll spin. On but lesser my son is dead. Oh, Oh big man skip been on pops.

Ms MuffinIsMyLovers: I pray everyone is doing well and staying healthy and safe. Please everyone take time to walk away from all the news and enjoy your lives. I understand during these times we are not able to move freely as we like or even purchase things. And that is ok let’s just have fun and enjoy one anothers companies. I love you all and I want you ALL TO STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY PLEASE. JUST BE PATIENT GOD GOT US ALL AND HE WILL GET US ALL THRU THIS. PLEASE HAVE FAITH AND BELIEF AND TRY NOT TO WORRY SO MUCH. BUT MOST PLEASE BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER. LIFE IS SHORT AND WE ALL NEED TO LEARN TO LOVE OURSELVES AND OTHERS MORE. TAKE THIS TIME TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOURSELF AND LOVE ONES.

Love , Peace and Happiness The hair guru: Sending love Always glad to see you doing your thing. You lay them wigs like nobody’s business!!!! Stay healthy mama and glad to see you smiling

patrice moore: This looks really good on you !!

Patricia Scott: Thank you for that review! I bought a wig from them maybe three years ago and hair was wonderful and it still is but the lace was supposed to be transparent end it has a brown tint to it I’m very light skin so I ended up having to cut the lace all the way back but even that didn’t work because the grids were so noticeable! I tried bleaching them I tried makeup The only thing I could do was make some bangs and I have to keep like messing up the hair on top to camouflage any grids that show. I only wear it at home and running errands I could never wear it to work or to an event it’s just too noticeable and a lot of work to hide that spot . I was Hoping that now that they have HD these days and because the hair is so nice that the lace and grids would be better but if you’re having trouble even getting it to lay flat my hopes are not very high for this, These wigs are not cheap

Kj: Beautiful as always!

Cynthia Cummings: Hiiiiiii April!!!!❤️ It's so good to see you! I was surprised you didn't wash the unit yourself before styling. But I was like, oh well, it is already prestyled. Maybe the issues were just from that one wig. But it's still very pretty!!!! They did a job on that color and highlight!!! I would like to see an update video where you wash it and restyle the unit to see if it comes out better. April, I watch all of your videos. I love you and your family so much! Can you do another family vlog please? If it's too soon, I understand. God bless you all and be safe.❤️❤️❤️

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Carmelle's World: Looking good momma!! Love your make-up! Be blessed...

Kimberly Kyles: Thanks in Advance stay SAFE an stay in courage April I ❤️ this unit it goes good skin tone the color is Popping Beloved an I’m continue to keep Your FAMILY in prayer sendin your way stay strong Beloved

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Slim_: I purchased this wig 4 months ago and I specially ordered the smallest size. Not matter what I did it wouldn’t lay flat. Scarf, glue, washed. I tried everything I even wrote to the company and they deleted my review. It bunches up at the front of the lace and it’s just a no for me.

Kimberly Kyles: I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your brackets Sis

Butterfly Love NJ: Beautiful! Where did you buy your tshirt from if you don't mind me asking!

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MRS. H!: Try NaBeauty.. I know you make your own wigs as well as get them sent to you for reviews BUT just in case you or your viewers want to purchase a CHEAPER YET VERY NICE highlighted unit.. I have purchased several highlighted and ombre units from NaBeauty & I have yet to be disappointed.. My only suggestion is if you get an ombre unit with the burgundy color too wash and condition it very good because it'll bleed onto your clothing if you don't.. FYI *the lace lays so well that on my lazy days, I just use edge control across my hairline and take 2 bobby pins on the sides and to hold the flaps down and I'm good for the day. The edge control lays the laces down so good. It has not let me down yet*

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