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Color: #4 Chocolate



New *Clear Lace* & *Clean Hairline*

*Clear Lace* Melts with Your Skin.

Clear & Transparent for Real!

Natural Hairline Transition


*New* CLEAR LACE is real clear lace, it’s undetectable on your head.

*New* CLEAN HAIRLINE is much more natural than a regular pre-plucked hairline. They customized this natural hairline to make it melt perfectly!


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▶Items Used in Today's Video

◼Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes - Bo$$ Babe:

◼Canvas Block Head:

◼Wig Stand Tripod:

◼Wig Cap:

◼Lace Wig Grip Band:

◼500 Pcs Wig Pins:

◼African Pride Black Castor Gel:

◼Style Factor Edge Booster Hair Pomade Stick:

◼CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray:

◼LURA 180-500°F Pink Hot Comb:

◼L'ANGE Le Rêve Blush Titanium Straightener:

◼Vintage European Style Scissors:


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2. MYKURS Dark Brown Wig Caps:

3. ORS Olive Oil FIX-IT Grip Gel:

4. Professional Hair Thinning Scissors:

5. Home Hair Cutting Scissors, Professional:

6. Glamlily Hair Cutting Razor Comb:

7. African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold:

8. Luster's Pink Salon Beauty Oil Sheen:

9. L’ange Hair Siena Paddle Nylon/Boar Brush:

10. Marc Anthony True Professional Strictly Curls Perfect Curl 7-In-1 Leave-In Treatment Foam:

11. Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream:

12. CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray:

13. L’Ange Hair Le Rêve Blush Titanium Straightener:

14. Beautify Beauties Hair Spray Bottle – Ultra Fine Continuous Water Mister:

15. Style Factor Edge Booster Hair Pomade Stick:

16. Hair Straightener Brush:

17. CurlRev Detangle & Style Tool:

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~ Mary K. Bella~

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We'Re doing a week today, no matter which way your faith is supposed to stay, and i can preach this. If i want to stick it together, you remember when cheryl did that. Well, we're gon na be ignorant on top england, the brush side, the calm side and it's the scoop side. A lot of people don't know that i'm gon na blow your whole mind. This is the scoop, the edge control out of the container and plaster it upon. Your edge, i melted this lace like a snicker bar on the dirt road in the middle of july. In mississippi, you want to get that clear lace. Listen to yourself when my husband get home, i'm about to be so action and the church saying what is this? Oh, my gosh, hey, cousins, hey! It'S your girl, mary kay! What'S up what's up, i just want to open up the doors of the church by saying, welcome, and thank you for the time that you spend with me. I appreciate y'all so much let the church say subscribe, we're doing a week today and this week has been brought to you by chris beauty. Y'All know i love mr chris beauty, because the lace is lace, fabulous fabulous, but i forgot which wig this is to be truthfully honest. I don't know so we're gon na open this box. We'Re gon na see what's off up in this box in a minute, but you know first, i got ta, show love to my subscriber of the day, brian cousin, cousin cousin, on my youtube side, my youtube side: oh, okay, oh that's my mail! Lately it's a window right there and i can see what's going on so when i see stuff, but with my peripheralism of it i'm able to just turn and get to the business bam right there. Once again, this wig has been brought to you by chris beauty. What'S up what's up up in this box in this box, you remember when cheryl did that brown? Let me see what this is. Oh, it's some color! Well, i got some color had i known that i wouldn't have been so egg on my face. I would have been a little bit more neutral, well we're gon na be ignorant on top england. Today i love these cones right here i love them. I cannot have enough. The edge whisper bam focus you wan na get the bear come on now there you go. This is when you need to whisper upon your edges. Your edge was for bam, has the brush side, the comb side and it's the scoop side. A lot of people don't know that a lot of folk don't talk about this, i'm gon na blow your whole mind. This is the scoop, the edge control out of the container and plaster it upon your edges, get somebody out there like girl. I knew that carry on and um here's an elastic band. If you want to use it, i love the fact that it is not attached because a lot of times i don't use it, so you can attach this for more snugtivity. If you would like to we, can we can? Let me move it over here for y'all, be, like you know, mary kay. Did that thing with her one eye was showing and the other one they done got a lord calling, mama call the church. They don't. They ain't got me that better be the last thing that y'all let the blogs pop off on me, use it. They don't got lost i've done enough. Chris beauty that y'all know about their lace. We'Re gon na go ahead and talk about this lace right now, because you know they always come with receipts right: the brown lace, the transparent lace and the clear lace. I have done this test 50 million times and i think y'all probably finna get fed up with, but i want you to know. I just want to show y'all. This is the regular brown lace, i'ma just press it down, so you can see now the regular brown lace does not necessarily have to be bad. It just really depends on your complexion. It could work for you, transparent lace, which is supposed to be better for a multitude of complexions every once in a while, when i get transparent lace, i still have to tint the lace it just depends now. This is this is what chris beauty hits you with a new, clear lace. Chris beauty said we bout to knock him out with this one yeah. We bout to kill him in these the clear lace: honey! Look as soon as i put that sucker on there it disappeared. Now don't look at the bottom of it, where you can see it right there, because that's the frayed part of it, but just because i know somebody out there like i see that corner, you should have brought it up a little bit bam. That'S it! That'S all! Okay, there's anything else that needs to be said about the lace because see if you want seamless results, it helps to have some seamless lace. I mean it just does so that's up to you. You get whatever lace you want, but i'm just saying if you're going for that show enough, i melted this lace like a snicker bar on the dirt road in the middle of july. In mississippi, you want to go ahead and get that clear lace. Okay, you just do and the church say: okay, oh, this is brown. This is like a chocolate brown. What is this hold on a minute? Oh yeah? Oh my gosh y'all. This is gon na. Oh, my gosh. This is so y'all this. This lace in this hairline impeccable impeccable. They have literally perfected this y'all, oh my goodness, okay, so this is a 20 inch. 200 percent density straight color number, four: 13 by 6, new, clear lace and clean hair line. This is the wig okay. This is the construction of oh, my gosh. This is going to be so i'm not even going to sit up here and keep doing this with y'all. Let me just put it on my hand, so y'all can see. Okay, let me just look bam. That'S that side of my hand, that's the light skin side of my hand right there. You see how that just blends in now. Let me take you to the chocolate side. Look, that's the chocolate side, look how it melts. Y'All, i ain't making this up bam. That'S the chocolate side, this the light skin side either way you flip it it's blending. Did you see, did you see? Did you see that this had your face when god supposed to be right there, no matter which way life flip? It bam, no matter which way. Your faith is supposed to stay. I can preach this if i want to what else needs to be said. Let me just put this on my head: real, quick, real, quick y'all. I don't know i'll be wanting to melt, sometimes because i know y'all be wanting to see it melted, but a lot of y'all be wanting it glueless, so i'll be trying i'll be like i get it. I want it. Glueless too. I want all the glueless action. I want it to come with big glueless energy. This way you come when you want easy, quick slaves. I try to told i'm so hyped about this wig. It has four combs an adjustable strap and then the placeholders for the elastic bam y'all, see that in there do y'all see that in there and the lace on the back too, that i'll never talk about. If you want to um, attach the elastic bam. Oh yes, oh yes, y'all! Look at this! Just look! Look at this right here. Just look i told y'all. Didn'T i tell you, i'm gon na have to bring my ponytail down my low ponytail though cuz i can't is it can y'all see. I know y'all can see that oh this color, so pretty. Oh chris beauty, why you do me like that? Chris beauty? Oh yeah, listen to yourself when my husband get home about to be so extra. I might actually lay this i'm inspired to lay this wig. I might just lay it i'm talking about witch spray, i might ow y'all know it just look at that. Let me come up on you like we're about to fight i'm about to melt this. If y'all can't tell i'm hyped, i'm hype, y'all y'all. This is so beautiful, just look hold on i'm coming up on you almost hang y'all, just listen, make sure it's in place with style and grace. I ain't even cut the lace, hey. I i ain't even cut the legs. Yo somebody get this wig just watch what i do make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you can join the family and join the fun just like that. You'Re part of the family. Please hit that like it, helps your girl out. I don't have no big machine behind me. It'S just me humbly behind the screen trying to promote myself so y'all. Listen, i'm telling you the analytics, really really really helped me. I have jesus okay and jesus told me that you um you have not because you asked not so i'm asking y'all and i love y'all so much. Let'S go ahead and style. This i'm hyped, let's get it so so i'm slipping away! I hear your sweet voice, then i see your face. I never knew you could love someone like me. You climbed my tower and you set me free is like this

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