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Today I have a review on this premium pre plucked straight synthetic wig. This is a Sensationnel Cloud 9 WhatLace? Swiss Lace Wig 13x6 Janelle. This is the best affordable synthetic wig hands down. This wig is a virgin hair dupe.




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Hey beauties welcome back to my channel, it's a girl Daisy! So today I have this absolutely gorgeous synthetic wig. I'M gon na tell you all about it in front of your eyes. Lay this wing to the fullest. It'S from a company called elevate style as cloud9 wig Jenelle. So if you're interested make sure you stay tuned and please show your girls in support and give me a thumbs up, if you do like this video and also hit that subscribe button below now, here is the unit in its original state. It is the sensational cloud. 9, what lay Swiss lace wig it's a 13 by 6 parting space and it's named Jenelle, so I am in love with this video. Well, I'm in love with this hair in this video, but as I've told you guys before the hair is so soft. I love the highlights in the hair. The color I got is flambeur aged copper, so they have so many styles to pick from you can get it black/gray. You can get a little bit more blonde in the hair, there's so many options and I love the 13 by 6 parting space. It just reminds me of our virgin human hair wig, and it's also pre plucked, so they definitely customize this wig. They were not lying about that, so I want to show you guys how I style my wigs. You know how I do got to be glued, I'm going to use the black bottle today. I don't want too much of an hold, but I want to be secured now, it's time to style, just a few baby hairs in the front and what I'm gon na use is my eyebrow razor, since I can't find my hair razor, but this works just as Well, we're gon na cut the baby hairs a little bit shorter and we're going to use some of this clear gel if it's not nice and at the beauty, supply store - and it's been doing wonders for me. But you definitely want to follow back on top. Well. Have a top coat of either that guy's to be glue spray or you can just use the black bottle, and that would help um. The baby hair stayed throughout the day, because I actually just used the clear gel and my baby hairs were just rising up. So just keep that in mind: you want a strong hold, so your hair doesn't look crazy by the end of the day. Now my favorite part about this unit other than the color, is the parting space. It is truly thirteen by six parting spaces. Just reminds me of a virgin human hair wig that I usually get. I was just so amazed when I got this packaging and can you believe this hair is only forty eight dollars so sis you can save you some coins and get you an official synthetic wig, because you trust me. I am not lying about this one and you see the free parting space. You can just part it forever, so I did want to show you guys, but you know I stick to the classics. My middle part, now that the baby hairs are styled. I'M just gon na go in with my curling wand and beforehand I put some mousse all over the parting space. I forgot to show that clip in here. I think I just messed up, but overall you know you just put some mousse all on the parting space and around the hairline, and then you just go in with the curling iron, and that would make sure the wig lays absolutely flat. I usually use a hot comb on human hair wigs, but I didn't want to burn this. Hair and hot comb usually goes up to like 500 degrees, but this curling wand was like on 380 and it was good, did not burn this hair. Now that the hair is styled and it's completely dry from that foam and the gel I'm going to take my pressed powder from Mac - my dark minerals can finish. This is my go-to for my wigs, I'm just gon na place it along my hairline, where my baby hairs are, and also in that parting space and it's like magic sister. You see that transformation is real, so this is hands down. I mean hands down the best thing that a quick I ever had it's super super sloth like I can just run my fingers through it. It really feels like a mixture of synthetic and human here. If it is, I will also put that in the description box, but it's so gorgeous. I love the highlights, as you guys can see. It'S like a nice brown color. I believe I got it in a 1 B, slash 30, but I will have the exact number and name description link in the description box below, so this hair does not shed at all like true strands to strength, and this is in synthetic weight. I love a nice brown with a highlight and it's super flowy look at it and it has inches for days. Like look past, my buzz, you know I love inches like for real, it's so gorgeous so flowy. It looks real and I'm definitely wearing this wing today. Usually, I usually do wear my weight throughout the day, but this one I'm gon na, be wearing like my human here. Wigs, like usually, I wear just virgin hair wigs all the time, and you know I'm switching that when I do these reviews, but this one I'm wear for a minute. So if you have interested in an updated review, let me know I really just cannot stop running my fingers to it. This hairline is so natural, like look guys. All I did was just cut a few hairs in the front, as you guys may see, and I did my baby here's the party space is absolutely bomb. You can part it wherever you want. It'S free part. So if you guys are interested in seeing different part in space, make sure you watch the beginning of this video because I do show all the partings I'm just not trying to mess up the flavor right now. So please forgive me. It is a swift length. Wig, like I said, it's 100 % premium fiber. I love it because it's a detailed customized on hairline and that act like we're gon na do that like for real and it's better than some of these person here companies, I don't know who they used for a design of a creep plug, but they did that Because it's it's the undetectable flawless hairline, they are not lying. It has natural density they're, not lying cuz. It'S really not too bulky. What I do is just take my phony moves and I placed it on the you know my parting space and use my little hot. Well, not how cool is my curling iron this time, because I didn't want too hot hot comb: it's super hot, so you don't gon na use that when I think that a quick, I won't suggest it, but I just used a curling wand on a 380 setting And let's see what else can I say about this way? Okay, so it does have the 13 by 6 parking space is ear-to-ear deep. What'S the interview up front to, as you can see, it is all the way in here. I didn't glue all the way down like that cuz, nobody gon na, say I'm gon na wear that, but it's super lawless, like I'm absolutely in love with this way so elevate styles. Thank you again for sending me this wig. They are a bomb company. They stuff. All the synthetic wig this wig is very portable is only $ 48 and trust me, sis, this hair will last you it's better than any of the synthetic wigs. I have trust me like the curly ones, it's good, but this one you can do so much to it. You can curl it. You can leave it straight. You can just you know freak this. So again the name is Janelle um. I didn't talk about the combs. They have two combs in the front one in the back. It has adjustable strap if you guys have a smaller head. I have a big head and it's very comfortable. That'S my problem with synthetic wigs. Sometimes we got head, it's like super uncomfortable throughout the day. Cuz. Fine super tight, but this one is so it's amazing like it's really not tight at all, but it's not loose, so it won't go anywhere. Just make sure you check out, we flew handy-dandy and that will make sure your weight stays throughout the day. Now, shipping do not take long at all it's about four business days and they're on point I like fast shipping, so we have no problems. I get this week a ten out of ten. If I can give them more start, I would like it's so amazing and I'm just absolutely loved and the color like the color sets dot. So you can get this one black, there's a whole bunch of different colors, which will be in the description box. The link. So you can check out the different colors, but I think, isn't the best color and what I love about my reviews. If I pick my own here, so I know what works and what doesn't so. I only bring you guys the best, and I know this was one of the best wigs they had that's why I picked it and it even exceeded my expectations like I love it, so I want to thank again. I want to thank elevate style again for sending me this way and I, like I said I just keep saying I love it. I just I really do it's gorgeous. I know you guys can say like forever, so I want to thank you guys for watching. Don'T forget I'm having a wig giveaway, so if you guys have not entered make sure you check the description box, I should have that video length that you can have all the information how to enter the way giveaway. I'M gon na be giving away three wigs to lucky winners, three of them, so I'm gon na hit you guys up and you can pretty much get whatever way. You want this for my channel as long as I still have it. So. Thank you guys exactly it's the point. You know your girl loves. You y'all always be an ass support, comment below what do you think about this wig like I really love this color? Do you guys, like them, mixture of color? Like look at that amazing? What is your favorite kind illegally straight curly, but you know I would love your feedback in commenting back to you guys. I love just interacting you. Guys are amazing. So thank you again for watching and if you did enjoy this video, please show you throw some support. Give me a thumbs up and also hit that subscribe button below

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