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I don't really know how to categorize this one y'all know y'all, know me. Well, you know she worked for the government. Hey the texture is so pretty. I got the ignite baby heads today, too: honey, hey, cousins, hey! It'S your girl, mary kay, okay, okay, hey y'all! I hope everybody is doing well. I hope y'all are doing wonderful, my glasses, looking weird in the camera, i'm glossy, i'm the girl who go to church, i'm the one to lead, praise and worship, i'm the one. What'S up y'all, i have something. Well, i don't really know how to categorize this one i'ma tell you it's a wig. Okay, i'm a little nervous about this one. I will not tell a lot i'm gon na get into the deets about that, but first thing that i'm gon na do is show love to my subscriber of the day. You, the bomb, listen, listen, go ahead, hit that subscribe button. If you have not done so already, join the family join the fun if you've been watching my channel and you've been teeter-tottering like should i subscribe today yeah, i uh know that my brows are looking uh very proud right now. I i do realize that i just got my touch up done the other day. You know when you first get them done, they're like bam. Yes, where are we going because i'm hello, so i realized that okay, now, okay, so y'all, i was watching my girl kyra shawn a while back and she did a review on this wig, and i was so on the fence about the wig at first and then She totally slayed it y'all know how, if you know her, then you already know she's a wig whisperer. She know how to do the thing with the wigs okay. So i was like. I don't really know if i could finesse it like that, but i'm gon na try i'm gon na try to channel my inner kai. I don't know if it's gon na work. It might so let me get into the details of this. We. This is from sensational, this is from their cloud9. What lace series hairline illusion, kyra and 1b, with the hd, keep them guessing lace? Okay, so this is what had me a little nervous this this this tag right here, honey, you know most times, i don't know it. Just seemed like there's gas, it seems like there's like y'all, see those gaps off up in there where's my pen y'all see off up in there on the gaps right there, the space right there to me gaps, symbolize stiffness! Is it and we are not stiff? We are flexible, i don't know if i'm gon na be able to de-stiffen it it's what i'm saying too. We got the hole on the guys and changing hand, honey, especially right now on this wig because see i don't know, what's about to go down with this, to be honest with you, but it is a 13x6 which means it's ear, to ear, ear, lace and six Inches back of parting space, so that's always good. It gives you flexibility with your styling. I feel like my brows are just like: hey like right now, we're all in worship, because my brows are ready to get the praise now. Okay, one two three combs along the lace, a comb in the back, so four combs total adjustable, strap bam. The lace is looking really nice. I will say the plucking is looking very natural imma, just throw this on real, quick and see, but i do want to show y'all. This is pre-plucked beautifully. You can still see my fingers through there, that is very nice and that's very close to my natural hairline, because my hair is very fine, so my edges are just naturally thin, which is why i don't use like the glues to apply this. This is what i'm going to be using to apply the wig okay. It doesn't feel as stiff as i thought, but i don't know that could be a trick of the enemy. Okay, i got my baby hairs, all swooped and stuff. I got the ignite baby heads today, too honey. I wanted to be ignorant today. Okay, now it fits very um like i it's loose on me just from plopping it on but y'all know. I have a small domology. Y'All already know that. So now i'm not saying no, i'm not saying that actually does not look bad and it's very, the texture is lovely. The texture is so pretty dang. I thought this was going to be mad stiff. I ain't going to lie y'all. I just knew when i saw they need to change that the tag then, because honey, when i first saw that it ain't supposed to be just sticking out like that, that means stiff y'all. This feels really great. This feels really good. Oh, i like this. If my mother asked for me yeah, i'm feeling this what the heck was, i thinking i'm just honestly, i can get the full yeah. This wig was sent to me by elevate styles. This is definitely giving me first, lady vibes young first lady vibe, when you like 22, and you get married cause. You'Ve been waiting to be first lady, your whole life and you get you want to get married to a pastor. So bad. That'S your whole goal in life just be somebody's first, lady at the church, okay. Well, if that is you, this is the type of wig that you want. Also, this is when you real sediti and you work for local government. Like you work for the the community action committee and you bring in programs and grants you're a local hero because you bring in so many programs for the children. You ain't trying to get deep into the government, but just enough to where you can accidentally around folks. You want folks to be like daddy, you know she work for the government. That'S the type of wig right here. This right here is shawna. Shauna is kind of about that natural life, but she's not really so she gets text likes. So she can have the volume when she has her blowouts and stuff. Now her real name is caira. Okay, y'all know i just wigs give me names, y'all, know, y'all, know, y'all, know me: i'ma just go ahead and cut this lace. Now. Do i want a middle part? Okay, this is looking good y'all. I don't even think i need to use any of the spray side part or this middle part. Let me just see real quick. I might still lay it with the lace front. I don't know honey, but i'm definitely not going to use. I never use glue if you guys are wondering i never use hair glue like the bold hold and stuff i'm nervous. Oh i'd rather have edges than both and listen. I know a lot of people use bull hole and do not have any problems with their edges. Don'T get it twisted y'all. I just know my edges. They are not as strong as everybody else's, so i have to do the things according to his will, but my life is what i'm saying to you. One thing that kai did do in her video was she um put a little bit of heat to it with her blow dryer. So i do want to do that, but i got to get the right part first. I think i, like this side, part y'all. I am going to take a little bit of this spray on my edge, whisper brush and just swoop. Some of these baby hairs down a little bit, give it a little bit of a stick to it. I just did like a little swoop right there. Okay, y'all i'ma just have that right there, let that kind of get tacky and dry. I'M not really too much worried about this side, because this is the side that's gon na be covered up now. What i'm going to do is create this right. Part y'all know that's my favorite. You can do a left part on here. They see it again. This is a 13x6 i'm going to take this blow dryer and i'm just going to direct it right here where that little hump is. This is safe up to 400 degrees. Now i always like to have a swoop right, where my part is going to be, like kind of you know, kind of blending that part that's where we are with that with that side. Okay, i'm going to take some of my fit me foundation in 362.. I'M just going to clean up this part. Remember! Take it back as far as you want your part to go, and i'm also going to take the foundation along this front part. The lace that you can see just getting it on in there kind of blending that in kind of going in there in where the hair is don't be afraid to do that. This is a pleasant surprise. This is it. This is not bad, and this wig is like 50 bucks. It'S like 49.99 yeah, that's cute, that's cute! That'S cute! Come on now, hey. I thought this was going to be mad. Still, it's not um yeah y'all. Let me know what y'all think about this yeah. This side part was a good look. This was a good look big ups to elevate styles for sending me this wig. I really like it pleasant surprise, i'm just like shocked yeah. This is great, wonderful, synthetic wig, y'all, so yeah. Let me know in the comments how y'all feeling is again big, shout out to elevate styles for sending me this brady, overweight and until next time, y'all peace, love, light.

Brianna Jé: I'd rather have edges just took me to the altar! I was crying !

mydestiny84: I'm here dying! Like how does Mary find a WHOLE BACKSTORY for every wig lol

Mary K. Bella: Hey cousins heeeeey! So this is the thing, I so was hesitant about this wig! But when Kie put her hands on it, chile..... I started to feel like maybe I could flex it!! I must say, it was a pleasant surprise!!! What do you guys think about this one?! Make sure you check out Kie's review on this wig too! Link in the DB! xoxo ~K

Nellz: "I'd rather have edges than Bold Hold".....I'm at work, laughing like a hyena!!

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T Brunson: I love your personality and your channel! I instantly get happy when I see your videos. Thank you for making last year and this one more bearable! I enjoy the entertainment but I also learn so much about wigs.

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~Daphne Amy's World~!: Bob Bob looks so natural it looks like your own hair

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