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The level is just so Advanced, the bezel is Tiffany, stand, don't grip on my hand. I know that I came with the slide from left to right, but now I don't want to dance. I got too much on the line too much. On my mind, too much ain't enough for my plans. Nike, don't pay me to tell you just do it. They pay me to show you. I do it again huh. So this is the packaging that the hair came in. Bang jazz is the name of the brand. I found it on Amazon. I ended up getting a 26 inch. This is like their special promo. You can get longer links, but it's obviously going to cost more matter of fact. The 30 inch was like a hundred dollars more but anyway y'all the hair is so freaking soft. Like the hair super soft, I found this wig through Tick Tock, because all the girlies on Tick Tock is wearing his hair. The lace gives what it's supposed to it's. Pre-Plucked, the knots are easily being able to be bleached. I did bleach the knots of this unit before I put it on, but other than that, like I don't have any complaints by the time. I see this video I've been wearing a wig for a week already. The hair is still soft, still giving me what I needed to give. So, let's get right into the install, because I want y'all to see um how easy I was able to install this wig using no glue girl. I just had a little spray so keep watching the video we about to get into the install because okay cause period. Let'S start this install y'all. I do like to start off with a ball cap method and I spray down my caps using my wig Lace spray. The spray I'm using today is the even wonder: lace, bonding spray or whatever I got the black can that's my favorite, but that it had no more black. So I had to settle for the gold one, but I found out that I wasn't even settling because it's the same thing except the gold is just a Sensitive Formula. That'S it go ahead and cut your cap off y'all that cat B - oh my God, squeezing my head, be giving me a headache. So I love when it's time to cut it off just wanted. So after that's done, I like to go in with my Ruby, kisses cream foundation just to make sure that the ball cap is looking like scalp. I have all these products listed Down Below in my description box. So if y'all want to use these same things when y'all do y'all wigs, I can here goes the hair. Y'All super super soft. All of that look at it pre-plucked. I did not pluck this wig, yet matter of fact. I'M gon na install it just like this. So y'all can really see what it gives without it being plucked, plus the last time that I plucked my wigs. I don't know they don't last as long when you pluck them, because hairs is going to come out the lace anyway, so I decided not to do too much plucking on this unit. Here I am cutting off the back lace. You always want to cut that, so it don't show you know, underneath your wig and when I first put my wigs on, I like to check just to see the fit at this point once you get this far you're gon na know. If the week is too big or too small um, I'm not gon na lie. This bang Jazz wig is a little small. So if you're watching this video, your head is even maybe a little bit bigger than mine. I don't know girl, you might struggle with this. Wig, like it's a really good unit, don't get me wrong. The price is good um and, as you can see, it does fit my head, but I'm just saying that's it like anything. Smaller would not have fit me. So that is one thing I can say about this wig um. Here I am just cutting off the ear tabs. You want to make sure you're being careful when you cut this and that you're not cutting too much that the way you leave yourself rooms to have some cute sideburns going. You know, and I used to be so horrible. I couldn't ear tabs. I'M not gon na lie, but I've gotten way better over the years and I'm constantly going through matching it up side by side like you cut one side rematch again before you cut the other side, because this part is super important. You want it to go behind your ear with no irritation. You don't want to have any excess lace around your ears. Trust me, you ain't been calling me baby, okay, so it's finally time to start installing y'all. Well, we are installing which I know what I mean go in with some alcohol. This is important. I don't care if you're using lace, glue, gel spray, whatever use some alcohol and wipe off your hairline, especially if you wear makeup like me, you get that makeup off and just any oils that might be on your face. This is going to make sure that your wig lasts as long as possible, and here I am going in with my even lace, spray Wonder: lace hold spray, and I like to do about three or four layers of this. Depending on how long you want it to last, so if you know you just want the wig on for a night, maybe one layer, two layers would be good, but I actually like to go in with three or four layers and, as you can see, I'm using My fingers reason being you can spray it directly on your hairline, and sometimes I do, but what I notice sometimes when I do that it'll drip. So when you put it on your hand first and wipe it there, you can really get it exactly where you want it to go, especially if you got on makeup like you, don't want that stuff dripping off on your face and all of that, so that's why I use my fingers just because it's just for a little better control and this lace spray dries really quick, so literally put it on hit it with the blow dryer a few times, and then it's going to be, you know, tacky, make sure you're not letting it Dry completely before putting the next layer like we don't want it super super dry, but we also don't want it wet. So I literally hit it real, quick with the blow dryer just to get it tacky like a little sticky and then go in with your next layer, and one thing I do like to do once I have all my layers done and I'm ready for the final Layer when I put the spray on my head, I don't go in with the blow dryer next. I just take the lace. As you can see here, I didn't blow dry it I put it down on my head, so my last layer, I like it to be wet and not dry. Yet then I lay it down and then I use my comb to back comb it in just to make sure that the lace is melting and sticking with the spray. Then you can go in with your blow dryer to get it dry dry. So remember that all your layers keep drawing them a little bit until they're tacky, but that last layer, when you're using spray, keep it wet and put your wig into it. It'S gon na make all the difference. Thank Me Later Pooh. Another tip I like to do is to cut the lace into three sections. This just allows you to place it on your head so much easier. I don't know how the girlies put the spray all around a whole hairline and then just put the wig on in one big install. If you can do that, grow kudos to you because baby listen, I got ta, do my install in sections, it's just. It makes it to me cleaner. It looks better. I have more control of what I'm doing. So, I'm literally doing the same thing, y'all that I did at the front on both sides. I did not show that in the video, because y'all get it right here. I am cutting off the lace now I have everything glued down and I'm cutting off the lace. You can use a razor, you can use scissors. I go back and forth whatever feels good to me. That day is what I use um. If you're using scissors be careful, though, because it can get real Wiggy real fast, you know what I'm saying so, if you're using scissors make sure that you cut it kind of that you're moving your scissors back and forth, and you can kind of see me doing It you see what I'm saying I'm moving my scissors like up and down as I cut y'all. Look: how look how sticky that lace spray this stuff really holds down like I don't even fool with lace glue, no more, I'm a spray kind of girl, but I did have to put my lace back a little bit because I had glued. You know too much down, so that was me just pulling it back, but yeah girl this. This even spray does what it's supposed to do and I will probably forever install my wigs using it because I like it so and it's easy so yeah playing okay, everybody. After all, my lace is cut off. I do like to go back in and clean up, and I do this using a Q-tip and some alcohol, sometimes with using the spray. You know what I'm saying you spray down more than what you need, especially when it's a new wig. Now that I have this wig cut already my next install I do with it. Of course, I'm not going to have all this excess spray because it's already cut, but sometimes on a brand new wig. You know you get a little extra spray and it's okay, because girl we're gon na fix it keep watching the video because we gon na slay. This wig okay went through, I wasn't liking. I felt like I put it too far up. That'S why I was doing that face, but y'all know me we're gon na fix it we're gon na get it looking good, but this is how the wig look. No plucking. No baby hairs, I'm gon na feel in it I'm a baby hair type of girl, baby, hair type of girl. So right here I am going through and I'm just sectioning off like a little bit of the hair, all the way around my head. I like to do this, especially when I'm using the spray um, because, let's be real, the spray does not last as long as lace glue. So if you do the spray option, you want to make sure that you are really spraying it down and using enough of it, so that your wig will last just as long as it does with the glue. So I section off the hair. I twist it out of the way and then what I like to do is go in with my spray and I spray it again. That'S why I section the hair off, because if you don't section the hair off, then your baby hairs is going to be all stuck to your head. I want that so I section them off and then I went ahead and sprayed more behind the hairline. Now I'm coming in with the elastic band, if I can get it put the elastic band on and then after that, I give it 15 minutes to melt and to do what it's going to do I like to blow dry it a little bit more. You don't have to you, can get up grow, go. Do your makeup pick your outfit out whatever, but give it 15 minutes to set and to melt into your head, and here I am taking it off now. The baby hairs were a little crispy after that spray. So I do like to go in with my comb, and I just kind of like just comb out the glue is going to come out easy, so just kind of like comb out. You know anything. That'S sticky just to get it back to how it was before this next part is optional, but I love Nairobi foam, so I do use Nairobi foam around the hairline. It just helps soften the hairline up, especially when you use the spray um it helps like Nairobi is just that grow, get you some Nairobi foam. If you plan on doing wigs and thank me later yeah, I was not feeling that little side part that little Sideburn right there, but it don't matter because, like I said we're about to slay a latest wig, but I was going back in with more even spray. Just to make sure that it was down because it always be the ear tabs for me, the ear tab for me going in with some um a wax stick and I'm just kind of hot combing, the hair back and out the way, because we're about to get Into these baby, hair is next, but I do like to make sure everything is hot, combed back and it's flat and it's ready for the style. Okay. So today I opted for a side. Part that'd, be my only what they say. My only stress in life is if I'm gon na get a side part or a middle part, okay, because period. So that's what I was stressed out about, but I went ahead and did a side part, because it's something about a side part and curly hair. It just gets so cute be given like so pretty so girly, so I'm definitely a side part type of girl, and I was trying to make it curve around, while also hiding the track like. I didn't want my track, showing what so yeah right. Now I'm doing my favorite part, which is the baby and I'm plucking out. This is my first time plucking this wig as y'all can see. The hairline is looking thicky thicky but, like I said, I think when it comes to plucking like plucking, definitely makes or breaks the wig. I can say that in a really really good plucked wig does look nice and more natural. I know, but the last wig that I plucked it looked so good and natural, but guess what after two or three installs girl I couldn't do nothing with it. It was balding. So like this time, when I did this install, I was trying to see how nice I can get this hair without plucking. So much out, you know what I'm saying, but I still ended up plucking the baby hairs, of course, which is okay um. But that was my train of thinking when I was doing my baby hairs and if y'all do baby hairs. Y'All know the struggle you just gon na keep playing with them until you get them the way you want, keep cutting them until they look right, keep plucking them until you get the look you're going for um. Sometimes I like to use edge control most of the times I like to use Nairobi foam for my edges. So it's really up to you. If you use edge control, the edges are gon na. You know be a little bit more harsh and kind of stuck in a place and if you use the um foam, the even foam then they'll be a little softer. You know so here I am cutting out another piece of baby hair, just trying to see what it's gon na give. All I ever asked was your boys. You ain't been calling me baby, okay, everybody, when you alone, and just like that we have it installed. It'S looking really cute y'all. This is the hair with no product in it, no product at all in this hair and look at the curls they're definitely giving that gorilla, but I wanted to see how it looked wet. So I went in with some mousse and I put that all through the hair just to see, because I feel like curly wigs is cute when it kind of is like a little puffy with no product, and they also give a Vibe when it's like the wet. Look so I did both just to see um and I like both of it, but honestly this hair doesn't need anything very cute, affordable. So if you're, looking for some curly hair for the low Amazon Prime comes to you in two days check out bang Jazz wigs super cute. No, this is not sponsored, but the links will be listed down below. If you want to go purchase, get this wiggle and yeah make sure that y'all like this video leave me a comment find me on Instagram and follow me on Instagram. I will have my Instagram listed on the screen because and until next time, y'all stay pretty yeah. Bye girl,

Shakera Shakera: This unit is beautiful

BriannaNahhh: Wow. When I was wearing wigs I Never plucked them but now I know. Am still a beginner when it comes to wig s/o this is a refreshing for me

LeeLe👯‍♀️: So did you bleach the knots???

Siani White: What curly pattern is this :) ?

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