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V part Wig install with leave out

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Hair Info: 22 inch body wave v part wig 180% density

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, Grandma CEO and I'm back with another video I've seen you talking about her child today is going to be a hair review and I'm going to be installing and reviewing this V part unit from Ali Pearl hair. Thank you so much to Ali Pearl hair for sponsoring today's video so like I said this is a V part unit, definitely giving scalp okay, so yeah. This um hair is 100 density and I did cut some layers into it. To give this body wave look, and it is definitely giving body this is body, wave hair and it definitely holds an amazing curl. As you can see, I've been combing it and everything and it's still holding the curl. So I'm really happy about that. But yeah I'm not going to do too much rambling, make sure you guys, like this video, make sure you guys leave me some comments down below and make sure you guys subscribe to my channel. If you want some more content from me all the details you need to know about, this hair will be down in the description bar so yeah without too much rambling. I'M gon na go straight into the install. If you want to learn how to install a V part unit, just keep on watching hey guys, so I know I already gave you guys a little intro, so we're just going to jump right into it with what we are doing today. As you can see, my hair is blow dry. It out. I feel, like it's gotten thinner since the last time y'all seen it, but whatever we are working on her okay. So, as you can tell by the time today, we are installing a V part wig by Ali Pearl hair, so I'm gon na show you guys what I got in the mail and everything. So this is the box that it came in. I only took a peek at it just to make sure I received the correct item so yeah we're just gon na go ahead and get started because, as you can see, I need my hair done and yeah. So I have um always warn you part wigs. I used to wear um I used to make my own you probably wigs back when I was doing wigs, that's back when I was doing hair and everything, so I'm super excited to go ahead and try this one out um. So I'm gon na show you guys everything that came in the box. So, of course we have our V part wig, and I believe this is um. Let me show you guys the way it lasts, because that's what we're gon na be working with, but um in the Box. It also has this um band. This isn't a lace wig, so we don't really need this, but it has an elastic band um. They gave me a little Edge brush um. We have this. What is this? Okay, we have a nice little um, silk um head wrap, which is definitely going to come in handy. We have some nude colored wood cat, wig caps, so yeah definitely need some of those for later on, and then they gave me some lashes and yeah. It'S just um this little car that talks about how to wash your wigs and yeah. Like I said, the brand is Ali Pearl hair everything you need to know about what I have and the brand and everything will be down in the description box. So please check the description bar if you guys want to know the specs of this hair and some more details about ali Pro Hair and then lastly, they have this um silk bag. For me to keep my wig in okay, so um, if you don't know where you part or V part wig, is it's pretty much a hair um, it's pretty much a wig that has a space for leave out, which I really do like because, like I said In another video, I'm like really looking more towards like the natural type of look so having a wig that I can have my hair on the top is a really great thing for me personally so yeah like I said I got this wig. This is 22 inches and I believe this is supposed to be a body wave. It looks so curly, literally bouncy as hell like look at these curls. Well, I do want to wear curls, so this is going to help me um. So yeah, like I said it, has the um the part right here, the mother opening and so we're just gon na um cut. Hopefully this is focused, we're just gon na cut this so that you can have the opening right here. So, as you see, my hair hasn't been cool yet so I will be doing Lily from start to finish with you guys, so I'm just gon na go ahead and cut down the middle of this weather. Two parts are stuck together and on the inside it has these clips to keep it secure on your head. So, oh, it has literally like five Clips. So all these clips are going to help keep it secure. So it's literally just gon na be like um a sew in without the sewing part, so um yeah. I'M super excited about that. This is 22 inches. I just pulled out the box as you can see, my hands are running through it so smoothly. So yeah, I'm not gon na, do too much more rambling, I'm going to go ahead and section off my hair and start coal rolling and let you guys see that process um but yeah. Like I said. Oh, it also has an elastic band in the back, which is going to be great um, just to make sure this is kept secure. It also has some more comes on the side, so this is definitely going to be super secure on your head and it also has those adjustable straps in the back, so um yeah, I'm really excited ooh and at the top. This is like a more mesh. If you guys can see, this is like a little bit more mesh compared to the lining in the back of the wig. So that's going to be really great for my hair, really breathable and as you can see, it's literally a v. So I'm going to go ahead and put this on my head. So I can like pretty much measure and map out where um, what part to leave out and then what part to combo up so we're just going to go ahead and get started on installing this really pretty hair. So yeah. Let'S start oh foreign, okay, so, as you can see, I just kind of put it on my head, so I can like make sure I have the correct measurements um for how much leave out I'm gon na leave out. So, as you can see, it's like sitting right on the part that I had made on both sides so living not a lot of leave out at all. You just want to make sure you have enough leave out to cover up the track, so I'm gon na go ahead and take this off and put the wig to the side. So now that we have this section out, I'm going to be um, sectioning out my edges and then um, I'm going to be corn rolling, my hair. So I'm going to let you guys see all of that um so yeah. I do want this to be a super protective style, so I'm going to call on again if your hair is short enough, you can literally like pull it back like something like this and then go ahead and put the wig over top and you'll be good, but Yeah, I'm gon na go ahead and crumble. It so I'll see you guys in a second, because tonight will be the only thing yeah like I said: I'm gon na go ahead and combo this up and I'll get back to you guys in a second enough. Every time so quiet that boys, thank you way up here. Thank you, okay, so obviously I know I look ridiculous right now, but I did just finish: um quivering everything, not the neatest, definitely not world's neatest cornrows, but um. I do think this is pretty secure. Okay, so um we're gon na go ahead and try the wig on just gon na kind of Comb it out of it. Like I said all the specs for this wig will be down in the um description bar. I do love how soft it is like just straight out of the um package. Okay, I'm just making sure it still fits perfectly and it does so um. Let me get all these clips. I got ta go right here. Oh this fits really good. Oh yeah wow! This is literally perfect yeah. I think I have a standard size shape head, so this is literally perfect. Um, I'm gon na go ahead and take out the leave out part and just kind of blow everything out and um. I'M actually going to go ahead and style. It for you guys, but as you can see, this is a very very like simple and fast install it took me like, like maybe like 15-20 minutes to cornrow like this is a super fast install. So all I have left to do is fly around the top um and do my edges and kind of style the um unit. So I'm really happy about how quick this is going to be so yeah. I'M gon na go ahead and do that and I'll come back and show you guys the end result. Foreign also. This wig is 180 density, which I think is really good. I just blowed it out and it is just super full and I can't wait till I style this, so I can just see how natural it looks on me, but yeah. This is 22 inches and it comes literally if you guys can see like down to my waist and yeah, I'm about to cut a couple layers in the front and then curl it and style it 180 density for like a sewing type of look, is perfect. So definitely recommend getting this density if you are thinking about getting this unit. Thank you. Thank you, hey guys, so I am back, and this is the finished look so, like I said in the beginning, this is the alley pearl. One eight 180 density V, part body, wave wig. As you can see, I do have leave out on the top, which I do love. I just cut some layers in it, so I could get this um really bouncy Style, as you can see like the comb. Just Glides through the hair, I'm actually really loving. This hair I purchased like bundles from Ali curl before so. This wig is like nothing short of amazing, like I would definitely be buying this again and maybe get some color or something in it. But yeah, like I said, like you, can literally see just the quality, is amazing, and I also learned like really to get this really nice, like effortless curl. Look. You definitely need to make sure you put layers in your hair. I was struggling, so we both learned something today. Okay, this is the end result. I hope you guys like it. I hope you guys learned something today. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments and, like I said earlier in the video all the details you need about this unit and where to purchase your own unit will be down below in the description box. So please check the description box. If you have any questions and want to purchase this unit for yourself, it's Lily just gliding into my hair and it literally looks like a fresh sew-in like in my edges and everything. Let me show you guys the back. This is 22 inches and then five three. So I feel like it's a really nice length I mean, like I did say, a cut, a couple of um layers in there. So yeah. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments. I hope you guys like this install. Let me know if you guys have any questions down in the comments and I'll see you guys in the next video

Ali Pearl Hair: Gorgeous! Thanks for trying our hair

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