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This video features Ellen Wille must have mid length wigs! I will show you 10 different wigs that you should add to your wig collection! Ellen Wille makes beautiful wigs that work for all face shapes and styles that are also appropriate for all ages! Mid-length wigs are the focus of our video today, I hope you enjoy it!

All wigs shown are available at and were either provided for previous review or purchased with my own funds.

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I get so many questions about how I apply my wig cap and grip, here is the video if you are interested.

Here is a link to the wig grip I am wearing from WigStudio1

Link to video discussing Ellen Wille blonde shades and color codes!

Links to full video reviews of the wigs shown: (Colors featured in linked videos may differ from colors shown in this video)


Movie Star

Talent Mono


Girl Mono

Wave Deluxe

Elegance Mono


Esprit (Unavailable)



0:00 Intro

2:36 Icone Champagne Rooted

6:14 Movie Star Safran Red Rooted

7:51 Talent Mono Sandy Blonde Rooted

9:55 Dance Candy Blonde Tipped

11:50 Girl Mono Stone Grey Rooted

13:25 Wave Deluxe Champagne Rooted

15:40 Elegance Mono Bernstein Rooted

18:15 Perla Beige Pastel Shaded

20:57 Esprit Champagne Rooted

22:48 Flirt Caramel Rooted

24:40 Ending

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Hi and welcome back to my channel okay today we are going to look at some more mid-length must-haves. Now all the wigs I'm going to show you today are from Ellen Villa, so I thought that'd be fun. Let'S look at some mid lengths from Ellen Villa Now by mid length, I'm speaking of probably nothing longer than this, and not short like Pixies, so somewhere in between a pixie and this link. That'S what we're going to talk about today. I have a lot of Ellen Villa. I want to show you. However, I want to tell you. The majority of these are blondes and I know everybody always says why do you only show bonds? Well, I don't you know, I show tons of Reds. I show all kinds of colors, however: I love the Ellen Villa blondes and reds. I have some Reds, I'm going to show you, but the majority of these are blondes and also keep in mind. I buy these wigs. The majority of the wigs I show you. I have purchased so I'm going to purchase what I know. I'M gon na wear I'm not going to purchase a lot of brunettes because I don't wear brunettes, but you are so lucky because there are some wonderful wig reviewers out there that show you the gorgeous brunettes. So I'm going to show you some blinds lots of blondes today. So if you want to see those stick around and let's look at some Ellen Villa mid-length must-hats, let's just start out with what I have on this is Ellen Villa icon and the color is champagne rooted 22. 1625. Now, before we get started, I want to tell you: I have an entire video on the Ellen Villa colors and how it may be the same name, but the color codes are different and why that is so. I will link that below. If you would like to know that they differ between Collections and just for an example like I said I have on icon and champagne rooted, which is 22 16 25.. I have another champagne reader, I'm going to show you from the hair power collection. Champagne rooted. 22. 2625, the color codes are different and there's a reason for that and, like I said, I know it's confusing. It took me a long time to get a grasp on that, but they are different between collections. So I will link that video below that explains that all right, so again back to this, this is Ellen, Villa icon and champagne rooted. I love this wig and yes, I'm going to say I love this wig for every wig I put on. You know why I can I bought them, and I can say I love them, because I do and y'all embrace your wig Journey love your hair love your hair. Every day I get up, I put on a different wig, depending on what I have on do. I want to wear blonde today. Do I want to wear red? What do I want to wear short pixie? Don'T want to wear something long. It is so fun when you decide that you are going to embrace this journey and you're going to get everything out of it, you're going to encourage other women to do the same. It is the most wonderful feeling so embrace your wig Journey, embrace your beautiful hair, Embrace that every day you can look your best in what you think is beautiful. Don'T let anybody tell you, oh you shouldn't wear that no one's going to ever. Tell me! Oh, you shouldn't wear that that didn't look good if I put it on and I like it, I'm gon na wear. So I think and I'm encouraging you to do the same. Okay, icon. I like the rooting on this champagne rooted, I think Ellen Villa - does beautiful. Wigs, I always have I've always thought their wigs are gorgeous. They fit me well now, Ellen Villa also gets a wrap of their only petite. That is not true, be sure. Whoever you are watching explains fit to you of Ellenville a different again different collections fit differently. Some are very petite. I have a 21 and a quarter inch head circumference. This one fits me. Fine, I think definitely a little larger size could even wear this one. However, some fit larger. That'S not true that they're all for petite heads so be sure whoever you are watching is explaining the fit to you very well on Ellen Villa, because I think a lot of people miss out on these wigs because they think they can only fit petite sizes. So be sure to be aware of that, I love the silhouette of this. This has beautiful layering that goes down and Frames the face nicely. It'S low density, I'm going to show you the inside of the cap, real quick and I'm going to try to move through these quickly y'all. I know you don't have time to sit here and listen to me all day, so I'm going to try to move through them fairly quickly. This had this. Oh, my goodness. Look at this cap, hand-tied cap, large mono, top lace front all the way down. Now I have reviewed all these wigs y'all. I'Ve already done all that this is not a wig review. This is just a quick overview if you want to see the full. If you see this wig - and you think I want to know more about that, look in the drop down box below this video be sure to expand the drop down box. I will link full reviews on all of this that goes into color Cap Construction color in outdoor lighting, so I have already reviewed them so be sure to check the drop down box. This has a covered. This is wefted. This is covered here honestly, a beautiful, beautiful, wig icon. I'Ve enjoyed that have worn that a lot All Right. Moving On an all-time favorite coming up Ellen Villa movie star and this one's in Saffron red rooted, see, I don't always just show blondes saffron red root. It is 29, 28, 33. 130.. Well that tells you right there. This is going to have lots of color. Look at all these beautiful red shades movie star. I just don't think you can go wrong. So many people love this. It has a extended lace front. It has a mono Crown here, just this little mono Crown it's open wefted, all that okay slip on it slip it on real, quick and okay. I'M ready to go how fast it is use a wide tooth comb always always - and this fits me again perfectly. I like it, I think that also this would stretch up. I know some people that have larger size heads that wear movie star all the time, so I do believe a larger size head can wear this one and I just think it's so cute. I don't think you can go wrong. Okay, there's movie star, I told you I was going to run through these fast. I love these videos. I hope you guys do too leave me lots of comments below. Let'S talk about it, if you want me to continue doing these, let me know all right, Talent, mono I've had this wig, so long uh. This color is sandy blonde rooted. 22. 16. 25. This time, yes, okay, let's look at this one! This has this lace front. Is not extended, so it's a non-extendance just Temple to Temple, mono top open wefted and has an extended felt nape Talent mono been around a while still love it. This one runs large on me. I have taken it in with the adjusters already, but just to let you know that and like I said, I have had this wig for so long so so long and it's been a super popular style for Ellen Villa. I see why I think a lot of people can wear this wig. I just have some hair, you wear hairspray here and this one's got some box hair. It'S been sitting in the Box, so I would have to work with it a little bit, but that's okay. I don't mind doing that, like I said that was just a little hair. You wear hairspray that I put on there just to get it out of my face a little bit and mid-length, like I said, not long, not short, I think this is a great length for most face shapes I'm all about these flippy ends. I, like that, all about it, Talent, mono, that's a good staple for any wig wardrobe. In my opinion, if you like a little bit longer mid-length Style all right, let's see what's up next uh, you know, Ellen Villa just has some wigs that just work. So many people wear it. So many talk about it. This is dance, candy, blonde tipped, extended lace front into a mono part notice. There'S no seam! Here now you can tell. I have really pulled this. One in open, wefted extended felt nape and this one ran really large on me. So I, as I said you can see where I have already taken it up. I have worn this wig so many times, beachy waves, I'm gon na put plain water you've seen me. Do that a kajillion times right, where I just like to separate the curl separate the fiber and mess it up now y'all. This is a messy Dew. This is not supposed to be fixed. This is supposed to be let your wigs be what they are. This is supposed to be just messy: beachy waves. Take it out of the box spray it with some products you can use like I said I just use some water, but you could use some sea salt spray. I have some here and you could mess it up with that. Just adds a little texture and you're ready to go and y'all don't have a mirror in the back. So just bear with me we're doing the best we can here, but what a fun little style super popular dance, candy blonde tipped all right, y'all - probably not used to me going through them so fast. I usually. I know I get chatty. I understand I apologize, but I get excited when we start talking about wigs. I get so excited all right, another one girl, mono one. We all know and love right girl. Mono now I have mine in stone, gray rooted one of my when they came out with this color. I fell in love with it and I still love it still still love it now, lace, front and mono part. This is not a very deep mono part on this one. Just so, you know open wafted extended, felt nape, but look at this gorgeous gorgeous Stone, gray rooted. They hit a home run. In my opinion, with this color, I really think it's a wearable Gray. I think it's great on this silhouette. Romano, I have girl mono and I don't know how many colors I think that it works in every color. I have personally not seen a color of this wig that I didn't think it looked good in. I just think it. The way these curls are put together the way it's got enough body to it, and it's got a beautiful length that, like I said, I have just not seen it in any color I didn't think was pretty. I just think this is one of their all-time best. Sellers and I can see why lots and lots of movement here which I think is perfect. Okay, let's move on to wave Deluxe champagne rooted 22, 26. 25.. All right now, wave Deluxe it has this scalloped lace front goes all the way down into the ear tabs. All the way under look how beautiful that is hand-tied cap, it is wefted in the back and extended feltnate I'll. Tell you this color, so pretty yes, these are all now I want to tell you. This is huge on me. This is very, very big like to let you know that again, if you missed it, I'm a 21 and a quarter inch head circumference. But how pretty is this wig? It is so beautiful if you like a little beachy wave again and that's been all the rage. Hasn'T it, I know when they first came out with these beachy waves. I was like oh gosh, I don't know, but now I've jumped on the beachy bang beachy wave bandwagon. That'S a mouthful right. So yes, I have I like them. I see why they're popular a lot of people can wear them. It'S these this one. I think the reason I think this is for a lot of people. Is it's not too beachy wave? It'S not all over. It'S not big in any way. This is a hand-tied cap, it's more Sleek, so you don't have that really um when you have a wefted cap and you have a lot going on. That'S not the case here. It'S very Sleek on the top, as you can see, then it comes down and has the waves around the face. I think it's lovely, I think, like I said many. Many people can wear this style. Lots of movement nice nice length here on this one, so wave Deluxe, don't forget about that one, and I really do think this scallop lace front is nice on this one as well. Okay, now the next one I have is a prime power wig. It is Elegance. Mono, it's pretty new came out this year, um. It is a blend of human hair and synthetics some people like them. Some people, don't that's perfectly fine. I respect your opinion and I want you to know that um. I love that you respect mine and I respect yours. You don't have to like what I like and I don't have to like what you like. That'S again, the beauty of the wig Journey. We have so so many wonderful things to choose from. I don't think we all should be the same. I don't think we all should like the same things. I think that's why we have a variety of things. This uh, in my opinion, is gorgeous. I love it. I have reviewed it. Look how pretty this is covered here. Just like you know, those covered wefts has the elastic here. I have a full review on it. I don't have to go through all that, but I just want to give you a little overview. Bernstein rooted - and this is probably like you you're thinking - oh that looks different than my other. It looks different than the regular synthetic Bernstein rooted, because this also has human hair in it. Elegant Solano, I just if you were into the blends, you might really enjoy this. I think it's lovely. I really do I like it. I like the um. I like the shape of this. I like the long, sweeping bang on this, the fibers it feels like human hair. The fibers are just wonderful, in my opinion, that's my opinion um. I just think it's so pretty Bernstein rooted beautiful. Now, of course, you could curl this. You could use your styling tools on this. You could add curl to this. You could take this clip out. You can make this completely straight. You can add more to it. You can do all kinds of things I think the sweeping bang is beautiful. I do not think you can go wrong with this wig. Thank you Ellen Villa for making Elegance mono it's gorgeous another one that was really really popular when it came out, and I think continues to be so is Perla and mine is beige. Pastel shaded, 101. 2760.. This is a different color. I, like this color beige, pastel shaded, it's a little longer. This one is really pretty basic. It has this little tiny, mono Crown. That'S all! That'S the only mono features in this wig, but this so there's some permatease going on here. If you don't like Perma cheese, probably not your wig, but that's okay - we don't all have to like Perma cheese right now. This has a lot of bang. I thought about cutting my Banks, but I haven't, and I don't know I haven't decided. I think you know they sweep to the side, which is fine. I think you could trim these up a little. I don't know I have not done any adjustment to mine, so just so you know I always like to. If I do any modifications to a wig. I always disclose it in my video always so I know sometimes people say have you had it styled? No, I don't have my wigs professionally styled. You see me, take them out of the box. You see me put them on my head, that's how they get styled. It'S by me and um, the I've only had a couple of human hair, wigs that I took to a stylist and I had it trimmed up to fit my face. I had some layers put in and I have a video where I did that actually into the uh salon and showed you what I had done so this has not been modified in any way but uh Perla, like I said the bangs, are a little excuse me. The bangs are a little long me. I would probably trim these a little, but I have not again a little bit longer here than what we were looking at, but certainly not a long style lots of permatease going through here word of warning around the nape. A lot and well everywhere this week definitely has permatease running all through it. So if that's not for you, this is not your wig for sure, but this is a such a pretty color. I like how it gets really light on the ends. I think that's nice. Y'All, I keep all my wigs. If you don't know already all of my wigs, I keep in their original boxes. I take them out, take care of my hair. I do I want it to last me as long as I can. Okay, we are down to two more champagne rooted: 22. 25 26. This is hair Society and this one uh is a spray came out and I think it's adorable. This is a lace front and a mono part hand tied cap. I'Ve showed you a lot. I'Ve showed you basic caps that just have like a little uh mono Crown. I'Ve showed you hand tied caps. I want you to see a little of it all, so you can kind of get an idea of these. This is just a messy Style again pretty large. On me here and that's something again, I just want to make sure you understand is Ellen Villa they run different. They not just petite heads can wear these wigs, so I just want to make sure you don't pass up on them thinking. Oh, I have a really petite a really large head. You can. A lot of larger sizes can wear Ellen Villa messy, itchy wave just water. Again, I mean that's perfect. It'S summer ready right, throw it on and what they take 10 seconds you're out the door. I reach for these kind of wigs in the summertime all the time from running errands. I love my Pixies always going to have a pixie, but I like these just this length. I think it's great, really nice. Okay, let's move along the last one I have for you today is an all-time favorite. I might need to repurchase this soon. I have worn this wig almost out. This is my flirt in karma rooted 26. 2019.. This is my Workhorse of a wig love, coma rooted. I just have worn this wig. This is one I actually keep out on a desk and um. I have several there that I just reached for a lot in my rotation, and this is one of them lace, front. Mono part open, wefted extended felt nape. I like this because it's sleek it's easy to throw on, and I just think it looks good with just about any outfit and, like I said it's just one. I almost feel like it's almost time to repurchase, and I might I might try this one in a red. I really want to see what it looks like in a red. Oh excuse my voice, I live down here in the South and my allergies are not being nice to me right now, but you know this is casual right. What a beautiful easy to wear style, I'm a fan of just things that are off my face. I can pull up and off and you could steam this off your face. If you wanted easily to do, you could cut a bang into this. If you wanted, you can easily tuck this behind your ear. It has some nice layering. It has a nice silhouette. I just don't think you can go wrong with flirt again and Karma rooted. Okay, guys, that's what I got today. I hope you enjoyed this if you like these type of videos, where I show you multiple Styles, please leave me a thumbs up very important and also uh lots of comments. Let'S talk about these wigs thanks, so much and I'll see you next time.

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