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Height: 5'7

Age: 23

Measurements: Bust 36'' Waist 26'' Hip 38''

Shoe Size: 8

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Foreign, my name is Winnie Jean, if you're new here and if you're returning, then hey girl, how you doing today, I'm going to show you guys how I got this Kinky Curly V part install to look like a scalpiana. Okay. You can't tell me this is in my hair and if you try to tell me that you're a hater, I'm sorry, I've never been one of the you're, a hater girlies, but it's called space fade. Okay. This is giving my hair like this. Let'S be serious, not only am I going to show you guys how I installed this hair, but I'm going to give you a full review at the end, because I've been wearing this hair for two weeks. I went here on a vacation to Jamaica for a week. In Dallas baby, I know this hair through and through. I have product recommendations and all the goodies. So if you want to see how I got this look and a little bit more information then go ahead and keep watching. So today's video is sponsored by United States sent me over this 28 inch V part kinky, curly wig. It came with some cute little goodies, including a wig cap and a hair brush some lashes, The Usual Suspects and before we can go ahead and get into the install, we have to prep our hair. So because I wanted this to look super natural and give very much my hair but longer and thicker Vibes, I'm leaving out quite a bit of hair, I'm starting off by parting out my edges in the front about a half an inch of edges and then I'm Doing the same thing along the sides and the back of my hair, so that I can have a really nice smooth ponytail, this is all of the hair that I'm going to go ahead and leave out. I have it braided out of the way, and now we can work on the leave out at the top I like to do a little mock. Try on so I part out whatever hair. I think I need to leave out and then I clip the hair around that section just to make sure that it'll lay flat, because once you braid your hair down, it's really difficult to adjust how much hair you have left out. Usually so I'm going ahead and clipping that wig right around the part and as you can see, it's laying really nicely so now. I can go ahead and work on my braiding pattern, since we know that everything is laying you know, blush is given what we needed to give so to start the braiding pattern, I'm braiding a really thin braid down the side of my hair and along the back. Instead of going straight back, how I normally would this is going to provide us a nice little anchor braid to sew our wig onto so I'm doing the exact same thing on the other side, but once I get to the back, I'm connecting those braids together. I'M trying to consolidate the ends, so we don't have a lot of hair to sew down at the very end and I'm doing this so we don't have a lot of braided ends to sew down once the braiding pattern is complete. Next, I'm doing two braids around the part and then connecting those braids down in the back and then I put additional two braids on either side, and this is the finished braiding pattern. Everything like super flat and I have less than 10 braids in my hair. I'M just taking the ends of the braids and a little bit of thread and sewing those down as flat as possible, and then we could go ahead and get into the actual install of the wig foreign. Now before we do that. Once again, I want to try the wig on make sure everything is laying properly, because we may need to make a few adjustments to the wig before we can sew it down. So I'm taking a nude eyeliner, something that you can see against the wig and I'm just kind of marking everywhere. That'S a little bit too big on the wig when you're clipping it on it really doesn't matter. But when you sew it on, you want it to be nice and snug to your braids. So it's okay! If you have to make some adjustments, I had to cut off about two inches in the back, so, as you can see, I'm parting out that hair. So I can cut in between the tracks. You don't want to cut a long, a weft. I went ahead and made that Mark on the inside and now I'm just following that line with my scissors, and I ended up cutting off this small section here, including the clip in the back. I also had to cut off a little section on the ear tabs and once I have the wig customized, I clipped all of the Combs out of the inside, so it can be really comfortable to wear and we can go ahead and get into sewing the wig Onto our head, I'm just following along the edges of the wig starting around the part, because that's the most important part that you want to lay properly foreign and then I went ahead and ended that thread and now I'm going to go ahead and start on sewing. The sides everything is laying super flat because we customize the cap and our ponytail is going to be Chef's. Kids, it's going to be super flat and give kind of almost like micro links Vibe. The key to this is to find a hair texture that matches your texture or blend the textures really really well, and once we have everything sewed around the sides, I'm taking a track off of that little section that we cut off from the back where the comb Was and I'm going to use this to glue around my part, this is a totally optional step. You can you can stop where we are use no glue, but I was going on vacation like I said, and I just wanted my hair to lay really really really flat the closer your tracks are to your part, the better your blend is going to be. In my experience, so I just pop that extra track on there, but you do not have to and I'm doing the same thing along the sides. This also adds a little bit of fullness because we did cut some hair off of the wig and now we're just kind of you know, sneaking it back in there, so she's nice and full yeah, and now we can go ahead and get into The Styling. I went ahead and wet my hair down just to kind of get an idea of how everything was laying, but the best thing to do is to co-wash your hair. I went ahead and moistened my hair a little bit just to get everything to start to lay how we needed to and I'm taking a little bit of foaming lotion and brushing that into the tracks. And this is just going to give us a starting point for our blend, because we want all of the hair to kind of mesh together. I don't know how to explain it, but it just does something. So I applied a little bit of Styling Lotion, brushed my hair into the wefts and then put my scarf on just to get everything started off flat and then later I got in the shower and co-washed the hair, and that's how I got the curls nice and Defined with kinky curly hair, you can mousse it down, but the best thing to do for the curls is to just co-wash it, and I twisted my hair in with a little bit of the extension hair to blend it all right. Okay, so this is the finished. Look, I want to thank you, nice again for sending me this hair, because I'm obsessed, when I tell you I'm about to keep this wig on a replay on replay. Okay, when I don't have another wig in this, is going to be, like my all, the time hair. It'S perfect, I'm obsessed with it. Just yes, okay, just yes, let's get into some details so, like I said I wore this hair on vacation because I didn't want to have to worry about blending leave out and all of that and this hair texture was perfect to blend with my own hair. However, common, I also didn't have time to do braids, which is my normal vacation go to so I went for this wig and I made sure to sew it on, so I didn't have to worry about it, falling off on like water sports. Anything I just didn't want to have to worry about it, so this hair was perfect for like a stress-free vacation hairstyle, especially if you have natural hair like me, because the hair is long and curly, you will get a bit of shedding when you like, detangle it, But that's really it like. For the most part, it's like shake and go, and if you put the hair in the pineapple with like a little scarf on at night, you don't have to redo the curls every day, which is Chef's. Kids, because we happen to leave out all the way around the sides, we can also do a high ponytail, which came in handy on vacation, because I could just throw my hair up and it looked really pretty and natural. You have so many styling options with this hair. Now as far as styling the hair and maintenance, I would suggest a really nice conditioner, because you want to co-wash the hair to get the curls popping. You can smother it in mousse if you want to, but it's going to give stiff and after a while you're going to have a lot of product build up. So what I like to do, every two to three days, is to get in the shower soak it down with some water put some conditioner in it. I comb it through with like a bristle brush. I have a little faux Denman brush that I got from beauty supply store for like five dollars. That'S what I use so I just brush her through to get the curls, nice and defined, and then I put two twists here to blend my hair, one right here and two on the back. So I end up with about two four: I end up with about eight twists in my hair and once I take those twists out, the hair is perfectly Blended. You can so when my hair starts and stops it's movie, Perfecto. Okay. As far as the products that I use on my hair, I use the shea moisture Jamaican, castor oil, conditioner um, not the deep conditioner in the little pot, but just like the little pump one. You don't want to use products that are too heavy on the hair, so I went for a standard conditioner instead of a mask which I would use on my natural hair to this texture, just a standard conditioner will do um. I had the hair in for about two weeks, so when I got back from vacation, I went ahead and used my shea moisture deep conditioner from that same Jamaican, castor oil line on my natural hair, but I kind of refrained from adding heavy products on the extensions. I just deep conditioned my natural hair, all of my Leave Out All Around the sides and then put the regular conditioner and comb through on the bundles. When you put too much product on your bundles, they can give ashy, sticky tangly Vibes and that's not what you want to do so yeah. I co-washed the extensions with the standard conditioner co-washed, my hair, with the deep conditioner I rinsed that out and I applied a mixture of mousse. I used the olive oil one they're like mousse foaming lotion and I also use the cream of nature curling cream. I have a little travel bottle of it that they sent me, so I took that with me on the occasion just I'm talking about maybe a few pumps of mousse per side and a little dime sized amount of the curling cream per side. You do not want to overload this hair products like I said it gives ashy sticky Vibes personally, if you want more defined curls then go for it, but I was going for more of like a natural hair, big fluffy, blowout Vibe. So that's what I went ahead and did also I glued one track around the perimeter of the sides and the top. Just because I wanted my hair to blend seamlessly. The sew-in itself was relatively flat, so you don't have to do that if you want to avoid putting glue on your hair, that's definitely not a necessity feel for to just sew the wig on and go, but that's just the extra step that I wanted to go Ahead and do because I wanted to okay baby, I want it flatty flat flat when you get a bit of shedding, because the hair is Curly minimum tangling the hair is gorgeous. I got so many compliments. I can't really think of anything else to tell you guys about the hair. Thank you again to you guys for working with me, because I'm obsessed honestly, it's so bad that I kind of want to get the same exact, wig and a couple of different lengths. I could go for like a shorter one and then maybe like a real super long. One wouldn't be mad at that all right. So I hope that you guys really enjoyed today's video, and I will see you guys on my next one: bye, babes

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