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Hair Info:Precut 6*4.75 lace closure wig, body wave, 24inch, natural color

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Foreign video and today's wig is from clay hair guys. Honestly, I keep touching this hair because it's so smooth and So Soft. So today I'm working with their pre-cut closure wig, so the lace came pre-cut already and it came with a pre-plucks hairline as well. So this is their body wave, 24 inch wig and it's 180 density. So today I'm going to show you guys how you can install this wig 100 glueless I've not used any glue. I'Ve not used any hairspray any hair mousse I've just popped this week on and I'm ready to go. So this is definitely very much a big enough friendly wig so ready to go wig. So you know if you're a corporate babe and you need a wig that you can just pop on your head and you know get going. This is definitely the wig for you. So if you want to see how I styled and installed the wig 100 glueless then make sure you stay tuned and carry on watch it. So this is what the construction of the wig looks like. So it comes with an elastic band, that's adjustable, so you can wear this 100 glueless and it also comes with silicone at the back of the wig to make sure the wig stays exactly where you place it. It comes with some Combs and it comes with this cap, which makes it very breathable, and you know very comfortable as well so yeah. So in terms of the lace, the lace. This is a pre-cut lace, Glazier wig, so it comes pre-cut. The hairline comes pre-plucked as well, so you really don't need to do anything to this wig. It'S ready for you to just install straight out of the box. So the first thing I'm going to do is to apply some Foundation to help the lace match. My skin tone better all right, no, like guys honestly, you don't have to this - is 100 glueless, like I don't need to glue this down. It comes with an adjustable band at the back, so you can see. This is what the wig looks like. So I'm just gon na use some wax thick hot comb, the top and then I'm gon na add some curls to this wig and that's it so just to show you guys that you don't have to grip it down and you can wear this 100 gleeveless we're Just going to put the milk band on whilst I'm styling the wigs all right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, foreign foreign, and this should be good, let's see so this is what it looks like. I haven't glued it down. I'Ve not done anything to the Swig, I've just popped it on my head used my Milkman and here's what it looks like I'm just gon na go back in again with some more Foundation at the top. This looks so good guys like the fact that I've not even glued it down or done anything to it. Thank you, foreign. Just to frame my face a little bit more foreign. I just love how this is looking, so I'm just going to apply some concealer just to make my middle part stand out a little bit more and then we are done and good to go foreign. This is what the lace looks like. This is 100 glueless. I haven't glued it down. I'Ve not used any hairspray. I'Ve not used mousse nothing. This is a hundred percent glueless like lychini, and when it comes to the hair itself, the hair is very soft. It'S so smooth, it feels really really silky so, like I said this wig is from clay hair, and this is their body wave 24 inch wig, it's 180 density, and this is the six by four three cut: lace: Glazer wig. So I'm just really impressed with this wig. It literally took me less than two minutes for me to pop this on my head. I just applied some Foundation to help the lace match my skin tone and then you know added some curls, and here we are like. I love how this wig is looking so I'll make sure to list all the links that you guys need in the description bar below. So please make sure you check below for anything you'd like to know and I'll see you guys in my next one bye,

Doris Wong: It is so pretty!! I love pre-cut wig

Vanessa: This looks so good on you. This might be one your best wig look on you.

Fay H: The wig is so pretty and you are gorgeous!!! Love your channel!

VicksStyles: love the layers ❤

JOYCE AVANZ: Beautiful ! I’m the first to subscribe yayyy❤

peace joseph: Bemi ❤❤

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