Watch Me Install A Dark Purple Wig Ft Unice Hair

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In this video I am going to be showing you how to install a pre colored free part midnight purple wig to match your complexion and a baby hair tutorial. I hope you enjoy this video.

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Watch Me Install a Dark Purple Wig ft Unice Hair #wiginstall #hdlace #customwigs

Welcome or welcome back, if you don't know who I am my name is risi. This is my beauty Channel where we come to slay, especially on a budget and if you're new, don't forget to hit that red button down below and turn it on your post notifications. As you can tell I'm rocking this super cute dark purple, ombre wig! This hair is brought to you by uni. So if you're interested in how I install this unit, then please continue to keep on watching bye Nathan. Do you think you overdid it with our hair? Nope, so don't because we're going to Beverly Hills if I'm gon na do good at that audition. We got to look like stars. So in this wig box I received a silk wig bag, a wig cap and an elastic band with a rope. This unit is a 13 by 4 150 density, midnight dark purple, ombre unit. She is 24 inches. She has adjustable straps and combs a natural hairline, it does say ombre, but it is all purple. Only The Roots is dark, so we are going to bleach the knots. The roots are still black so that it will be easy to lift up. I'M taking my quick blue Powder, 50 volume developer, a drop of that rich adore, eggplant mix it together to create a thick consistency, and then we are ready to bleach. The knots on this unit take a very generous amount of hairspray and comb that hair back. This is going to help not over bleach the unit as well. So don't be scared to use too much hairspray because that's going to help block the bleach from bleeding through and over bleaching and as you can see, I'm applying the bleach to the frontal and then we're going to add some foil to speed up that process. Because sometimes it takes a while, and these knots are very, very thick dark, so it's going to take a while for them to lift up. I actually left this on for like 30 minutes, and it still didn't over bleach so definitely keep an eye out on it and yeah. So this is the next day in the Natural State. I love. This color is very um different because the roots are black, but the rest is purple is giving is her name, Justin Sky back in like 2013 or back in the Tumblr days? That'S what it reminds me of so here I am plucking this unit. As you can see, I parted the um baby hairs away from the unit just so I can have a guide to how I'm going to pluck the unit, and then I go ahead and thin off the baby hairs as much as possible. This hair, even though it says 150 percent density - oh got tongue-tied. This wig is very, very thick. You guys, like I, took some time plucking this unit and I feel like the hairline was still thick. So yes, um, as you can see, I did do a middle part. I'M going to take some foam moves and just mold that party into a middle part. I really thought I was going to rock a nice bone straight middle part, but, as you can see in the beginning, it didn't turn out that way, but this is just the process, so I do have to show it at least, and I found this Kira care Treatment thermal spray, this stuff is going viral on Tick Tock, so I had to quickly grab it and see if it really works. It'S supposed to make your units super bone straight, like super super bone straight honestly. In my opinion, it left a really really beautiful shine. It did leave it bone straight, but I mean it's not really a big difference, but maybe because you know the unit is very very thick, so I couldn't really tell a difference, but it did give that silky texture. So, as you can see, I am moisturizing. My hair, before I apply this unit, this will be a glueless unit this time, so if you guys are wondering how to apply wigs without using any glue, this is how I'm doing it um definitely still wipe that access area of your skin with a alcohol wipe Or makeup wipe just so um the spray can adhere to your skin a lot better, I'm taking even wonder spray to just lay my bald spot, then of course cut the rest of the lace and add some Foundation in. I found a song. Well, it's kind of an oldie but goodie song, I'm just going to let that play. While you guys watch me install this unit and I'm gon na come back to you on how I layer it and just switch up the whole entire. Look. No, no tell him. No, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No you've been trying to cater to all the needs. They say sorry, but I'm busy hold up baby hold up baby yourself, so this was definitely an oldie but goodie. I played this song. A lot of times on my Vlog, so if it sounds familiar it's from my Vlogs but as you can see, I am rocking this middle part and I did not like it. I don't like how my head was shaped, so I decided to curl this unit up. So I did curl each side and once I finished curling each side and set it with my Paul Mitchell hairspray I went in with my scissors. I parted the top part, like the frontal part of a bang and just went scissor happy. I just cut all the way down and then continue to move back and cut down and to create some layers. I did this through like two at the top and one towards the middle and it kind of gave a little bit more volume. I didn't show you guys the whole thing so um. I definitely will create a separate tutorial on my next video of how I created this look where you can do a nice, so it'll flip over no Park parting looks, is giving like run your fingers through the hair type of look. I really like it. So I'm definitely going to recreate it and give you guys another um detail tutorial, because this was kind of like a by accident. Like I, you know, this is how it looks before, but I didn't really like it at all, so I decided to run my fingers through it. The curls kind of fell a little bit which I like is giving wavy it's giving spring. I love it. So, thank you so much Eunice for letting me try out this unit and don't forget to like comment subscribe and share down below and I'll see you in my next video bye. Remember don't add me cause baby, I'm on hiatus.

Victoriya Hadithi: What a nice color ❤

Ms Jones Underrated: Your installs always look so good love the flip over look The color is nostalgic for me for when I use to dye my purple ( Manic Panic in deadly nightshade)

David Taite: Looking so beautiful

Ms Belinda:

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