Amazon Rongduoyi Hot Pink Synthetic Lace Front Wig For Under $30!!!

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Thank you once again is Baraka meeting. I have another wig review. I'M gon na make this quick because I have somewhere to be later this week is from Amazon once again another Amazon week and the store name is wrong. Do you Brian? I don't want to say the name. I look more into it, so I couldn't know how to pronounce the name just in case. I get another word from there and, as you see the week, it's really pretty and here's the package for the way it looks very shiny kind of bring out like a light and it got the name of it, but it's a hot pink sweet. It costs me less than $ 40. Once again, I don't remember the price but I'll leave like a screenshot of how the wig description looks right here, but it's just show the prices clear, but I know it looks less than $ 40 she's really dreaming. I'M flat ironed her yeah she's, really pretty. I I absolutely vote this week. So here are the pros and cons. The pros are actually to see is really bright. It'S really pretty it's really long. It'S like it's like 26 to 28 inches. Once again, I'm not all that tall, but I'm not all that short edom, 5/7, so yeah, it's a really pretty weird! The construction is really nice. Well, that's where I go to the cons, the cons. What kind of day it took me some time to get to fit the week? Actually on my head cuz, it's really smooth! It'S like the construction is like for a really small here, but some house I made a way for it to actually fit. Another kind. Is its hangs, but it does. It does not tangle a whole lot. Yes, so it tables, but it doesn't tangle, really badly like if you just want a flat iron it through it a few times. They'Ll do well. Another con is that it's shining and it's shiny to the point where rushed dry shampoo spray can't stop the shininess. It just came, but it's not like I don't. I don't want to say it's super bad, but it's shiny and I haven't tried in the other ways. Yet to take the shine off, because I just put it on today so yeah it tangles a little bit. The hair doesn't feel all that bad. I won't lie. The hair is soft and I'm just being completely honest about the wigs that I get cuz. I heard it some youtubers being exposed for its lying about how wigs feel over viewing one week when they're really wearing another. So I know how they feel as a viewer, or are you two gon na be lying about a wig Hey but yeah? It'S actually. I really actually love this week again. The only thing for me is that the cap is small. The cap construction is small and I might have to buy another hot pink wig from another store. You know, they're actually fit my hair, but it's really beautiful. It doesn't look as shiny on camera, but it's like if you go outside and sunlight or if you taking a picture and the camera is on flash, you will see and you don't find a lot of synthetic weeks in this color. It was really hard for me to find a week other than on. What'S the name of this other week's boy you'll see the Sapphire our youth dream, where there was a lot of people saying bad reviews about it, but I actually really liked this week and I would look more into getting another way that might have to get like One of those $ 100 synthetic weeks they come in this color cuz. It might not be that shiny and construction might be really good. The wig is really bright really pretty this week, but this week is pretty good and it actually, it also comes with a wig cap too. I actually have it on right now. It'S like a one of those black nitwit caps, just what the we kept looked like. It'S one of the midde tweed caps and it shows you directions on how to put it on. So I like that as well, but that's what it looks like they don't really nice it's just. I got a few little problems that they can't fix. Yeah. It reminds me of Jem and the Holograms, that's all I have to say on this way and I have more videos to come so another thing I forgot to mention on my first video on my last video is it's like ooh me come on snapchat and we On snapchat, my username is Miriam Miriam. All the other names should like me right here so yeah just follow me. Everyone snapchat so good, look at behind the scenes stuff or what I'm going with my wigs and makeup and stuff, and I like the wind, but if you haven't done to get please like and subscribe too much, please subscribe to my channel and I'll make. I have many more s'mores. I have plenty of videos love to come, but

LoveBugTJ🫶🏽: i loveee these videos ! your saving me hella money

April Keely: Love it!

The Lashed Barbie: Ooh girll your gorgeous and I gotta get this

Arbrianna Nelson-Barnes: I think I’ll get this

Tootsiepop: Does it have shine to it ?

Tootsiepop: Does it have parting space?

RONGDUOYI Wig: how to contact you?

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